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This Place Was Really Too Well Chosen (2)

Shi An’s eyes widened in mild surprise as he looked at the scene that had suddenly changed in front of him.


He turned his head to look behind himself, and the door he had walked through had disappeared.

In its place was a sky so bright that it was almost white, with a blazing sun hanging high above, and an endless, rolling golden desert.

“Humans are really good at this.”

Shi An pondered for a long time and asked a serious question, “Do you think they can make a super mario with this kind of look”

“……” the insect’s mandible twitched.

What to do, I really don’t want to answer this question.

It poked its head out of Shi An’s sleeve and sniffed the air.

After a long time of silence, the insect slowly spoke stiffly: “…… that, this is estimated to be the farthest district from the abyssal rift.”

This place was really too well chosen.

Shi An was shocked.

“Then why didn’t you remind me just now”

Insect: “I didn’t dare!”

It was mainly because it was unsure if Mu Heng was nearby, so it could only maintain the fake death state hidden in Shi An’s sleeve to be safe, and simply could not find the opportunity to remind him.

After entering the actual battle, the scenery was mostly made up of magic, and it was filled with all kinds of magical creatures, so even if it was awake, it would not be noticed一and perhaps because of this, that abyssal rift had remained undetected so far.

Shi An thought about it and asked, “Can the people outside see what happens here”

“Of course.” The insect puffed up its chest proudly.

During the days when Shi An was engrossed in playing games, he went around the school and gathered a good amount of information about the third round of the test.

“But it’s impossible for them to pay attention to every student.

The equipment in here will automatically monitor the areas with frequent magic fluctuations, so as long as we don’t act too out of place here, we won’t be noticed.”

Shi An nodded obediently, “Okay.”

He looked around and asked, “What about now, which direction should we go”

The insect sensed the scent in the air and pointed in one direction with great conviction.

“That way!”

It was very difficult to walk in the desert, and the quicksand underfoot would slide slowly, making walking very physically demanding.

Under the sun exposure, Shi An walked forward with one foot deep and one foot shallow, leaving a trail of lonely footprints on the golden sand dunes.

Not a single magic creature was encountered along the way.

As a cold-blooded animal that liked to sleep in the cave, Shi An was worn out by the sun and walked slower over time.

Finally, after twenty minutes of trekking on foot, he splatted face down onto the sand with his arms and legs spread out.

The insect was thrown out and rolled several times on the sand in the process.

It shook off the sand particles on its body and crawled back to Shi An’s side: “What’s wrong” “…… I’m so tired.” Shi An’s muffled voice came from the sand.

The insect passionately encouraged him, “My lord! Cheer up, we’re almost there!”

“I don’t believe you,” Shi An said breathlessly, “That’s what you said ten minutes ago.”

Insect: “……”

“I want to play games.” Shi An moaned sadly, “I want to sleep.”

He huffed, “I don’t want to walk.”

Insect: “………………”

Are you really the legendary world-annihilating Abyssal Dragon!!!


Inside the examiner’s space.

The battle in several other magical areas was already in full swing, and many of the freshmen already had a trend of alliances, with small dots crisscrossing the map in intricate positions.

Several huge screens showed the battle situation, and the intense magic fluctuations could almost be transmitted to the command room.

Several students with potential began to compete with each other as their points rose.

“The quality of the new students this time is not too bad.”

“Yes, there are several good seedlings, we can pay more attention to the follow-up.”

“The top three are good.”

“That Shi Rui is also not bad.

Even though his points did not rank in the top ten, it looks like it is already taking shape.”

Several other examiners observed the battle and discussed it with great interest.

Mu Heng indifferently raised his eyes and swept through the screen.

He did not show any emotion on his face, and he didn’t seem to be much interested in joining the discussions of several other examiners.

Instead, he lowered his eyes, his gaze casually skimming over the most marginal desert area.

A lone dot lit up in the middle, seemingly having not moved for a long, long time.

Shi An’s name was at the bottom of the list of all new students, and the point number was still a bright red 0 that looked alarming.


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