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“President He, is she your wife” The president of Wushang Medias mouth twitched, and his face was full of embarrassment.

“Yes, my wife, Chen Weier.

Weve been married for more than two years.” As He Xun introduced her to the president of Wushang Media, he felt a sense of pride in his heart! The person who was being praised and complimented by everyone was his wife!

However, this was also a mans possessiveness.

Of course, he could feel the excitement of the crowd.

He didnt want his treasure to be coveted by others.

Sometimes, he honestly wanted to lock her up at home, so he could be the only one to see her charm.

Of course, He Xun did not dare to do it.

He only dared to think about it.

“Oh my god, this is the legendary Madam He! Madam He is too amazing.

You two are such a perfect match!” The president of Wushang Media was so shocked that his jaw was about to fall off.

He never thought that this woman was President Hes wife! No wonder President He was so good to her.

She was his wife.

As he spoke, the president of Wushang Media poked Miao Bings arm, “Chairman Miao, dont you also think that Madam Hes dance is perfect As expected of the first place in the preliminary round!”

“Yes, of course…Madam He…she dances perfectly well.” Miao Bing gritted his teeth in hatred and even cursed Xu Yuan in his heart for being crazy.

He didnt even know how Xu Yuan became the CEO of Wushang Media! But now, Miao Bing had no choice but to follow Xu Yuans words.

After all, he could feel President Hes eyes were about to kill him.

The artists in the player area were also shocked.

“My god, who is this Chen Weier Shes made such a huge leap!”

“Her movements are too standard.

She must have practiced dancing since she was young.

Its not something one can do in a day.”

“I cant take it anymore.

I think Im going to fall in love with this woman.

Why does she look so good whenever she dances”

“Thats right.

Were all competitors, but Im honestly impressed now.

Im sincerely convinced that she won first place!”

“No wonder President He treasures Chen Weier so much.

Not only is she beautiful, but she also has talent.

So, dont be jealous of her because were not on the same level at all…”

The contestants were dumbfounded.

In the contestants seats, the contestants who had initially slandered Chen Weier were also convinced by her talent.

This world was very wonderful.

When one realized that there was indeed a massive gap between her and the other party, one would feel much more balanced.

At the very least, one wont have delusions about things that dont belong to her in the first place.

Of course, there were also a few contestants who were even more jealous and unwilling, even begrudging the brilliance of others.

Cao Yaoyao was one of them.

She looked at Chen Weier, who was smiling brightly on the stage.

And her eyes were so full of hatred that they were almost on fire.

She was perfectly unwilling.

In her opinion, other than being inferior to Chen Weier in terms of family background, what else was she inferior to Chen Weier in

Just because Chen Weier was lucky She could even avoid a trap prepared for her!

When the pain hit her, Cao Yaoyao realized she had cut her palm.

She quickly let go of her hand and looked at the blood.

She felt even more offended.

What had she done wrong She just wanted to live a better life, and she didnt want to be bullied by Chen Weier anymore.

Was it wrong As long as Chen Weier was there, she would not shine.

The heavens were starkly unfair.

They had given Chen Weier a good family background, a beautiful appearance, good luck, and a good husband.

Now, even in a dancing competition, she still shone above all!

Xuan Jianing looked at Chen Weier with more and more interest.

She couldnt help but wonder if she could offend President He.

What about directly snatching his woman After all, this was way too mesmerizing! However, when she thought about Dou Shurui, she felt she needed to calm down.

She realized that compared to Chen Weier, she still preferred men!


While everyone had their own thoughts, Chen Weiers dance gradually ended.

As the music faded, Chen Weiers movements stopped.

The audience burst into a round of enthusiastic applause.

To everyone, classical dance was purely very recognizable.

They had five thousand years of civilization history, and this was just a trace of the countless years.

It needed to be passed down from generation to generation, remembered, and felt.

When everyone saw Chen Weiers dance and exquisite dance skills, they also had a sense of identity and belonging to the classical culture.

All of this made people tear up.

At this time, Chen Weiers emotions were also fluctuating, and tears were rolling in her eyes.

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