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It was a dragon! There was a **ing dragon! AHHHHHH! (4)

When he was about to walk out the door, the other party took the lead in breaking the silence:

“Whenever you change your mind, you can contact me anytime.”

With that said, Mu Heng took out a box from his coat pocket and handed it over.

Shi An took it subconsciously.

He glanced at it.

Inside was a weird-looking cube that seemed to be made of glass and steel.

It took Shi An two seconds to find relevant information from his poor understanding of human society—it seemed to be something called a cell phone

“It has my number in it.”

Mu Heng lowered his icy blue eyes and stared calmly at the young man’s soft curls.

His voice was low and hoarse, with a bit of metallic coldness and magnetism.

“Of course, you can ask for any payment.”


At Shi An’s insistence, Shi Zechun finally sent a car to take him back to the small villa where Shi An had been living before.

After briefly saying hello to the tearful old housekeeper, Shi An went straight to his room.

After he closed the door, he took out the small box that came back from the Shi Mansion.

The demon insect reported gloatingly, “Don’t worry, it didn’t escape.”

Sure enough, when the black fog was released, it spilled all the details.

Human Shi An got this box just before he was about to be driven out of the Shi manor.

He had not shown any magic fluctuations for several years in a row, and his father’s attitude towards him had become more and more indifferent.

At that time, he already knew that he was about to be abandoned and replaced.

Out of desperation, under the temptation of the black fog, he agreed to a deal between them.

He wanted to get great power.

And the black fog was not a good thing.

It was just a monster that could eat human souls, not a lamp genie like in fairy tales, so the way it satisfied human desires was to create a similar illusion and feed on humans’ souls when they let down their guards.

However, when Shi An released it, it had been locked in that box for too long, and in the long years, it had become weak and unable to create any illusions.

Therefore, the black fog gave Shi An a spell that could fulfill his wish but was absolutely impossible to complete.

The black fog never thought that this impossible spell was actually completed.

After all, who the hell knew there were still dragons now! !

And because Shi An’s own soul dissipated in this successful sacrifice, it didn’t get the slightest food, and could only stew in the dark, quietly waiting for the next victim to appear.

After listening, Shi An asked,

“Before the other Shi An let you out You didn’t know where you were at all”

The black fog shook his head.

“I didn’t know.”

Shi An picked up the black fog and shook it, “Then how did you know the spell that summons the dragon”

He frowned suspiciously.

“You don’t seem to have lived that long.”

That spell was ancient even for Shi An, and according to the monster’s self-report, it thought that all fantasy species had disappeared, so logically, it was impossible for it to know this spell.

The black fog hesitated for a while.

Demon insect: “Cough!”

It coughed twice, raised its slender legs and wiped its neck, “Aren’t you going to spill”

The black fog was anxious.

“Okay, I’ll tell you—”

It opened its mouth slowly, wider and wider until it was about to be bigger than its head, and then—”Blergh!”

The insect’s face turned green.


I **ing told you to talk, not vomit!

The black fog squirmed twice and then spit out a book much larger than it.

Shi An picked up a corner of the book with his fingertips in disgust.

“…What is this”

“I swallowed it down before I was locked in this small box.” The black fog continued weakly, “There were so many books outside at that time, I just wanted to swallow one, maybe there was a way to escape.

So I picked the one that looked the oldest and used the most expensive writing material—”

Generally speaking, the deeper the spell recorded in the older book, the higher the probability of aiding its escape.

But it grew more and more sad, and cried out in a hoarse voice:

“Who would have thought that everything in there was about dragons!!!”

Moreover, why would someone use such expensive enchanted paper to write a book that records the dragon race, appearance, habits, and even the time of molting!

Was this some kind of fetish !

Insect: “…”

It suddenly had an ominous premonition.

At this time, the insect couldn’t care less about the unsavory appearance of the book.

It scrambled up to the thick book, slammed the cover open with its thin legs, and searched eagerly for any location where useful information might appear.

The insect suddenly stopped.

His gaze fell on the end of the page, and he saw a dark red handwriting written on the browning yellow page.

The brushstrokes were complicated, and it seemed to use a variant of some ancient script.

Although the insect didn’t know much about ancient languages, it could recognize the word according to modern-day language.

The word was—



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