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“Isnt Jin Yujia a great dancer”

“Yeah, I remember Jin Yujia had participated in other competitions before.

She was excellent.”

“Is she feeling uncomfortable today”

“Tsk… She probably saw that the man of her dreams liked someone else! She must have a mental breakdown…” Xuan Jianing pouted.

She didnt like Jin Yujia for a long time.

She was the best actress, but she was pretending to be an innocent girl.

She didnt deserve it! What the hell She still dared to covet President He and couldnt wait to be a third party!

When Xuan Jianing said this, she didnt even try to cover it up.

Everyone around her heard it, including Chen Weier.

Chen Weier also didnt expect that she could inadvertently have such a significant influence on others.

So, how much did Jin Yujia like He Xun However, she wouldnt feel bad for Jin Yujia for having such thoughts about her husband!

After Jin Yujia fell, she tried to get up quickly.

But in her panic, she completely forgot how to jump.

She also saw Chen Weiers eyes that were filled with ridicule.

This woman was indeed laughing at her!

Jin Yujia wanted to jump down and tear her eyes out! However, this way, her dance steps were completely messed up as if she was here to make a joke…

Some of the audience couldnt help but laugh.

In the next second, laughter filled the entire competition venue.

Jin Yujia tried her best to correct her movements.

However, the time was up.

And the music stopped abruptly, but she was still posing.

The judging teachers couldnt take it anymore and angrily said, “Are you here for the competition If youre not, then get out.

Youre simply wasting everyones time!”

Jin Yujias eyes turned red.

She had never heard such angry words before.

He Xun raised his head and glanced at her.

Seeing He Xuns eyes on her, Jin Yujia became even more embarrassed.

She lowered her head and cried.

At this moment, her score was displayed on the public score screen: 30 points.

She was the only contestant who had scored less than 50 points!

Chen Weier chuckled.

Jin Yujia was also first, but she was last.

Jin Yujia didnt remember how she got off the stage.

She could hear the laughter from the audience and He Xun looking up with a mocking look in his eyes.

He was also laughing at her!

Jin Yujia shed tears silently.

She did not understand why the man she had loved for so many years was suddenly satisfied with another woman.

Why didnt he even want to look at her

It was all Chen Weiers fault!

If it werent for Chen Weier, her emotions wouldnt have been affected at all.

And she wouldnt have fooled herself in front of so many people!

She was the best actress! Yet, a newbie utterly defeated her! She wouldnt just let it go like this!

This farce quickly dispersed.

As the next few contestants went on stage, the scene quickly returned to its initial atmosphere.

Cao Yaoyao was Contestant No.


She chose peacock dance.

Cao Yaoyao was wearing a phoenix crown and a gorgeous peacock chiffon dress, which glowed under the light.

Chen Weier had always known that Cao Yaoyao was an excellent dancer.

In the graduation competition that year, Chen Weier did win the championship, but Cao Yaoyao was only one point lower than her and won second place.

In fact, their dancing skills were on par.

The only difference was that Chen Weiers movements were clean and neat, just like her character.

Cao Yaoyao, on the other hand, was gentle and soft.

It was also because of this that she seemed a little sloppy.

Cao Yaoyaos peacock dance was indeed brilliant.

Chen Weier also gently clapped her hands after she finished dancing.

Cao Yaoyao bowed deeply.

She avoided looking at Miao Bing.

Very quickly, Cao Yaoyaos results were displayed on the public score screen: 95 points!

Cao Yaoyaos expression didnt change when she saw the results.

She smiled and left the stage.

“Sis Yaoyao, youre truly good at dancing!”

“I honestly admire you!”

Cao Yaoyao exchanged pleasantries with everyone.

The corners of her mouth curved slightly, but the smile didnt reach her eyes.

How could she be satisfied with this result She had indeed lost to Chen Weier again!

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, she was not even qualified to be compared with Chen Weier.

After all, Chen Weier was President Hes little sweetheart, while she… Was now beaten up so badly that she didnt even dare to raise her head.

Cao Yaoyao clenched her fists.

She had enough of losing to Chen Weier.

She must win! Even if she had to resort to evil means.

This had already become Cao Yaoyaos obsession.

After a while, Miao Manshuang also entered the stage.

With her fathers injuries and her lack of dance skills, her mind was not on the competition.

In the end, Miao Manshuangs score was 70 points.

When everyone was done, everyones results were displayed on the public screen.

Chen Weier was first.

Cao Yaoyao was third, and the second place went to a girl who did the rumba, only one point lower than Chen Weier.

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