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Chapter 2

Translated by Yuzu

The date for the banquet was set far earlier than expected.

Soon, the news spread, and many celebrities received an invitation.

——The Shi family will hold an entrance ceremony banquet at the main residence.


In the corridor.

The young man raised his hand and tugged at his collar, somewhat uncomfortably.

The old butler walking beside him stopped and smoothed his bow tie back into place.

Shi An pointed to the clothes he was wearing.

“Do I have to wear this”

The light from the banquet hall not far away shone through, coating the side of his face with a glazed, cold, delicate glow.

The young man’s brows were slightly furrowed, and his raven-black eyelashes were lowered.

He was too beautiful to be a real person.

“Of course.” The old butler helped Shi An flatten the corners of his clothes and examined him lovingly, “See, you look so nice.”

Shi An whispered, “It doesn’t look good.”

He thought of something and raised his eyes expectantly, “But……”

However, before Shi An could finish his words, the old butler interrupted him as if he was facing a big enemy:

“Don’t even think about it.”

When he thought of the “good-looking” outfit that Shi An had chosen for himself, the old butler’s face couldn’t help but turn a little green——

The body was embellished with glittering gold sequins and shiny metal jewelry that tinkled as he walked and reflected a bright light that made people unable to keep their eyes open.

It’s simply not ordinary and……tasteless.

After getting a firm answer from the other, Shi An’s face could not hide his disappointment.


He responded in a low voice.

He lowered his eyes, and his long, thick eyelashes fluttered, as if he were some kind of furry little animal.

Ugh……what a well-behaved child.

Just, besides his poor taste, there is nothing wrong with him.

The old butler helped the young man straighten his shoulders and patted the dust off his body.

There were mixed feelings in his heart, both feeling relieved and somewhat reluctant:

“Young master, you should be able to move back here after this day.”

Although this was Shi An’s nominal home, he doesn’t live here, but in a small villa away from the main house.

And now that Shi An has finally passed the test at the Ability Academy, he must finally be qualified to move back.

Shi An’s eyes lit up: “Then, can I wear……”

The old butler’s eyebrows throbbed, and he gritted his teeth.

“You can’t!”

The waiter standing by the door saw the arrival of the two of them and raised his hand to open the door of the banquet hall.

Bright lights and the noisy sound of people poured out like an ocean.

Shi Zechun, the father of human Shi An.

He was currently standing in the middle of the banquet hall, talking to a young man with his head lowered.

“Go on!” The butler eagerly nudged Shi An.

At this time, Shi Zechun raised his glass of champagne.

He tapped the silver spoon against the glass and made a crisp “tinkling” sound.

The crowd instantly quieted down and turned their heads to look over.

Shi Zechun cleared his throat and said:

“Today is a celebration for my son’s official admission.”

He pressed his palm on the shoulder of the teenager beside him, and a smile appeared on his cold, stern face: “Xiao Rui passed this year’s initial test, with an initial grade of B in magic power, and is among the top five freshmen this year.”


The old butler froze, hardly believing his ears.

——He did not expect that the banquet was indeed held, but the main character was not Shi An.

Everyone knows that Shi An was the only son of the Shi family.

Shi Rui could only be an illegitimate child.

And now that he is being pushed to the front with great fanfare by his father, everyone knows the meaning behind it — he will replace Shi An and be cultivated as the heir to the Shi family.

After a brief silence, the sounds of praise and celebration rang out.

Everyone tacitly sent their blessings and compliments, never mentioning the former only son of the Shi family, as if his existence had long been forgotten.

In the midst of all the noise, the old butler subconsciously lowered his head and searched for Shi An’s figure.

He was speechless, his mind was in turmoil, and he couldn’t put together any comforting words for a while.

——Unexpectedly, Shi An seemed to be distracted.

He seemed completely oblivious to the unspoken handover not far away.

Instead, he stared unblinkingly at a corner at the edge of the banquet.

The light and shadows moved across his face, and a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

The butler was stunned.

