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The sun was blazing, baking the earth with heat.

Under the sky was land covered with yellow sand.

Two people, one tall and one short, one ahead and one behind, trudged forward.

The footprints left behind them were quickly smoothed by the wind and sand, like golden smooth silk.

Shi An followed behind Lin Yan Ming with difficulty.

He had never missed his wings so much.

With his head hanging, Shi An asked listlessly, “How much longer”

Lin Yan Ming looked down at the map displayed on his watch and replied, “Soon.

We’ll be out of this hellhole in no time.”

Shi An: “……”

He said viciously, “That’s what you said twenty minutes ago!”

一Why do you all like to do that!!!

The magic bug in his sleeve sneezed.

“This time it’s true.

If we move in this direction for another ten minutes or so we will ……” Lin Yan Ming said while turning his head to look at Shi An, and abruptly paused with a look of disbelief on his face.

“You are not even sweating”

Walking in the desert for so long, Lin Yan Ming was already drenched in sweat, like a drowned mouse.

The wet hair stuck to his cheeks, his sweat mixed with the dust was smeared on his face.

However, the teenager behind him, who despite having looked sickly, still looked fresh, though dusty, as if he were a marble statue thrown into the dust.

Shi An replied breathlessly, “Because I am cold-blooded.”

Lin Yan Ming was amused and laughed, “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, okay okay okay, cold-blooded animal it is.”

The insect eavesdropping: “……”

Can’t believe it, can you little brother He’s really not kidding!

Shi An asked, “Where do we arrive after leaving here”

Lin Yan Ming, “The Rainforest area.”

He wiped off the sweat mixed with sand on his forehead and sighed.

“Alas, these four hours spent in the desert area are really not worth it, my points are only in the single digits ……”

Just halfway through the sentence, Lin Yan Ming suddenly realized something and immediately stopped talking.

He looked at Shi An with some embarrassment, “…… sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.” To say such things in front of someone who still had zero points, wasn’t that purposely rubbing salt on other’s wounds

“I really didn’t expect …… that since we rendezvoused with you, we’re so unlucky that we didn’t encounter any of the magic creatures,” Lin Yan Ming patted Shi An’s shoulder comfortingly.

“Don’t worry, when we get to the rainforest area, I will definitely help you break through this zero score!” The number of magic creatures in the desert area was small.

It was something Lin Yan Ming already knew.

However, after teaming up with Shi An, they still did not encounter a single magical creature even after such a long time一 this was simply outrageous!

Within a hundred meters radius, even a small magic lizard with 0.01 points had not appeared once ……This was not reasonable! This was unreasonable!

Shi An: “……”

This …… he probably knew why.

Previously, he had purposely released his magic field along the way while rushing forward to increase the efficiency by keeping other creatures away.

Looking at the friendly human in front of him who shared his snacks with and lent his game console, Shi An couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, so he decided to make up for it within his power.

Shi An communicated with the insect using his consciousness: “You’re sure that every new student in the command room won’t be observed, right”

Insect: “Yeah.”

It suddenly became alert.

“Why You, what do you want to do You can’t be too high-profile!”

Shi An: “Don’t worry, I know the limit!”

Insect: “……”

Why do I feel more uneasy instead!!!

Shi An tugged on Lin Yan Ming’s sleeve, then pointed in another direction and asked,

“Can we leave the desert area in that direction as well”

Lin Yan Ming flinched, then he lowered his head to observe the map on his wristwatch and said, “Yes, but the distance is the closest from here ……”

“But the sand dunes over there look the easiest.”

Shi An’s gaze was bright and focused.

“And I have a good feeling about that direction.

Believe in me, I have good luck!” After staring at him for a few seconds, Lin Yan Ming went along with him.

“…… okay.”

It’s just a little farther around! Since they had already wasted so much time earlier, spending a few more minutes now wasn’t a big deal.

A few minutes later.

Lin Yan Ming stared in a daze at a huge lion-headed beast bursting out of a half-sanded crypt in front of him, and opening its bloody mouth to let out a deafening roar.

The roar seemed to have moved heaven and earth, the air seemed to be shaking with it and caused people’s hair to stand upright.

The hell.

You **ing called this good luck

The culprit felt very proud of this.

Now if they have the points from this one, they should be able to make up for the points that had been on a standstill all along the way! Lin Yan Ming recovered from the shock and immediately turned around to run while dragging Shi An.

Shi An was pulled and stumbled from that.

He looked blankly at the human in front of him who was tugging him to flee frantically, and then turned his head to look at the lion-headed sacred beast that was coming from his back with huge strides一a look of confusion appeared on his face.

What’s going on

“You don’t fight it …… is it because the points from this magical creature are not high enough” Shi An hesitantly guessed.

Lin Yan Ming turned his head in disbelief.

“Are you crazy”

Shi An: “”

“Look at the mark on that beast’s neck!” Lin Yan Ming took the time to shout as he fled, “The markings of the bred magical creatures are blue, the ordinary magical creatures yellow, and this one’s red!!!”

Against the wind and sand, Lin Yan Ming’s scream was broken, “This is the boss level magical creature of the whole area!!!!”

Shi An: “…… eh”

Behind the two, the lion-headed sacred beast lowered its front body slightly.

The developed muscles of its upper limbs tensed, and the beast’s pupils flashed with a fierce light of a predator.

The sand stirred and the terrifying pressure from the threat forced people to have difficulty breathing.

The next second, its body was surrounded by floating waves of magical power.

This was the precursor to its attack.


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