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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 26.2

"It doesn't matter."

The teacher waved his hand to him cheerfully: "Well, these data were not used, so there is no problem with giving them to you."

"However, I'm a little curious..."

Wang Li glanced down at the note in his hand and asked with some doubts, "Aren't these results normal I can't see that there is a system failure there"

"Huh," at this, the teacher sighed.

"Because I only gave you the data of normal students.

A student whose total score was 0 before the accident soared to 130,000 after the system was repaired! It's scary, right None of the tutors expected this result, and the system repair couldn't find any problems, so they could only use the current solution..."

Wang Li thought for a while.

"What's the name of that freshman"

"He seems to be called Shi An." The teacher replied indifferently.

Wang Li was startled.

For some reason, the chatter of several other players outside the venue appeared in his mind.

Strangely, he asked, "Can you give me his contact information too"

Shi An caught the black smoke and shook it: "Do you remember the location of the library"

The black smoke was shaken, dizzy and nauseous, and forced out

"No, I really don't know!"

It had been tens of thousands of years.

If it had remembered, that would be super strange!

Shi An stopped and stared at the black smoke in the palm of his hand in confusion.

"Then what's the use of you"

The demon insect rejoiced and agreed, "That's right, garbage."

Black smoke stared at the demon insect as if he wanted to use his own eyes to devour the other party.

The demon insect relied on the protection of the dragon and insidiously fanned the flames.

"My lord, I think you should just burn it.

No matter how small the mosquito's legs are, it's still meat, right"

Seeing that Shi An was in deep thought, as if he was seriously thinking about the suggestion of the magic insect, the black smoke panicked.

"Sir! No no no no! Listen to me! I am useful! Very useful! I...

I can help you with reconnaissance and create dream illusions to trap your enemies..."

Shi An: "Dream illusions"

He thought for a while: "Anything works"

Black Smoke: "..."

But for the sake of life, it still said without hesitation: "Of course! Anything is possible!"

Shi An pulled apart the black smoke ball like cotton candy.

"Okay, then tonight I'm going to have a sweet dream with a lot of treasures, oh yes, and a game console and snacks."

The black smoke: "………………"

Don't **ing use me like that!

Shi An ruthlessly stuffed it back into the box: "I'll let you out at night."

Looking at the black box lid in front of him, the black smoke almost burst into tears.

Is this my retribution


Shi An threw the box aside and continued to stare fiercely at the thick ancient book placed in the center of the bed as if he wanted to burn a hole in the cover of the book with his own eyes.

The demon insect crawled over: "Sir, what are you going to do next"

Shi An wilted like an eggplant hit by frost.

"...I still need the next volume."

Since the method of summoning the dragon wass in the first volume, the second volume might help him figure out why the summoning spell was successful—after all, no matter how advanced the modern magic devices were, a human without magic power summoning a real ancient dragon was impossible.

The demon insect was worried.

"But, if the black smoke just now is right, the second volume should be in the Mu family's library, but..."

Mu Heng was a dragon slayer!

And he was a dragon slayer who wanted to exterminate the giant dragons!

Was there a more dangerous place in the world than his library

The demon insect suddenly looked like it was scared of a big enemy: "Well, don't be impulsive! Don't steal it! Not only do we not know the exact location of the library, but who knows if the Mu Heng family will be protected by some ancient spell.

This is too dangerous!"

Shi An was silent for two seconds.

After a long time, he sighed and said reluctantly, "Okay."

Demon Insect: "..." Oh, I knew you were going to use this idea!

After getting along for so long, it now understood the dragon's thinking pattern too well.

If you wanted something, just grab it—everything in this world was his, anyways.

Simply unreasonable robber logic.

Shi An: "Then, there is only one last plan left."

Insect: ""

Shi An reached out and took out a slender box from his pocket, took out the thing made of glass and metal called a mobile phone, and said thoughtfully:

"Speaking of which, I seem to be able to ask for any payment..."

Insect: "Wait..."

This method was more dangerous! ! !

It said with difficulty, "Yes, but Mu Heng wants you to help and catch yourself!"

Shi An was serious: "This is called breaking into the enemy's interior."

In short, no matter what means he used, he must get the second volume!

Shi An's expression became grim.

The first volume was already so bad, who knew if there would be anything strange in the second volume!

So no matter what, such a perverted book must not fall into the hands of others!

It must be destroyed!



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