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“Miao Bing, dont you have to explain it to me” He Xun clenched his fists and walked over.

He stepped on his hand with one foot and crushed it.

Then, he raised his foot and stepped on the other.

“Did you touch my wife with these hands just now Hmm”

“President He, I… Its all a misunderstanding.” Miao Bing squeezed out a smile and endured the pain.

He did not dare to make a sound.

He Xun narrowed his eyes slightly.

“My wife doesnt think this is a misunderstanding.

There are surveillance cameras at the sink.

Well know once we take a look.”

“President He… I honestly didnt know she was your wife.

If I knew, I wouldnt have dared to!” Miao Bing knew that if He Xun saw this, he wouldnt be able to turn over a page quickly.

And he didnt even have time to do anything before this woman kicked him! He was the victim.

“Is that so” He Xun increased the strength of his foot.

Chen Weier was even angrier when she heard Miao Bings words.

“If Im not Madam He, would I be bullied by you Then, the other powerless girls deserve to be toyed with by old men like you Who do you think you are Who do you think you are to insult people like this”

After saying that, Chen Weier kicked him a few more times.

The thought of this old man toying with so many innocent little girls made her gnash her teeth in hatred.

“Was it wrong to be poor Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have money”

People were born equal, so why should they be divided into levels by dirty money

In her previous life, when she was poor,men with bad intentions coveted her beauty and bugged her.

These people hid their marriage and described lust as love at first sight.

They could say any kind of sweet words.

Chen Weier refused and then watched them continue to use the same trick on the next girl.

This kind of man should die!


Miao Bing rolled to the ground after being kicked by her.

After today, his lower body would probably be broken!

He Xun pulled Chen Weier back into his arms and comforted her.

“Weier, this kind of person has to be punished by the law.

Dont dirty your hands.”

Chen Weier nodded.

He Xun was right.

The law should punish this kind of person!

He Xun took out his phone and called the organizer.


He, whats the matter”

“Get me the surveillance footage of the washroom on the third floor.

The time should be about ten minutes ago.

Send a few more people to help Chairman Miao back to the competition venue.” He Xun added, “He fell by accident.”

The organizer was stunned.

“Is it serious Do we need to send him to the hospital”

He Xun sneered.

“No need.

Chairman Miao is dressed very well today.

He hasnt shown off enough yet.

Give him my seat and let him show off in the most conspicuous place.”

Chen Weier touched her nose.

He Xuns method was more ruthless.

Miao Bing usually loved to act like an elite outside, but now that his face was swollen like a pigs head, he would be completely embarrassed.

The organizer didnt know what He Xun wanted to do, but President He wasnt like the presidents of other entertainment companies.

The organizer couldnt afford to offend him, so he could only agree.

“Weier, lets return.” He Xun walked back with Chen Weier in his arms.

Meanwhile, Miao Bing was still groaning in pain on the ground.

He was in so much pain that he was about to lose consciousness.

As for the competition venue, the contestants were dumbfounded after He Xun strode out.

They didnt expect He Xun to be so ostentatious.

He glanced at Chen Weiers seat and found no one, so he went to look for her

“Oh, it looks like our President He wasnt looking at Yujia.”

“What do you mean Youre trying to embarrass Sister Yujia!”

There were people in the company who tried to please Jin Yujia.

But some people didnt like her.

One example was Xuan Jianing who had a head of clean, dyed short hair and smokey makeup.

She took out a mirror and touched up her lipstick, but she didnt forget to take the opportunity to provoke Jin Yujia.

“You!” When Le Xiaofeng heard this, her face turned ugly.

She wanted to tear Xuan Jianings mouth apart! But it was just a thought! This was the competition venue.

If she was kicked out…

Xuan Jianing looked at Le Xiaofengs flustered and exasperated expression and rolled her eyes.

It was a look that could drive someone to their death.

It made ones teeth itch with hatred!

Le Xiaofeng turned around and explained to Jin Yujia, “I…”

“Shut up!” Jin Yujia couldnt hold her expression anymore after being mocked like that.

She even suspected that Le Xiaofeng had done it on purpose!

Le Xiaofeng lowered her head, but she began to curse Chen Weier in her heart.

However, not long after, there was a sudden commotion.

President He walked in with Chen Weier in his arms.

He even lowered his head and said something to her.

His expression was so gentle that it could melt people.

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