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“Eldest Brother will surely live to a hundred years old.” Chen Weier also walked closer to him.

Tonights meal had dispelled a lot of her fear of He Zui.

Eventually, He Zui was just an ordinary person who wanted the best for his family.

“Honestly, Ive never liked you,” He Zui said as he looked at her.

“Eldest Brother!” He Xun subconsciously wanted to stop him from saying anything.

He had always been worried that his most respected eldest brother would have a conflict with the woman he loved the most.

However, Chen Weier pulled He Xun back and said respectfully, “Its natural that Brother Zui doesnt like me.

If I were in his position, I wouldnt like myself either.”

He Zui was a little surprised.

He didnt expect Chen Weier to say this.

“Its useless to say more about the mistakes I have made in the past.

Ill make up for them.

Brother Zui can always keep an eye on me.

Ill never let him down again.” Chen Weier held He Xuns hand and interlocked her fingers with his.

The mans hand was huge and warm.

Chen Weier felt very at ease when he held her in his hand.

Hearing Chen Weiers words, He Zui laughed, “Alright, Ill keep an eye on you.

I hope you wont disappoint me.”

“Of course.” Chen Weier was also smiling when she said this.

The three of them exchanged a few more words before leaving.

On the way back, He Xun and Chen Weier didnt say a word.

They were silent the entire way, and this silence remained until they reached home.

However, when they returned to the bedroom, Chen Weier grabbed the mans arm.

He Xun turned to look at her.

His eyes were full of emotions.

He could tell that Chen Weier was sincere when she said those words to his eldest brother today.

At the thought of this, He Xun felt the blood in his body boil.

He seemed to have seen hope.

Perhaps, the girl in his dream would finally appear…

Chen Weier met He Xuns eyes and didnt avoid them.

She gently said, “He Xun, I want to bear our child.”

She didnt know how irresistible her words were for a man.

Moreover, the woman he liked said these rousing words.

“Chen Weier, are you serious” He Xuns Adams apple rolled up and down.

Chen Weier stood on her tiptoes and gently pressed her lips against He Xuns.

Her tone was sincere.

“He Xun, I want a family of children and grandchildren with you.

I hope we can grow old together.”

He Xun hugged her and deepened the kiss.

His eyes were slightly red.

“Well have the baby tonight.

Chen Weier, you provoked me first this time.

I wont let you have the chance to leave again.”

“Okay,” Chen Weiers voice choked.

Her heart thumped faster and faster.

She wanted to engrave the most memorable moment of her life tonight with He Xun into her eyes and heart…

At this moment, He Xun and Chen Weier were both sure that this time, the other partys heart was beating for the other.

He Xun didnt care about Chen Weiers past with Nie Suijing.

He only thought about their future.

Chen Weier didnt mind that the lover in He Xuns diary gave everything to him.

That night, it was full of spring.

It was beautiful and exciting.

He Xun had another dream.

In his dream, a chubby little boy was standing outside the airport.

The child was waiting for him with Chen Weier.

The little boy was holding a crookedly written small sign in his hand.

[Welcome back, Dad!]

He Xun walked over, and the little boy smiled even more happily.

He was just waiting to jump into his fathers arms and hug him in circles.

However, just as the little boy was about to plunge into He Xuns arms, He Xun dodged to the side and strode to Chen Weier.

He hugged her in his arms.

“Honey, I missed you so much.”

“Hubby, I missed you too!” Chen Weier also hugged him tightly.

The next second, Chen Weier exclaimed.

He Xun hugged her waist and spun her around in the crowded airport.

The little boy was speechless.

To assert his sense of existence, the little boy ran to his sweet parents with his short legs.

“Why doesnt Daddy carry his baby”

Only then did He Xun put down Chen Weier.

“Its because your daddy wants to hug your mommy as soon as possible.”

The little boy waved his fist and complained aggressively.

“Baby doesnt like Daddy anymore.

Im going to complain to Uncle!”

“Really Then, Ill send you there now!” He Xun felt that today was a double blessing.

He had been on a business trip for several days and missed Chen Weier badly.

The first time he saw her, he wanted to bully her ruthlessly… But his son was honestly a hindrance.

The child constantly disturbed him and his wife at night…

The little boy expressed his dissatisfaction!

He Xun was still looking at the little boy expectantly.

The little boy frowned and decided to use his killing move.

He cried!

That cry was simply ear-piercing! He Xun sat up in shock.

The childs cry seemed to be directed right beside his ears.

He only felt a headache after hearing it… It seemed that this child had better wait a little longer.

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