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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 28.3

Shi An threw himself on the bed and rolled around happily.

His pillows were brought back from school, full of treasures collected from the crow's den, while the mattress under him was stuffed with the gold and silver he collected in the villa and got returned after failing to pass security.

They all tinkled crisply under his body.

Ah, what a wonderful sound!

What a happy sound!

Shi An buried his entire body in treasures and let out a satisfied sigh.

He turned over on his back and looked at the ceiling, sighing "What a pity, I thought I would get paid today..."

Demon insect: "..."

"That would be impossible any way you think about it!"

After all, you hardly said anything!

Shi An blinked and said, "However, they seem to want to invite me to dinner in the future."

"And it's even the highest standard, the kind that I eat!"

He fumbled and took out his mobile phone from his pocket, turned on the screen, and showed Fu Zhou’s most recent message to the demon insect.

The demon insect leaned over and took a look: "...No."

It said blankly, "It says, ‘I hope you will cooperate with the investigation every week in the future’...


Shi An: "Eh It’s like this"

He sighed in disappointment.

"Human language is so hard to learn."

The corners of the insect's mouth twitched.

No, even if you didn’t know human writing, you shouldn't treat your cooperation with an investigation as a dinner invitation!

How bad did your eyes have to be! !


You just wanted to be invited to dinner! ! ! !

Shi An reached out to touch the bedside table and fished out the small box.

The black smoke watched helplessly as its hiding place was pulled away...! !

It shouted inwardly and turned its head with nostalgia to the box that it had despised for tens of thousands of years, but had recently inexplicably become the love of this life.

I don't want to leave-

But he couldn't twist his arms around his thighs, and the black smoke was forcibly pulled out of the small safe space.

It looked at the seemingly harmless young man in front of it, and asked tremblingly, "Lord Giant Dragon, what are your orders"

Shi An pinched the black smoke’s body and carelessly pulled:

"Come on, I'm going to sleep."

The black smoke: ""

Shi An: "I want treasures, snacks, and game consoles."

The black smoke: "..."

Shi An shook it ruthlessly and commanded, "Don't you make people dream Hurry up."

The black smoke: "Boohooo-"

I’m really not used like that!

Just as it was preparing to meet its own destiny sadly and began to create a dream for Shi An, suddenly, the noisy doorbell rang downstairs again.

Shi An frowned.

What Did Shi Rui dare to come again

He smiled, his eyes blazing with fire, and the lines of dragon scales on his fingertips protruded.

The insect and the black smoke noticed the murderous atmosphere on Shi An's body and shrank back subconsciously.

Shi An jumped out of bed and walked downstairs.

He waved to the butler who came out with a harmless and friendly smile on his face: "I'll do it."

——and send annoying insects to hell on the way.

Opening the door, Shi An saw an unfamiliar face waiting outside.

Shi An: "..."

It wasn’t Shi Rui

He looked out in confusion: "Who are you"

Wang Li: "Hello, my name is Wang Li, I just got on the phone-"

Before he could finish speaking, the door in front of him was swinging shut.

"Wait!" Wang Li took a quick step forward and blocked the door with his foot, "Listen to me first—!"

"Not interested." The boy's muffled voice came through the door.

This tone—he was definitely right.

Wang Li was relieved.

While holding the door with all his strength, he said at the fastest speed: "You should remember the school assignment I told you before! Basically, first-year freshmen can't receive any good rewards.

So, if you need to finish tasks, you can consider us-"

When it came to the word reward, Wang Li was keenly aware that the force pushing the door was slightly weaker.

He hurried to seize the opportunity and continued,

"We recently got a very precious but also very dangerous mission by accident.

We urgently need fire-ability powerhouses to join us.

The mission location is a former abyss rift site.

According to the information I have collected, I think there may be the treasures of a relic of the elves—"

The door was completely released.

The young man cautiously stuck out half of his head.

He was fair-skinned and looked meek, and he didn't seem to have the slightest attack power.

A pair of beautiful black eyes blinked slightly, looked over from the door, and repeated in a low voice,


—At the same time.

Within the Bureau.

Zhuo Fu strode into Mu Heng's office again and habitually disturbed the silence of the room with his loud voice:

"Chief Mu, Chief Mu! I have a mission here—"

Mu Heng didn't lift his head, "Not interested."

Zhuo Fu: "It wasn't released by those previous families, but I have read it carefully.

The rewards of the task are very good..."

Mu Heng: "Close the door as you go out."

Zhuo Fu didn't move.

He pretended to sigh, lifted the folder containing the task, and tapped his shoulder lightly, "Ah since this is the case, shouldn't I tell you that this task is actually related to the mercenary group that the Bureau has been concerned about recently They seem to have been using all their connections to search for this location recently, oh yes, there is one more thing I forgot to mention, this mercenary group seems to be...

oh, yes, they have been searching for the trail of the dragon—"

Mu Heng stopped.

He raised his eyes, and his icy and calm gaze was directed at Zhuo Fu, who was still standing at the door.

The man's voice was low and hoarse, and he repeated clearly,




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