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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 25.1

"Dragons’ Mating Cycles and Heats" (1)

Looking at the word not far away, the insect fell silent: "..."

Fuck, it really was your family!

Shi An stopped the action of stretching and squeezing the black fog in the screaming and came over.

"What happened”

The demon insect just remembered that he didn't seem to have told Shi An about the rumor about Mu Heng.

After all, it wasn't sure at the time whether the dragon slayer's statement was a catch-all, but now...

The insect looked down at the hardcover tome under his feet, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Ah, basically stable.

Unexpectedly, there would be a family obsessed with dragons to such an extent that they would use expensive enchanted paper to record such useless things.

It cleared its throat and looked at Shi An solemnly, "Sir, there is something I need to tell you."

Shi An was infected by the other party's serious attitude and sat up involuntarily.

He squeezed the black fog.

"What's wrong"

Black fog: "..."

I’m suffocatingggggggg!

After five minutes.

Shi An threw away the dying black fog and asked thoughtfully, "So, do you think Mu Heng is actually a dragon slayer"

The demon insect nodded solemnly.


It sighed and gritted its teeth, "I originally thought that after all the fantasy species disappeared, all the human families related to the fantasy species also declined, but I didn't expect that one actually remained...

and it was the most troublesome dragon slayer! Your lord, this Mu Heng is definitely a threat to you..."

Shi An: "Threat"

He tilted his head and asked, "Do you think humans can threaten me"

The insect was stuck.

According to common sense, this answer was absolutely no.

After all, no matter how powerful humans were, they were powerless to fight back against fantasy species, especially the dragons with the peak force in the fantasy species.

But things were different now!

Dragon slayers and dragons were destined enemies, and such things as fate cannot be explained by logic and common sense!

But looking at the harmless young man in front of him, the insect finally chose to suck up to his leader——

"No no no, of course not possible! No human being can compare to you!"

"However," the insect paused and asked tentatively, "That's a dragon slayer after all.

It's very likely that the ancestors of the human race killed someone who couldn't match yours.

Don't you plan to take revenge..."

Shi An looked at the monster in front of him doubtfully.

"Vengeance Why"

Demon insect: "Huh"

Shi An said matter-of-factly, "The dragons that are killed by humans are not worthy of living in the world."

Dragons did not have such a strong sense of family.

They were all arrogant and selfish creatures.

Being killed could only mean that they are too weak.

Even if they were not killed by humans, they would be killed by other creatures.

In that case, it was better to die early.

After all, that would be one fewer competitor for the world’s treasure.

Demon insect: "..."

It really didn't expect that after knowing Mu Heng's identity, Shi An's reaction would be so calm.

The demon insect said cautiously, "Then, how are you going to deal with this Mu Heng"

Shi An pondered for a while, then said, "Find a high-quality amber."

Demon insect: "..."

It voiced a dry syllable, "Huh"

So you are still ready to turn people into collectibles in the end!

It's just that it seemes to have changed from an ordinary collectible to a high-end collectibles...but that's not the point!

This was not difficult for Shi An to understand.

After all, whether Mu Heng were a dragon slayer or not, Shi An was not going to let him live.

Living humans were too troublesome and very unsuitable for collection.

And most importantly...

The human lifespan was too short— the longest was only five hundred years.

For dragons, that was equivalent to a blink.

Shi An felt heartbroken at the thought that as time passed, Mu Heng’s beautiful hair and eyes would become dull and cloudy.

Therefore, it was the perfect option to make a collectable that could be kept forever after killing it!

The demon insect gave up on reading the dragon's brain circuit.

It sighed wearily and climbed down from the thick book, "You, just be happy."

Shi An's eyes fell on the tome.

...He felt a little disgusted at the thought that it was spit out from the mouth of the black fog.

Shi An turned his head to look at the black fog that was squatting aside quietly, trying to reduce his sense of existence, and then reached out and grabbed it.

The black fog: "Huh"

Immediately afterwards, it felt its body being crushed and pulled violently, and then...

like a rag, it was used to wipe the book cover.

The black fog screamed, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

The demon insect squatted aside, showing a schadenfreude smile.

Is this what it felt like when the victim was not himself

Haha, so cool.

Two minutes later, Shi An finally let go of the dying black fog, and picked up the book without any psychological obstacles.

The black fog was ruthlessly thrown aside.

It dragged its pale body and crawled sadly back into the small box where it had been for tens of thousands of years.

If God gave it a second chance, it would rather never be released!


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