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He Xun smiled and lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

“What I mean is that you dont have to do anything.

Im barely worthy of you.

I should be trying to find a way to be more worthy of you.”

These words directly warmed Chen Weiers heart.

Her voice also softened.

“Youre so worthy of love.”

“Between us, Im the one whos in a weaker position.” Perhaps, it was fate.

Otherwise, why would the heavens have had so many dreams about Chen Weier before he met her

Because of this dream, He Xun also agreed to He Qiu Shans marriage proposal.

He even took the initiative to find Chen Anhe and persuaded her to marry her daughter to him.

Upon hearing He Xuns words, Chen Weiers heart suddenly turned a thousand times.

She thought of the time in her previous life when she was alone on the streets, and He Xun had reached out to her.

Also, He Xuns uncontrollable emotions before her death, as well as the vague words he said.

Were they a dream…

She wanted to ask He Xun.

If they divorced, would he remarry Would he hate her if she kept hurting him Also, the diary in the secret room of his room, who was it about Was he still meeting that person

But she didnt dare to.

Although Chen Weier had convinced herself not to think about it, it had always been in her heart.

Did He Xun truly love her

Seeing that Chen Weier had not spoken, He Xun pinched her arm.

“Whats wrong”

Chen Weier shook her head.

She couldnt mention these things.

At least not now.

“Dont worry, Miao Bing will get the punishment he deserves.” He Xun thought she was still worried about what had happened in the afternoon.

He would surely not let go of the person who had hurt Chen Weier!

Chen Weier tried her best to make her mood better.

“Are we going back to Dongting Lake now”

“Then, where do you want to go” He Xun had already made a reservation at a restaurant.

But he was worried that his arrangement wouldnt suit Chen Weiers taste.

“I…” Chen Weier tilted her head and suddenly said, “I want to go to the amusement park!”

“Now” He Xun looked at the time.

It was already seven oclock.

“Yes, we can go to the bistro.

Ive always wanted to try the childrens package in the amusement park… There are fireworks at midnight!” Chen Weier had always wanted to go to the amusement park in her previous life.

When she was young, Chen Anhe did not have time to take her there.

The sentence she heard the most was: “Be good.

Mommy will take you there when I have time.”

Later, as she slowly grew up, her thoughts faded.

However, her childhood memories of the amusement park were blank.

The regrets of childhood would become obsessions even when they grew up.

He Xun looked at her sparkling eyes and smiled indulgently.

He instructed the driver to go to the amusement park.

Then, he took out his phone and asked Yang Zui to clear the place.

He hoped that Chen Weier could have a good time.

When Chen Weier saw that he was calling Yang Zui, she casually said, “Theres still work”

“Im afraid there will be too many people in the amusement park, and you wont be able to enjoy yourself to your hearts content.

Ill ask Yang Zui to make some arrangements.”

“No!” Chen Weiers eyes widened.

“Why” He Xun didnt understand.

When he was young, his big brother had also taken him there.

And every time, his big brother would arrange for people to clear the place in advance.

This way, he didnt need to line up.

“Its only interesting when youre in a crowd!” Chen Weier seemed to have read He Xuns mind.

“Dont tell me youve never played with everyone before”

“No,” He Xun replied awkwardly.

“I used to look at my classmates photo albums.

The background was full of people…” Chen Weier said with a warm smile.

He Xuns heart itched as he watched her.

He truly wanted her to keep this smile forever.

“Okay, lets go and see how everyone plays.”

Chen Weiers eyes lit up!

The car quickly stopped at the entrance of the amusement park.

He Xun bought the tickets and walked hand in hand with Chen Weier.

Although it was nighttime, the amusement park was full of people, even more, lively than during the day.

One of the reasons was because of the fireworks at midnight.

And the other was because the amusement park was lit up at night.

Even the castle was glowing and had a much better atmosphere than during the day.

It was already past eight oclock.

He Xun wasnt in a hurry to take Chen Weier out to play.

Instead, he took Chen Weier to the restaurant.

She hadnt eaten anything since noon, so she must be hungry.

When Chen Weier walked into the dining room, her entire personality had changed.

The children in the restaurant were holding a plate and waiting in line for the staff in the doll clothes to give them the childrens meal.

Chen Weier also learned from the children, picked up the plates, and lined up at the end of the line.

Seeing her like this, He Xun smiled and didnt join the queue.

She had eaten the childrens set meal many times when she was young, so she no longer felt mysterious.

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