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At this time, He Xun was sitting in the guest seat.

The president of Wushang Media walked over to Miao Bings empty seat and chatted with him.

“President He, I heard that youve signed a contract with Director Guan Libo”

“I was just lucky,” He Xun replied coldly.

“President He, you must be joking.

You clearly accomplished it with your strength!”

“Youre too kind.”

In fact, He Xun didnt honestly take over the Media Departments affairs.

He wasnt interested in the things being discussed now.

Perhaps, he could tell that He Xun was being perfunctory, but the president of Wushang Media smiled awkwardly and changed the topic.

“Why is Chairman Miao not back yet”

He Xun didnt say anything and turned to look around for his wife.

However, after looking around, He Xun frowned when he didnt see Chen Weier.

When the artists in the participants area saw He Xun looking over, they all became excited.

“President He is looking over here!”

“Could he be looking at me Is my makeup okay”

“What are you thinking He must be here to see Yujia!”

The person who wanted to get on Jin Yujias good side cursed in her heart, and then, she held Jin Yujias arm affectionately.

“Sister Yujia, dont you think so”

Jin Yujia showed a perfect smile, but she was also suspicious.

Was President He truly looking at her

However, they saw President He looking at Chen Weiers position for a few seconds and frowning when he found that no one was there.

“Damn it! Chen Weier, that little b*tch!”

“President He” When he realized President He was ignoring him and kept looking back, the president of Wushang Media carefully patted his arm.

“Im sorry.” He Xun turned around.

“What did you just say”

“I said that I dont know whats going on with Chairman Miao.

Hes not back yet”

Only then did He Xun realize that Miao Bing, who was sitting next to him, was not there at the moment.

His heart suddenly thumped twice, and a dreadful thought came to his mind.

Could something have happened to Weier His uneasiness grew even stronger when he thought about how despicable Miao Bing was.

Without another word, he stood up from his seat and said, “Im sorry, Im going out for a while.”

The president of Wushang Media was stunned.

“Its almost time…”

However, He Xun didnt have the time to care.

After he walked out the door, he subconsciously wanted to take out his mobile phone and call Chen Weier, but then he remembered that contestants were not allowed to bring mobile phones in.

He Xun suddenly felt a little upset.

He looked up and saw an arrow on the wall pointing toward the bathroom.

Perhaps, she went to the toilet

He Xun stretched out his legs and subconsciously headed for the bathroom.

However, he heard Chen Weiers voice before he reached the bathroom door.

“You shameless old man! You must be tired of living! Do you think you can buy a woman with money You piece of trash! Scum, scumbag!”



Among them, Miao Bings pained cries could be heard.

“You b*tch, pretending to be innocent! Do you know who I am You dare to hit me! Im the chairman of Starry Media!”

“Im the wife of the He Groups President.

Whats a small media company like yours in front of my husband!” Chen Weier said as she kicked his head twice.


Miao Bing felt so much pain that he couldnt get up at all.

“You shameless old man, who doesnt know that Starry Media belongs to your wife, Xing Cui You relied on her to occupy company shares, but now, youre going out to flirt with women.

If the Xing family had known that you were such a scumbag back then, they would probably have made Starry Media go bankrupt instead of letting their daughter marry you!” Chen Weier didnt want to say a word, but she wanted to vent her anger with a sentence! At this moment, all her grievances exploded!

It began with Cao Yaoyao who said that Weier didnt understand pain.

She still felt the same grievance when Miao Bing almost dragged her into the mens bathroom.

When she thought about how Miao Bing, this scum, had hurt his family and how many girls he had harmed, she felt they had lost a lot.

Chen Weier felt angry just thinking about it!

“Weier!” It was the scene He Xun saw when he appeared.

Upon hearing He Xuns voice, Chen Weier paused and turned around to see that it was indeed him.

“Hubby!” In an instant, all of Chen Weiers grievances burst out.

She threw herself into He Xuns arms, and her eyes unknowingly turned red.

If Miao Bing truly dragged her in, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine!

After seeing He Xun, all her grievances and fragility were revealed.

“Weier, dont be afraid!” He Xun pulled Chen Weier into his arms and turned his head coldly.

He looked down at the man on the ground whose head was swelling like a pig.

He Xun wished he could kill this man with his own hands!

“President He” Miao Bing raised his head and saw He Xuns ashen face.

Thinking of what Chen Weier had said just now, he thought Chen Weier was talking nonsense.

He didnt expect that she was telling the truth.

This woman truly was President Hes wife!

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