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Jin Yujia also knew President He was married, but she had never seen Madam He, so she guessed they didnt get along.

Besides, no woman could reject the beautiful dream of looking for a young master.

Jin Yujia was smart.

She knew these wealthy young masters didnt like women who were not content with what they had.

Therefore, she was gentle and considerate.

She always kept a comfortable distance when she attended events with President He.

She almost became President Hes regular female companion.

That was why Jin Yujia was so excited.

She thought that as long as she slowly got close to President He, they would be together one day.

However, she didnt expect Chen Weier to appear.

That made Jin Yujia feel a sense of crisis.

She even wanted to ask President He, but she couldnt even catch a trace of him.

Now that she had ultimately seen the woman who treated He Xun differently at the dance competition, how could she not be angry However, she was also more intelligent than anyone else.

At least she wasnt as stupid as Luo Xinrui.

“Forget it.” Jin Yujia pretended to be worried.

“Last time, she beat someone in the company… I think she has a bad temper.

Lets stay away from her.

We dont have any schemes.

If we offend her, it will terminate us!”

Qi Jingsi also shrank back.

“Thats right.

Mu Yun and Yu Xinwus fate is clear for all to see.

Its too tragic.

Wed better not go over.

If we dont know which sentence to say and provoke her…”

As a result, the people of He Group Media made up their minds to stay away from President Hes little sweetheart.

The others didnt know about Chen Weiers actual status.

Seeing that she was alone at the side, they intended to bully her.

She had no choice.

Who asked Chen Weier to look so good without makeup She must have had plastic surgery.

What a dishonest person! She deliberately came to the scene without makeup.


Therefore, one of the girls, about 18 or 19 years old, walked in front of Chen Weier with an arrogant look.

Her voice wasnt soft, but the audacity guaranteed the entire dance studio crowd could hear her.

“Which company are you from Dont you know the rules”

Chen Weier frowned.

“What rules”

“Of course, I have my company to guide me.

Dont tell me you dont have a company Then, how did you get in It isnt a place that any random woman can enter,” the girl said in disdain.

Chen Weier opened her eyes and coldly said, “Does your family control this place”

“Do you know who I am How dare you speak to me like this” The little girl stomped her feet angrily.

Chen Weier was getting impatient.

Who was looking for her again

Who did she offend

“So, who are you”

“Im Miao Manshuang from Starry Media.

Chairman Miao is my father!” Miao Manshuang crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Her face was filled with pride.

She was waiting for this woman to bow down and apologize, and then she would humiliate her! She could do whatever she desired.

Chen Weier laughed out loud.

She looked around the crowd and pointed at Cao Yaoyao in the distance.

“Do you see that person Cao Yaoyao! According to seniority, you have to call her your little mom.

Shes your fathers baby in bed!”

At first, Chen Weier didnt want to target Cao Yaoyao, but she still felt disgusted when she thought of the news article Cao Yaoyao posted.

The fifth anniversary of their relationship

Did she think she was easy to bully

Although Chen Weier was also disgusted by her love for Nie Suijing, she cant deny that the relationship happened.

Moreover, she was sincere at that time.

Now that he rejected her like trash, she wasnt someone who would swallow her anger.

Cao Yaoyaos face changed.

She did not have the time to scold Chen Weier as she quickly went to coax Miao Manshuang.

“Miss Miao, dont listen to her nonsense!”

“Whether its nonsense or not, everyone knows.

Miao Manshuang, right You should have a brain because you dont look young anymore.

Your little mom has been with your dad since she was 18.

Shes as young as you are now.”

Chen Weiers words were like a bomb, causing everyones expression to change.

Didnt the entertainment industry work like this As time passed, everyone would discover it.

Who didnt know about Cao Yaoyao and Miao Bing He was blatantly throwing in resources and getting a room without hiding anything.

Everyone looked down on people who sold their bodies but just laughed on the surface and pretended not to know.

However, Chen Wei indeed revealed Yaoyaos secret in front of everyone! That made everyone honestly want to know what kind of background this Chen Weier had.

Otherwise, why would she dare to say anything

Cao Yaoyao resisted the urge to scold Chen Weier and coaxed the woman in front of her who had a twisted face.

“Manshuang, shes lying.

Chairman Miao and I…”


A slap made Cao Yaoyao swallow back the words she wanted to say.

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