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“Don’t worry, he paid the price.” (3)

Lin Yan Ming was surprised to find that Shi An, who had a tired face just now, suddenly perked up and became energetic.

He hesitated for a moment and asked, “What’s wrong with you”

Shi An thought for a long time, and seriously answered, “It’s just that …… I’m excited just thinking that I’m finally going to break the zero point.”

Heh, what use were the points Treasure is the hard currency!

It was getting dark.

The two were prepared to rest and reorganize themselves at the border for the night, and then go out to the forest area before dawn break.

It’s not that Lin Yan Ming didn’t want to take advantage of the night to hasten the journey, but he was very clear about his and Shi An’s strengths combined.

Many magical creatures will become more ferocious at nightfall, so traveling during the day was the most sensible choice for them.

一Of course, Shi An’s strong demand for sleep was also part of the reason why.

Shi An found a dry cave covered with rocks and carefully nestled himself inside.

He yawned and said drowsily, “Good night.” The night settled down, and the dark twilight enveloped the entire rainforest area.

The tall, luxuriant plants casted distorted black shadows that looked like swaying, grotesque figures.

All of the sudden, Shi An’s eyes snapped open without warning.

Within the depths of his dark eyes, a ray of crimson flashed by quickly, like a passing meteor.

He stood up and looked in the direction.

Lin Yan Ming was stirred awake and opened his droopy eyes, “What’s wrong”

Shi An did not answer him.

The sound of footsteps came from the darkness.Immediately after, a face that seemed a bit familiar appeared in front of him.

He was very tall, and seemed to be a bit embarrassed, with a certain strange nervous look in his eyes.

“Who are you”

Lin Yan Ming immediately came to his senses, and reached out to pull Shi An behind him, subconsciously putting himself before the latter.

Duan Hua: “I ……”

He took a deep breath, as if to his mind, and looked towards Shi An behind Lin Yan Ming: “We met that day, do you remember”

Before waiting for Shi An to answer, Duan Hua said somewhat impatiently beforehand, “Actually I’m here because I want to apologize to you.

That day, I acted foolishly that day to even go looking for trouble with you.” Lin Yan Ming was stunned and turned his head to look at Shi An, “You know him”

Shi An looked at the new face seriously for a few seconds, and suddenly realized: “Oh, it’s you!”

Duan Hua’s eyes darkened slightly.

“In order to show my sincerity, these are for you.” He handed over a backpack.

Duan Hua was afraid that Shi An wouldn’t take it and added, “It’s just some daily supplies that I exchanged with points.”

一For them who hadn’t had the time to collect enough points to exchange for food after not being able to eat and drink for free, this was a timely help.

Lin Yan Ming hesitated for a moment and turned his head to look at Shi An, seemingly asking something in a silent manner.

Shi An thought for a moment then answered, “Sure.” He stepped forward and took the backpack from Duan Hua’s hand.

Duan Hua nervously rubbed his palm against the seam of his pants, then held out his hand, “Let’s write it off”

However, Shi An stared at his outstretched hand strangely, as though he couldn’t understand it.

He simply ignored the other party’s gesture of friendship and went over the extended hand, his cold fingers wrapping around the other’s wrist instead and remained there for a moment.

一It felt like being pricked by a very small needle.

Duan Hua lifted his brow.

However, Shi An had already let go and smiled like nothing happened before he could react, “Of course.”

After saying that, Shi An turned around and returned to Lin Yan Ming’s side with the bag.

Duan Hua: “……”

He smiled a little nervously, “Then, then I’ll leave you guys alone.” After saying that, Duan Hua turned around and his figure quickly disappeared in the darkness of the jungle as he left quickly as if there was someone chasing behind him.

His pace was hurried, and his heart was beating extremely fast; it was to the point his ears were buzzing, and he was overwhelmed by the thrill of revenge.

Only one thought remained in his mind.

一It was entirely normal for someone to disappear quietly during the practical test for admission.

In the darkness, a small irregular red mark slowly appeared on the inner side of the boy’s wrist where it wasn’t seen.

It looked like a cluster of burning flames.


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