He reflexively followed Shi An’s line of sight and looked over.

Only to see that not far away, in the shadow of the corner wall, there was a guest with his head down.

He was silently leaning against the wall, as if he was asleep, and was out of place with the lively atmosphere around him.

A waiter also seemed to have noticed something strange.

He walked over with the tray and asked something in a low voice.

There was peace and harmony all around.

But it was as if there was some unsettling element surging under the air.

Without warning, the guest’s arm jerked violently!

His skin crumbled in a flash, but what flowed out was not blood but an amber-colored liquid.

“Clang!” The sound of the tray hitting the ground was clear and piercing, tearing through the air like a sharp weapon, and miserable screams cut through the night:

“Ah ah ahhhhh——”


The guest’s previously whole and bloated body collapsed quickly like a squashed balloon.

Fist-sized pitch-black insects gushed out from the cuts on his body, one after another.

They were densely packed, like a torrent of water flowing onto the ground, scratching the carpet with teeth grinding sound.

Monster! It’s a monster!

How is it possible! How could they be here!

All of a sudden, panicked screams rose and rang through the hall.

The frightened and chaotic crowd scrambled toward the exit, and the voices trying to maintain order were swallowed up, unable to get a single bit of attention.

Shi Zechun’s face was ashen.

He shielded Shi Rui with one hand and retreated backward while yelling something.

Those with abilities trudged forward against the flow of people, trying to contain the commotion in a small area.


The lights blew out in the chaos, and the sudden descent into darkness once again brought forth panicked screams.

Amid the crowd of people, the butler realized that he couldn’t find Shi An anywhere.

He couldn’t help but shout in panic: “Young master——”

In the chaos, no one responded.

Among the people running aimlessly in all directions, there stood an impassive figure.

He looked out of place with his surroundings.

Shi An stood there without dodging.

He looked calm, and his face was pale, as if all the emotions had been drained.

His eyes were slightly narrowed, like a pitch-black abyss.

With an ear-piercing squeaking sound, a fist-sized monster bug rushed in front of Shi An.

The six small eyes on its head shone with a sinister and greedy light, and the sharp chelipeds shone with a cold light, as if looking forward to tearing apart the human in front of it.

But the next second, it froze.

There was a very ancient aura on that human.

The monster bug got cautious.

It tilted up its upper body and sniffed the air carefully.

The young man in front of it was 100% human, from the skin to flesh to bones, emitting an appetizing fragrance of blood and flesh in the darkness.

But —— the soul that really bears the magic power takes on a horrifying form.

Some kind of huge, unseen shadow clung to the back of the other party, with a cold, intimidating force, as if the abyss had cast a dark glance.

An instinctive awe began to stir in the depths of its soul.

Only to see Shi An look over with downcast eyes.

Beneath the long eyelashes, the crimson shade lingered in the deep pupils.

Although his expression is still calm and serene, the monster bug could just feel……

The other side is now in a bad mood.


The monster bug’s body shook for a moment before turning around and fleeing without hesitation.

In fact, Shi An did feel very unhappy.

All dragons are extremely territorial creatures.

They are narrow-minded and arrogant and are wary of monsters other than themselves.

The Abyssal Dragon is particularly impressive in this regard.

Although Shi An has now lost his dragon form, that doesn’t mean he can tolerate such foul, low-grade creatures that dare to shamelessly invade his territory — and recklessly turn it into a slaughterhouse without his permission.

This was insulting.

Amid the chaos, the teenager’s slender form was almost swallowed by the sinking darkness.

The soft, innocent, and fragile figure seemed like it would be easily crushed.

He steadily moved forward one step at a time.

The dark and heavy pressure on his body was released, and the air seemed to take on a touch of scorching ash-like heat.

Like a flood that meets a reef, the monster bugs scattered around Shi An and fled, leaving a void around him.

—— Those who dare to ignore the presence of the evil dragon will have to suffer the price that comes with it.

The author has something to say:

The monster bugs that crashed in: Who the hell knew there was a dragon here!


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