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Miao Manshuang might be arrogant and overbearing, but she wasnt stupid! How could she not know about Cao Yaoyao and her father She just didnt have the chance to teach her a lesson.

She had long disliked Cao Yaoyao.

“Who do you think you are Youre just a toy for my dad to vent his sexual desires, a moving blow-up doll!” Miao Manshuangs anger only subsided a little after throwing insults.


Miao Manshuangs heart burned with anger again when she remembered her father living apart from her mother.

She had to go and find her mother! Thinking this way, she left.

She left behind Chen Weier gloating, and Cao Yaoyao looked embarrassed.

Cao Yaoyao suppressed her embarrassment and asked Chen Weier, “Why are you doing this to me”

“Who asked you and Nie Suijing to disgust me Chen Weier replied casually.

Fifth anniversary Dont you feel disgusted”

Cao Yaoyao glared at Chen Weier with hatred.

“So Are you feeling uncomfortable Thats because youre not capable, and I stole your man! Nie Suijings darling has always been me.

The one abandoned by him is you! Youre a slut that no one wants!”

Chen Weier finally turned her head to look at her, but her eyes were full of disdain.

“Is your brain filled with tofu Nie Suijing told you he abandoned me Dont joke with him.

He has neither money nor ability.

He can only rely on you to live off a woman.

Youre the only one who treats this trash as a treasure!”

Cao Yaoyao froze.

Was Nie Suijing lying to her

“Go back and ask your boyfriend who pestered and refused to let go My husband caught him and gave him a good beating!” Chen Weier said slowly.

However, Cao Yaoyaos expression changed drastically.

Youre married”

Chen Weiers eyes widened.

“Nie Suijing didnt tell you Please, Ive been married for two years!”

Cao Yaoyao bit her lower lip tightly.

Nie Suijing had truly tricked her! All these years, she had no news of Chen Weier and thought that Chen Weiers career was not going well.

She didnt expect her to be married!

“Look, this is the diamond ring I randomly chose today to go with my clothes.” Chen Weier stretched out her hand and showed it off in front of Cao Yaoyao.

Cao Yaoyao looked at the ring on Chen Weiers finger.

Her eyes almost bleeded with jealousy.

She was practically famous and had dealt with many jewelers, so she knew a little about diamond rings.

The sapphire ring on Chen Weiers hand was pure in color, and only one with a few hundred million yuan could afford it! Moreover, such a complete and transparent quality was priceless!

Chen Weiers financial strength was indeed affluent and might even be wealthier than Miao Bings!

Looking at Cao Yaoyaos face, Chen Weier finally felt better.

“Since were classmates, Ill tell you the truth.

In two years Ive been married, Nie Suijing has been contacting me.

My husband repeatedly warned, recently locked him in the basement, and beat him up.

Nie Suijing is scared, so he doesnt dare to come to me.

I advise you to leave a man like him as soon as possible, but I honestly dont understand what youre so proud of.”

“Chen Weier, just you wait!” Cao Yaoyao clenched her fists tightly.

“Im sorry, my husband drove his new Aston Martin to pick me up today.

I may not be able to wait and see! Ill take a good look at you in the car.” Chen Weiers lips slightly curved.


At this moment, a staff member walked in with a folder and interrupted the awkward atmosphere.

“Teachers who have come to participate in the competition, welcome.

Next, I will explain the rules of the competition!”

“The competition is divided into three stages: the preliminaries, the semi-finals, and the finals.

After the preliminaries are over, the public screen will immediately display your score determined by dance professionals and the audience.

The score will be seven to three, and the top 50 contestants will successfully enter the semi-finals.”

“In the first round of the preliminaries, each person only has three minutes to compete.

Exceeding the time limit will be counted as zero points.”

After the staff member of the competition announced the last rule, the entire venue exploded.

“Why didnt you say so earlier Whos going to finish in three minutes”

“Thats right.

Its an impromptu notice.

How can we change it”

“Youre only informing me now.

Could there be an inside story”


Hearing everyones discussion, the staff member said coldly, “If you think the competition system is unfair, you can leave now!”

There was instant silence.

Not a thing could be heard.

The staff member continued.

“Now, please, draw lots to decide the order of appearance.

I wish everyone good luck!”

Behind the staff were two strong bodyguards carrying a large black box, looking aggressive.

The crowd didnt dare to say anything and just lined up to draw lots.

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