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“Don’t worry, he paid the price.” (2)

When those people’s silhouettes disappeared into the jungle, Duan Hua opened his mouth somewhat anxiously and asked, “Shi Rui, you didn’t even pursue it a little more”

Shi Rui: “No need for that.”

He narrowed his eyes and smiled, “I just wasn’t sure if my brother was with them along the way, and now I’ve got the definitive answer.”

Shi Rui opened the map on his watch and examined it for a moment.

“Based on the direction this team came from, combined with the nearby terrain and the difficulty level of the areas, my brother is probably heading to the eastern forest area.”

“Then let’s follow them quickly!” Duan Hua looked even more anxious than Shi Rui.

He had led people to block Shi An on that day but bumped into Mu Heng.

This was already very unlucky, but now Mu Heng had actually become their examiner for the third round!

This matter was like a shadow constantly haunting his heart, making him feel uneasy and unable to forget it even after a long time.

No matter what, he must settle this matter before the end of the third round.

He absolutely cannot allow this to affect his admission …… absolutely not!

Duan Hua could not help but silently clench his fist, like a desperate man grasping at the only spider silk hanging in front of him.1

“What are you planning to do after finding him” Shi Rui asked coldly.

Duan Hua froze: “…… A-apologize.”

“Although I agree with your choice of action, what’s the use of apologizing to him” Shi Rui sighed and continued, “Didn’t Officer Mu already see what you did”

Duan Hua was stunned.

Yes, what’s the use of apologizing to Shi An.

He and Officer Mu were not even casual acquaintances.

Plus, even if he gained Shi An’s understanding, it would not change the impression he left on the examiner.

The spider silk hanging in front of his eyes broke off and slowly fell down.

Duan Hua seemed like he just woke up after being hit on the head, stood in the same spot with a dazed look and his eyes dull.

Shi Rui patted his shoulder and said with regret and sympathy.

“I’m sorry.”

“Although you may not believe me, I really understand you very well ……” he had a despondent look on his face.

“I was also recently brought back to the family.

Although my brother was not much older than me, he grew up enjoying all kinds of preferential treatment and privileges that I could not even think of.

All I knew at that time was the gap between people is so big; all that we dreamed of, things we spent on, all the efforts to pursue一they were all just a matter of spending some money, donating a building, and tinkering with the exams for others to obtain everything ……”

Shi Rui looked at Duan Hua and continued, “Have you not noticed Shi An’s name did not appear on the list of written test results at all, nor did he participate in the second round of interviews; he directly entered the third round of actual combat.”

Duan Hua was stunned and subconsciously recalled the previous two rounds of exams.

That’s right.

What Shi Rui said was correct.

Shi An had definitely cheated to get into the third round!

“Is that fair Of course, it’s not fair,” Shi Rui watched as anger towards the unfairness and extreme feelings of revenge for being put in a desperate situation surfaced on Duan Hua’s face.

A smile crooked up discreetly on Shi Rui’s lips.

“But what can we do We can’t do anything.”

He withdrew the hand placed on Duan Hua’s shoulder and said, “Still, an apology is in order, and we’ll talk about everything when we see my brother, right” After saying that, Shi Rui took the lead and turned around, walking forward.

He listened attentively一and five seconds later, a heavy footstep followed.

Shi Rui smiled silently.

Very well.


Shi An didn’t like the rainforest.

The space here was too cramped, and the air too damp and dense with moisture.

It really wasn’t a good place for him, who was used to extremely wide spaces.

He was even starting to miss the desert area from earlier.

Although the sun there was scorching hot, and it was hard to keep the pace, at least that place was spacious!

Soon, they reached the edge of the rainforest area.

Not far away was a triangular divider.

To the right was the lush edge of the forest area that could be vaguely seen in the distance, but if you went further, there was the dark scorched earth area.

Although it wasn’t very close, the dark ominous cold land had a strong presence that could not be ignored.

The insect said excitedly inside Shi An’s sleeve, “That’s right! There it is! I can already feel it!”

Hearing this, Shi An’s spirit was uplifted.

He took two steps forward, but then seemed to have thought of something and paused his steps: “So ……”

Insect: “”

Shi An secretly asked in a low voice, “The gray crows nest near the abyssal rift, which direction is it”

Insect: “……”

You actually hadn’t forgotten about that!

It defeatedly sighed and answered tiredly without any spirit, “It should be at the junction of the forest area and the scorched earth area, since the gray crows need a place to nest.”

Shi An: “Good!”


1 Basically it meant grabbing the only chance he has left, like holding on tightly onto a thin rope to save his life from falling to death.


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