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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 23.1

In Fact, There Was Nothing Wrong with Stealing a Human (1)

Although the Administration had confirmed that the abyss rift was closed, in order to be safe, the academy decided to temporarily close down for a week after the ceremony.

So it's rare, even though the school just started, the students got a week of vacation.

After the ceremony, Shi An left with the crowd.

Lin Yanming sighed, "We freshmen are really in trouble.

I didn't expect that we would not only postpone the class placement for a whole year, but now school has started for half a month, and class has not yet started and will be delayed for another week..."

Shi An blinked and asked, "Eh Isn't it good"

Wouldn't that give him more time to sleep and play games

Lin Yanming: "..."

I knew I shouldn't have expected you to be motivated!

Outside the auditorium.

Obviously, the notice from the academy was also conveyed to the parents who came to watch the ceremony.

Many people have already picked up their own children and left, one after another.

After separating from Lin Yanming, Shi An stood there, looked around, and frowned in confusion.

Um Didn't the old butler come

At this moment, a majestic and indifferent voice came from behind him.

"Shi An, what are you looking for"

When Shi An turned his head and looked in the direction of the voice, he saw a gloomy middle-aged man standing not far away, frowning at him.

He seemed a little familiar, as if Shi An had seen him somewhere...

"Who are you" Shi An asked suspiciously.

The middle-aged man's expression turned dark in an instant; he took a deep breath slowly, and gritted his teeth and said, "Shi An, have you made enough trouble Don't think that because I tolerated you the first time, I will tolerate you again the second time.


This tone...

was also very familiar.

Shi An turned his head to look at Shi Rui, who was walking in this direction, and suddenly realized.

Oh, it seemed to be his nominal father, whom he met twice at that banquet before.

...But he didn’t seem to be an important character.

So he didn't remember at all.


Shi Rui analyzed Shi Zechun’s face with a glance and called him politely.

Shi Zechun's face finally looked better.

With a "hmm", he raised his hand and pressed Shi Rui's shoulder: "I heard about the class placement, don't worry, when the class placement is done after the end of this school year, with your qualifications, you won't be buried."

Shi Rui nodded and smiled, "Thank you, father."

After finishing speaking, Shi Zechun turned to look at Shi An, and his tone instantly became cold.

"As for you..."

His emotionless gaze paused for a second on Shi An, and he sneered, "Just don't embarrass me too much."

Shi An thought for a while and asked, "How can I embarrass you"

Shi Zechun: "..."

His tone was not like he wanted to avoid it with sincerity and fear, but more like—

He was eager to try


Shi Zechun felt a nameless fire rise again in his heart.

For some reason, his eldest son always seemed to know how to provoke him easily.

But before he had time to get angry, a cold and low voice came from not far away:



Shi Zechun was stunned for a moment, then turned his head to look behind him.

He saw Mu Heng standing not far away, his silver hair was meticulously tied behind his head, and he was gazing over at them.

Shi Zechun was stunned.

"Mu, Chief Mu!"

His attitude changed, and his tone even brought a bit of surprise and panic.

"May I ask what you are looking for—"

Mu Heng's eyes shifted slightly, and his heavy gaze fell on Shi An.

"Can I borrow some time from your eldest son"

——This was something Shi Zechun really did not expect.

He was stunned for a while, as if he couldn't believe his ears, and it took him a long time to realize that he was not hallucinating.

That Chief Mu took the initiative to talk to Shi An, his own useless son

Under Mu Heng's silent gaze, Shi Zechun stammered and replied, "Yes, of course there is no problem."

After answering, he immediately pulled Shi Rui and walked away quickly.

Although Shi Zechun really wanted to know what Mu Heng wanted to talk about with Shi An, he was also very conscious that the other party obviously needed to talk to Shi An alone, and he wouldn't stay so rudely.

But before taking two steps away, Mu Heng's cold and calm voice still entered his ears.

"...You still didn't contact me in the end."

Shi Zechun's feet staggered.

He could hardly control the collapse of his expression, showing a look of shock.

What was this situation !

When did Shi An get so close to that Chief !

And the most important thing was that the tone of his voice was indifferent and distant like always, but when he said those words, why did they sound so strange

We haven’t met for a few days, what happened !

Shi Rui, who was being dragged along by him, also heard that sentence.

Just as he had guessed, Shi An did not call Mu Heng after he evaded the message.

But what Shi Rui didn't expect was...

Mu Heng would actually come in person because of this!

You must know what status Mu Heng had and what status Shi An had.

In what way did Shi An deserve this

Shi Rui couldn't help clenching the roots of his teeth so hard that he could almost feel the pain.

Shi An stood there, blinking a little blankly.



What was this shiny human talking about


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