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In Fact, There Was Nothing Wrong with Stealing a Human (2)

He looked at Mu Heng with an unadulteratedly bewildered look on his face, as if he had no idea what the other party was talking about.

Mu Heng couldn’t help frowning: “The hospital didn’t give you my number”

Shi An was stunned for a moment.

He thought about it, and suddenly recalled,

“Ah, that!”

The note given to him by the nurse at the front desk of the hospital!

He scratched his head.

“Is that your number”

Mu Heng: “…”

He took a deep breath and said, “Forget it.”

Mu Heng spoke straight to the point.

“The accident at the school was caused by the expansion of the abyss crack.

You should already know about that, but there is one thing we have concealed.

During this mission, we discovered a trace of a fantasy species that has been extinct for thousands of years.”

He looked at Shi An with deep blue eyes and an unpredictable expression.

“It was a dragon.”

“!” Shi An was shocked.

Was he exposed

That shouldn’t be right!!

Shi An hurriedly recalled the situation carefully.

After that brief recovery, he didn’t seem to have done anything too outrageous recently, and he has tried very hard to restrain his desire to hoard, let alone to stare at the other party uncontrollably.

Mu Heng shouldn’t have any reason to look for him

The only thing Shi An wasn’t clear about was if he changed back from a dragon to a human before he was rescued by Mu Heng.

The urge wanted to ask the demon insect.

But… since Mu Heng was already standing in front of him, the insect must be playing dead, so it for sure couldn’t answer him.

While Shi An was thinking hard, he heard Mu Heng continue:

“We suspect that the dragon was trying to take you away.”

The giant dragon himself standing in front of him: “…”


Mu Heng continued, “Because of fear of causing unnecessary panic, this matter is now a secret.

Even within the Administration, there are fewer people who know about it than fingers on my hand.”

He lowered his silver-white eyelashes, and his eyes shone like the sky above the snow field.

Mu Heng’s brows and eyes were etched deeply into his fance, and when he stared at a person intently, he always emitted a sword-like power that made him almost impossible to refuse.

“So I can only use my own personal name and hope to get your help.”

“—This may be the key to hunting the dragon.”

The giant dragon himself who was being hunted: “…”

Shi An blinked and finally figured out in his mind why the other party came to him.

Mu Heng did not discover that Shi An was a dragon.

Rather, he suspected that Shi An was the one who was taken away by the dragon, that is, the role of the legendary princess.

Shi An was very angry.

This was pure stereotype!

Why did everyone think dragons liked to steal princesses!

As the only abyss dragon in the world, Shi An could pat his chest and say that he didn’t like princesses at all, he just liked shiny treasures!

Before he fell asleep, he had encountered such a misunderstanding.

A human kingdom paid tribute to him, hoping to exchange their submission for his blessing.

After Shi An got the news, he went happily.

But there was no gold and silver jewelry that he fancied sitting on the altar, only a blonde beauty, who seemed to be the princess of their country.

At that time, Shi An was so angry that he turned his head and flew away, and he never went back despite the country’s summons.

——Did you think he was not tired from flying all the way there! !

He gave up precious sleep time for that!

Since then, Shi An had hated this stereotype.

They didn’t put out so much shiny treasure, so what was the point of hoarding a weak human!

Did humans think they were stupid!

The expression of the young man in front of him gravitated between happy and angry for a while, and he didn’t know what to think.

But what Mu Heng was sure of was that the other party was definitely distracted.

He took a deep breath and asked again, “So what Your answer”

Shi An was called back from the mind-wandering.

From the beginning, he tried his best to avoid looking directly at the human being in front of him so as not to be tempted again.

But now, Shi An subconsciously raised his head and looked in the direction of his voice.

And then was immediately dazzled by the other party’s shiny appearance——

In fact, there was nothing wrong with stealing a human

If the human kingdom had paid him a sacrifice like Mu Heng, he would have been willing to accept it.

Shi An thought without restraint.

Mu Heng: “…”

Obviously, the other party did not hear his words at all, but fell into the same sluggish state as before.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down and said, “Are you still listening”

Shi An: “Oh, um.”

He regained his senses and carefully recalled what Mu Heng had just asked.

Although he had not recovered his strength yet and could not kidnap and hoard him back to his collection, he really, really, really wanted to stay next to this shiny treasure for longer.

But Shi An knew very well that the other party was obviously his main threat.


Must be dreaming.

He looked at Mu Heng and shook his head extremely perfunctorily.

“Sorry, I’m not interested.”

Mu Heng quirked an eyebrow.

For some reason, he wasn’t surprised.

Although that guy Zhuo Fu swore that Shi An would never refuse his benefactor’s request, Mu Heng didn’t think so.

Even though they had only met a few times, Mu Heng had a strange premonition.

The other party was not the type who would be bound by secular moral values.

Mu Heng stared at the young man in front of him.

With ebony hair and striking eyes, a slender stature and pale, fair skin, he was a rare beauty.

He was also a rare trouble.


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