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On the other hand, He Xun could see the buildings outside through the car window and knew they had arrived at the restaurant.

He then coaxed Chen Weier in a soft tone.

“Lets go and eat quickly.

We still have to return to the competition venue in the afternoon.

Im afraid you wont make it in time.”

Chen Weier thought she had already tied him up for a while, and it was enough for her to take revenge for the last time.

She hooked her finger and said, “You sit closer.”

After hearing this, He Xun immediately leaned over.

Chen Weier gently helped him untie it.

As soon as He Xuns hands were free, he immediately pulled out his hand and pressed Chen Weier onto the cars back seat.

He could restrain both of Chen Weiers hands with one hand, and then, he took out his mobile phone to call the driver.

“Go, pack the food I ordered and bring it to the car.”

The driver naturally did not dare to disobey.

He Xun looked at Chen Weier, who had fallen on her seat, and smiled gently.

“Youve become more capable You dare to restrain me And you learned my moves”

He Xuns face was getting closer and closer, and Chen Weier realized she was in a very dangerous situation.

She immediately tried to please him in a soft voice.

“Hubby, Im just joking with you!”

“Wifeys way of joking is unique…” He Xun teased.

“Hubby, please let me go.” He was holding Chen Weiers wrist, so she could only raise her foot and rub it against his calf.

“What if your husband doesnt want to” The mans voice was low.

However, Chen Weier was stunned by his face.

Although she knew this man was her husband, she couldnt help but feel excited every time she looked at him.

It was like a young girl who had just fallen in love.

Chen Weiers face couldnt help but feel hot while thinking of this.

“Why arent you saying anything” He Xun was still waiting for her answer.

“If you dont want to, then dont.” Chen Weier turned her head to the side.

She thought that as long as she could not see his face, she would not be bewitched.

Thats right, it must be like this! She had been bewitched by his charm!

However, her long and slender neck was exposed when she turned her head.

He Xuns adams apple rolled as he stared at the jade-like skin.

Then, he lowered his head and bit the soft flesh on her neck.

Chen Weier subconsciously shivered.

Then, the slight pain disappeared, and a warm touch came.

She gritted her teeth because this man indeed licked her in broad daylight!

At this moment, He Xuns phone vibrated.

It was a message from the driver, telling him that the food was packed…

He Xun calmed down.

He wouldnt have the chance to do anything to Chen Weier here.

If this continued, he would still be the one suffering.

He Xun leaned on Chen Weier and replied to the drivers message.

Then, he slowly wiped off the saliva on Chen Weiers neck.

Chen Weier glared at him fiercely and then opened the middle partition with a loud sound.

The driver quickly passed the food to the back.

He Xuns car had plenty of space, and there was even enough space for a small table in the back seat.

Chen Weier put the food on the table and began to eat with satisfaction.

He Xun had already booked a private room, but after spending some time with Chen Weier in the car, it was almost time.

He was worried that Chen Weier would be late, so he could only ask the driver to bring the food down and eat it on the way back.

The drivers car was very stable, and Chen Weier was eating as if she was eating on a regular, still ground.

As for settling the score with the driver, she was not in a hurry.

She had plenty of time and opportunities anyway!

After the meal, it was already past 1:30 in the afternoon.

Chen Weier and He Xun split up and returned to the competition venue.

The contestants competing in the afternoon didnt have lunch at noon.

They had been doing leg presses in their seats in the competition venue.

When she entered and saw so many people, Chen Weier felt a little guilty.

Everyone was working so hard, but she still took advantage of the afternoon to play with her husband.

It seemed a little too much.

Chen Weier immediately shrank her body twice as much as before.

She wished she could stick to the ground because she was ashamed!

However, what Chen Weier didnt know was that everyone also felt very uncomfortable when they saw Chen Weier who had removed her makeup and put on casual clothes.

This girl was truly gorgeous, and her skin was good.

Coupled with the beautiful dance, she would surely be able to enter the next competition.

Moreover, seeing that she and He Xun had returned one after the other, the envy and jealousy in their hearts grew.

At this moment, in a utility room in the competition venue…

Cao Yaoyao was starkly naked.

She bit her lip while she lay on the ground.

Her body was swaying from the impact of the man behind her.

“Weier, Weier…” Miao Bing closed his eyes and growled.

His mind was filled with Chen Weiers unbridled face and long legs on the stage.

He wasnt afraid that Cao Yaoyao would hear him.

Miao Bing wanted to press her down when she was on the stage.

He made Cao Yaoyao lie down with her back facing him so that he couldnt see her face.

He could imagine that the person in front of him was Chen Weier.

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