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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 29.1

Inside the cafe.

The clear sunlight came in from the window and silently fell on the fluffy and soft hair of the young man, burnishing it a brilliant golden brown.

Shi An bit the spoon, pushed the cleaned glass away, blinked, and asked carefully:

"Can I have another drink"


Looking at the four empty glasses on the table, Wang Li's eyes twitched, but he still beckoned to the waiter not far away: "Jumbo chocolate parfait, another serving."

He hesitated for a moment: "No, let's have two."

...it always felt like one serving might not be enough.

Shi An glanced approvingly at the human in front of him.

Nice and promising! Very good eyesight!

Finally, when he started to eat the fifth ice cream, Wang Li couldn't help but raise his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Well, how are you thinking"

He looked up at the teenager sitting opposite and asked in his most sincere attitude, "Would you like to join"

Shi An nodded: "Okay."

But before Wang Li could breathe a sigh of relief, the other party continued,

"But I want half."

Wang Li was taken aback.


Shi An licked the milk foam at the corner of his mouth, raised his innocent eyes, and said with the most harmless expression, "I want half of the spoils."

Wang Li was secretly shocked, and his face showed a look of struggle and hesitation, "This..."

Shi An used a small spoon to scrape the remaining chocolate at the bottom of the cup and tilted his head,

"There should be a lot of powerful fire students in this academy, right You came to me, this freshman, not just because I saved you.

I guess there should be something that must be done by me, but you don't really want to tell me what.


He blinked and said earnestly, "Half isn’t even that much!"

Being willing to give up half of the spoils was already a big concession for him.

——After all, as a dragon, Shi An still preferred to take everything himself.

Wang Li stared at Shi An for a few seconds, and finally gave a wry smile and sighed: "...Well, you guessed right."

Unexpectedly, this seemingly soft and ignorant young man had a beast-like intuition and could directly see through his intentions and win the most extreme benefit for himself.


...All the rumors were completely wrong about him.

Keeping a low profile and deceiving everyone's eyes, he could even be called a monster.

Wang Li took a deep breath and said, "Yes."

Although 50% was indeed too much, as someone who had been trained since childhood in a powerful family, Wang Li had a keen premonition in this regard that cannot be matched by ordinary people.

The person in front of you shouldn’t be offended.

Before the other party acted up, Wang Li would take the opportunity to befriend him, even if that meant that he had to give up some benefits.


Wang Li paused and continued, "Although I am the captain, I am not the only member of this team, you have to meet the other people."

In order for the other members to agree to such an uneven distribution, he must convince them with logic.

Or strength.

Shi An wiped out the two chocolate parfaits in front of him.

He licked the sweet spoon with satisfaction, raised his eyes to look at Wang Li, and replied gently and skillfully, "Okay, when will they have time"


"Why did the captain suddenly call us over" Chen Meng frowned slightly and asked with his arms crossed, "And go to the training ground"

Zhao She shook his head, expressing that he was not sure.

Wu Huancheng said in a roundabout way, "Now that we can't come to a conclusion, let's just go first."

While the three of them were talking, they all walked into the Wang family's private training ground.

The dome of the training ground was extremely high, and the spacious venue allowed people to fully show their strength.

All the magic training equipment was top-notch, and the training ground wass considered one of the best on the entire continent.

In the center of the venue, Wang Li was talking to a young man with his face tilted sideways.

The young man sat on a high platform, his two slender legs swayed leisurely, and his fluffy head bobbed up and down.

He was intently eating ice cream from a paper cup in his hand.

Hearing their footsteps, Wang Li turned his head and looked over, beckoning to the three of them, "Over here!"

After the three of them came forward, Wang Li introduced them to the boy.

"Chen Meng, fourth grade, ice wielder."

"Zhao She, third grade, strength ability."

"Wu Huancheng, third grade, light wielder"

He turned his head to look at his three members and said, "Shi An, fire wielder."

Although they had already guessed who was coming, the other three’s hearts still sunk in their chests.

They really didn't expect that Wang Li would actually invite Shi An over.

Although they never met Shi An in person, they had heard a lot of rumors about this person.

Chen Meng looked up and down at the slender young man in front of him, and a trace of contempt flashed in the slightly raised foxy eyes.

"So, it was you who saved the captain and the others that day"

Zhao She pinched Chen Meng.


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