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“No, Im not,” Chen Weier shook her head honestly.

Who knew what He Xun was thinking Would he be angry

He Xun sized her up carefully.

After confirming that she was alright, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He turned around and said to Yang Zui, “Ill leave the rest to you.

These people will all go through legal procedures to terminate their contracts! I dont want to see these people in the company!”

“Yes!” Yang Zui nodded.

After He Xun finished speaking, he left with Chen Weier in his arms.

The remaining people looked at each other.

What did President He mean

Mu Yun and Yu Xinwus faces turned pale as they looked at Luo Xinrui for help.

In the end, they were just trying to please her…

However, Luo Xinruis expression didnt look any better.

He Xun had shattered the image she had painstakingly maintained at this moment, and this broke her heart.

“Miss Yu Xinwu, Miss Mu Yun, Im officially informing you that the company wants to terminate your contract.

Of course, that includes your managers.” Yang Zui finished his sentence without changing his expression, then looked at Luo Xinrui and He Yeli.

“Young Miss Luo, I will contact the Board of Directors of Luo Corporation.

You can leave now.

Also, Young Miss He, the system will delete your face at the door, so you dont have to come to the He Group anymore.”

“This is my familys company! Im going to go back and tell dad! Once he knows Third Brother dared to bully his sister for that woman, he definitely wont let you guys off!” He Yeli gritted her teeth and said.

Yang Zui still maintained his standard smile.

“Miss Luo Xinrui, Miss He Yeli, you have one minute to leave the company.

Otherwise, Ill call security.”

“Yang Zui, just you wait! Sister Xinrui, lets go!” He Yeli pulled Luo Xinrui.

However, Luo Xinrui looked at Yang Zui with a pleading face and said, “Assistant Yang…”

Before Luo Xinrui could finish her words, she was interrupted by Yang Zui.

He raised his wrist to look at the time and smiled.

“Theres still 30 seconds.”

Of course, Luo Xinrui would not want the people to see her kicked out by security guards, so she had to follow He Yeli unwillingly.

Afterward, Yang Zui swiftly sent Yu Xinwu, Mu Yun, and their managers out of the He Group.

Of course, it was not over yet.

As President Hes Special Assistant, Yang Zui was very considerate.

He read out seventy to eighty names without any hesitation and terminated the contracts of all those who dared to badmouth the presidents wife behind her back.

The rest of the people were shocked by the brutal expulsion.

They never dreamed that Chen Weier would be so powerful.

President He didnt hesitate to fall out with Luo Xinrui and Young Miss He for her.

He even terminated many peoples contracts, including a few big-name actors! They all represented profits!

Of course, they didnt know that He Xuns money had never come from the entertainment company.

His other businesses were the big ones!

“Who is Chen Weier”

“Didnt she say shes President Hes little sweetheart Maybe shes his girlfriend”

“But isnt President He already married”

“Thinking about what Young Miss He said just now, Chen Weier should be President Hes lover, right”

“Its highly possible.

People like him are surely trapped by marriage and have no feelings for their wives.

They are all playing on their own.”

“No wonder Chen Weier is so arrogant… She thinks all the resources of the He Group are hers…”

If Chen Weier heard this, she would want to smash the wall.

She didnt have any other meaning.

She was just angry.

She had already thought of this, so why couldnt she think further She was Madam He!

However, Chen Weier surely didnt know because President He was carrying her to the office…bathroom.

“But I dont have any clothes to change into.” Chen Weier clutched his suit jacket uneasily.

She wished she could hit herself with the stick! She was indeed too impulsive.

Why didnt she think about what she would do if He Xun saw her Now that she was in such a sorry state and looked so ugly, how would she seduce He Xun

“You can wear my clothes.

You dont have to teach dance in the afternoon.

Just stay in my office!” Toward the end, He Xuns tone was distinctly more severe.

He had never thought that she would be bullied right under his nose! Why didnt she want to call him What if she was injured


He Xun didnt even dare to imagine what would happen if a corner of the table injured her, was cut by broken glass, or scratched by He Yelis long nails…

She was the person he held in his heart.

He Xun would never allow someone or something to hurt Chen Weier in the slightest!

Chen Weier nodded and turned around to take a shower.

During the whole process, she was full of regret.

It was indeed embarrassing! However, she suddenly realized she had not brought a towel or clean clothes in after her shower!

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