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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 15.3

“Can I Return to The Abyss After Jumping Down” (3)

Lin Yanming stared blankly at the monsters not far away.


He didn’t know if he was seeing things; in the eyes of those monsters, he seemed to see....



Suddenly, Lin Yanming felt a sudden pain in his wrist.

He yelled out "Ouch," and looked down subconsciously.


Only to see a black beetle the size of a fingernail had crawled onto his hand at some point.

It had a weird face, and while its fangs were deeply embedded in the skin of his hand, it gave him a twisted and ugly smile.



Lin Yanming’s eyes  rolled back and he fainted.


The demon insect: ""

Wait, was my venom attack that fast


Shi An: "Well done."

He gave a thumbs up: "You’ve successfully scared him unconscious!"


Devil: "..."

It was unwilling to accept the fact that its ugliness was what caused him to faint, and it shouted angrily: "It was the poison! The poison!"


Shi An said goodnaturedly, "Okay, he fainted from poison."

The demon insect: “.........Can you be any less perfunctory”

Shi An interrupted it ruthlessly: "Okay, don't waste time, move him to the emergency exit, it shouldn't be far away anyway."


The demon insect sighed and shook its wings.

A number of smaller black beetles emerged from under its wings.

The moment they landed, they began to grow, and they didn't stop until they reached the size of a fist.

As if following a command, they all crawled under Lin Yanming's body, lifted the unconscious human being, and laboring without complaint, carried him to the distance.


Seeing Lin Yanming being transported to the exit, Shi An withdrew his gaze.


He looked at the monsters in front of him curiously, then slowly and tentatively took a step forward.


There was a turmoil in the group of monsters, and violent roars sounded one after another.

However, the clear line between the monster and Shi'an very sharply concaved inward in an instant.


When Shi An took a step to the left, the monsters took a step to the right.

He took a step back, and the other side followed with one step forward.

Just like a funny ballroom dance.


Shi An blinked and raised his feet again.


——He didn’t know why, but the reactions of these monsters felt a little familiar.

Oh yeah, the reaction seemed to be exactly the same as those couple of demon insects he had encountered in the simulation exam


The demon insect took a deep breath: "Are you done playing!"


"Not yet." Shi An's eyes sparkled.


The corner of the magic insect's mouth twitched: "My Lord, do you need me to remind you The Abyss cannot be sustained for long."


Shi An: "......"


He looked at the group of monsters in front of him, then turned to look at the Abyss that was not far from him.

After hesitating for a long time, he sighed sadly and reluctantly gave up the desire to continue playing:


But before the demon insect could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard the other party's bargaining:


"But, at least there should be time for me to burn a few for fun!"


"..." The demon insect: "....Go on."


"Yay!" Shi An gave an eye smile.

A cluster of crimson flames rose from his fingertips and fluttered out of his hand, like a ghost fire that could be blown out in one breath, but the huge energy contained in it was terrifying and suffocating.


The monsters retreated away from the flames like dominoes, but there were so many of them that after they were crowded into a tight pile, there was no other road of escape.

The second the flames approached, the ending was already clear.

The moment he was hit by the flames, the ending was already doomed.


The blazing flames wrapped around as if it had its own consciousness, chewing and devouring the unfortunately chosen prey.

The flames used their flesh and blood as fuel, growing recklessly in the dark.


Shi An waved his fingertips lightly.

The flames exploded, and among the miserable roars of the prey, it mercilessly turned them into pitch-black coal.

The raging fire was reflected in the dark and deep pupils of the young man; it was elongated into a golden-red pattern, which had a cruel and innocent beauty.


"It looks like the monsters alienated by the Abyss are not completely useless."

Shi'an licked his lips incessantly and concluded.


The demon insect shivered for no reason.


I'm sorry, you are really too scary.


Shi An purposefully burnt monsters wearing red and blue collars.

You must know, his dragon flame was very precious and consumed a lot of magic power, so it was not worth wasting on a weak monster.


So after playing around for a while, there were not many monsters with outstanding strength left.

Shi An retracted his gaze sullenly, and sighed, "This academy has such poor eyesight; of all the monsters I burnt, none put up a fight.."


The demon insect lost it.

Sir! How many monsters in this world can withstand your burning !

Shi An finally played enough.


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