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That was the first time He Xun had called her with such endearment, which filled her heart with happiness.

She squinted her eyes.

“Call me your wife one more time!”

“Wifey! Wifey!” He Xun would grant her every request.

He was even willing to give her his life, let alone call her his wife.

“Hubby!” Chen Weier was like a timid cat.

When she called him, He Xuns bones immediately softened.

Suddenly, Chen Weier seemed to have thought of something.

She blushed and said to He Xun, “I forgot to change the bed sheets.

Get up…”

After last night, two bodies extremely hungry for love crumpled the bed sheets, and most importantly, the red spot left a memory of a precious first time.

“You want to shower” He Xun teased her.

“Throw it away!” Chen Weiers ears turned red.

He Xun hugged her tightly.

“Im not throwing it away.

I want to keep it as a souvenir.”

Chen Weier was shocked by his words.

“Are you crazy Keeping this as a souvenir”

“For me, it is too precious.” He Xun couldnt bear to throw it away.

Honestly, he had once guessed that Chen Weier might have done it with Nie Suijing.

After all, they had been together for several years, and their relationship was so good.

It was just that the discovery last night made him happy, excited, and even more unprepared.

His heart had melted.

She finally belonged to him entirely.

“As you wish.” The more Chen Weier thought about it, the more embarrassed she felt.

She didnt want He Xun to complicate this matter.

In any case, she could just wait until he had forgotten and then secretly throw it away.

Chen Weier had many thoughts.


At Crescent Moon Bay Residence.

Cao Yaoyao knelt on Miao Bings body and waited on him until he let out a satisfied sigh.

“Yaoyao, you did well today.

Is this a new technique youve learned from other men” Miao Bing squinted his eyes and pinched Cao Yaoyaos chin.

“Chairman Miao, you must be joking.

How is he worthy of my service” Cao Yaoyao leaned into Miao Bings arms obediently.

“We are just a contract couple to increase our popularity.

Its all fake.”

“Is that so” Miao Bing was delighted when Yaoyao coaxed him.

After all, no man would be willing to share his woman with others.

Especially someone like him who had some status and position.

Wasnt that a slap to his face

“Didnt you already agree to this I can even help you block the news.

Otherwise, youll be annoyed if Madam keeps making a fuss at home,” Cao Yaoyao said as she massaged Miao Bing.

Of course, it was honestly not a proper massage.

However, her words hit Miao Bings heart.

Recently, some reporters had taken photos of him and Cao Yaoyao, and he had spent a lot of money to suppress the news.

However, his wife still found out.

Miao Bing had been truly miserable recently.

Hence, when Cao Yaoyao suggested this, he agreed immediately.

Moreover, Cao Yaoyao could also profit from this.

She was an artist under his company, so if she made money, he would make money too.

As for He Xun and Chen Weier, since they started their married life, Chen Weier felt that her waist was about to break.

As the date of the dance competition drew closer, He Xun immediately asked her to stop teaching at the company so as not to delay her dance practice time.

Chen Weier thought for a while and directly converted an empty room into a dance studio.

He Xun looked at the mirrors around him, and a scene not suitable for children flashed through his mind.

When her competition was over, he must visit this with Chen Weier and experience it…

In the blink of an eye, the time for the competition was finally up.

A hundred contestants had gathered at the venue, with more women than men.

The first day was to inform the rules of the competition and arrange the order of the competition.

Chen Weier did not stay in the hotel room arranged by the organizer since the competition would be about in a week.

And the venue was not far from their home.

He Xun had arranged a driver for her anyway, so she could come back every day.

In an empty dance studio, a hundred contestants were gathered and chatting.

Most of them knew each other.

After all, it was an internal registration.

However, Chen Weier was different.

She was a complete newbie.

“Sister Yujia, thats Chen Weier.

Should we go over and talk to her” The people from He Group Media were standing not far away.

Qi Jingsi, who was not very famous, poked the Film Empress Jin Yujias arm and asked in a low voice.

Among the dozens of people selected by He Group Media, Jin Yujia was the best actress, so her status was naturally the highest.

If anyone had any thoughts, they would surely ask her first.

Jin Yujia looked at Chen Weier with deep eyes.

Of course, Jin Yujia had heard about what happened in the company.

However, she was hostile to Chen Weier precisely because she knew.

As the Film Empress, Jin Yujias status was very high, and she had a good reputation.

Therefore, President He would usually bring her to most social events where he needed a female companion.

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