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You Fucking Called This Good Luck (2)

In the Command room.

A corner of the huge screen suddenly lit up with red light.

This represented that a boss level magical creature in a certain area was being challenged by a recruit! The examiners who were following the battle in the forest and glacier areas were stunned.

What Starting a boss battle just five hours into the tournament That’s not a particularly wise action!

“It’s the Desert Zone.”

A calm and indifferent voice came from behind the crowd.

The examiners were stunned for a moment and subconsciously looked in the direction where the voice came from, only to see Mu Heng slightly leaning forward with a pair of silver-blue eyes looking intently at the screen, his long and pale fingertip lightly tapped the table.

“Turn the camera over.”

At the Desert.

Suddenly, and without any warning, several silver arrows came out from the area where the lion-headed beast was about to pounce, emitting a sharp cracking sound.

They fiercely flew towards the lion-headed beast, interrupting the magic casting just in time.

The lion-headed beast jumped backwards agilely to dodge the arrow shot at itself.

A pair of beast pupils shrank in anger, glazing over the two weak humans who had just invaded its territory and fell on a spot not far in front of them.

A freshman withdrew his camouflage and roared at the two of them, Lin Yan Ming and Shi An.

“Hey! Have you guys gone mad”

Not only did they rampage and destroy the encirclement, but they even drew out this lion-headed sacred beast into the battle early! And to top it off, they were actually running in panic towards the direction they had laid out the ambush, completely disrupting their long-prepared battle plan! Lin Yan Ming’s eyes lit up with hope and he hurriedly shouted, “Sorry! Our entry into this area was just an accident! Can you guys please一”

The sudden increase in numbers caused the magical creature to become agitated, and the lion-headed beast roared into the sky, then the spikes on its huge body resembling porcupines stood up, ready to strike.

It would launch the long poisonous spikes on their bodies when they attacked, like a rain of swords, almost unavoidable.

Not good!

“Take cover!!!” A man raised his voice and shouted!

Lin Yan Ming stood frozen in place, his face pale.

Oh no.

He and Shi An were the closest to the lion-headed beast, and even if they found cover, they would not be able to withstand the penetrating power of its poisonous spikes.

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…

This time they may really die here.

The sun was blazing, and the sand was boiling.

Shi An stood all alone amidst the dust.

He turned his head and shot a glance at the lion-headed sacred beast behind him.

The depths of his pitch-black eyes burned red like a flame, as if scarlet blood swept in, and the round pupils constricted into narrow slits, like those of a snake’s icy vertical pupils.

The ancient spirits awakened in the human form, the top predator forgotten by the continent opened its eyes in the darkness.

Shi An narrowed his eyes and silently made his mouth shape.

“Get lost.”

In the Command room.

After a brief adjustment of the camera angle, a clear view of the place finally showed.

Amidst a cloud of dust and yellow earth, only several freshmen could be seen scattered around the open field.

There were no magical creature, no boss level beast.

Besides the few arrows stuck in the ground, there was not the slightest trace of combat.

The examiners looked at each other.

What happened Was it an equipment malfunction

“The regional boss in the desert, can you see its location”

Mu Heng turned his head to look at the examiner at the side and asked indifferently.

“Of-of course.”

That examiner looked like he was waking up from a dream and lowered his head to operate the device, only to see a small yellow dot lit up on the huge curved screen in front of him.

Not only was there not only a short distance from where the signal had just come from, but it seemed to continuously move away.

“I think it’s a signal malfunction, right”

“Send a crew to overhaul it.”

“What about the glacier area How’s the battle situation over there”

The command room quickly returned to the atmosphere earlier.

Mu Heng frowned slightly, gazing at the place where the signal came from just then.

Several red dots had gathered there now, and it should be the numerous freshmen gathering there.

And on that long list of new students, Shi An’s name was still at the very end.

His points were still stuck on 0.


At the Desert.

Everyone was dumbfounded and stood still, almost unable to believe their eyes.

That murderous lion-headed sacred beast, for some reason, froze for a second earlier.

Immediately after that, the aura it built up like a pumped balloon quickly flattened out as if it had been punctured.

There was a grunt emitted from its throat as if it had been hit by a painful blow, and then fled with its tail between its legs.

It looked as though it wished it could just take flight on the spot.

Moreover, that lion-headed sac beast seemed to possess a rare spatial talent.

After a brief fluctuation of magical power, its huge figure had disappeared behind a billowing dust and sand, as if it had never existed.


In the empty wasteland, only a group of dumbfounded humans remained, looking at each other in disbelief and left speechless.

What’s this What’s going on here What exactly happened just now

Lin Yan Ming stood frozen in place, his eyes widened in bewilderment, as if he had not yet recovered from the overly dramatic situation that had just taken place.

Suddenly, he felt a tug on his sleeve, subconsciously looking to his side.

He saw Shi An tilting his head, his cheekbones were still faintly red from the sun, eyes slightly squinted from the strong sunlight.

Those dark eyes looked at him from under those long eyelashes, and he didn’t look the least offensive.

Shi An came closer and said quietly, “See I told you I’m lucky.”

Lin Yan Ming: “……”

At this moment, several other freshmen gathered around with unfriendly looks.

“Look what you’ve done!” The leader of the group pointed to the direction where the lion-headed beast had disappeared, and snapped aggressively, “We’ve been preparing to ambush it here for a long time, and everything was already in place, but you came over and ruined it!”

Shi An seriously examined all the freshmen in front of him and said with some doubts.

“But even if we didn’t come, you guys couldn’t beat it.”

Lin Yan Ming: “…………”

He looked at the group of people with fierce eyes in front of him, desperately wishing he could just shut both eyes and pass out.

Big brother, you really know how to talk!

The expression of the group of people immediately stiffened from embarrassment.

The man at the head of the group had a fierce glint in his eyes.

“Those points should have been ours! Since you disrupted our plan, you have to compensate for it!”

He gave a signal to the people behind him, and these people immediately circled them and grabbed the watches on Lin Yan Ming and Shi An’s wrists without a word.

Unexpectedly, the ones in front of them had an odd expression and did not make any move to deter them, letting them do as they pleased.

The shorter one even took the initiative to extend his hand to them.

“……” The freshman looked down at the two wrist watches that had been collected.

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and then fell into a long silence.

One had 5.5 points.

The other: Zero.


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