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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 29.2


Although he stopped Chen Meng from continuing to speak, Zhao She couldn't help but feel a little confused when he saw the true face of the young man in front of him.

With his stick arms and skinny legs, he looked liable to be knocked over when the slightest wind blew.

Was this really the mysterious person who unleashed the fire that day

There must have been a mix up, right

Shi An thought for a while, then nodded, "I suppose."

After all, he wasn't trying to save the people at the time.

The veins on Chen Meng’s face bulged.

I suppose

What type of **ing answer was this

Shi An turned to look at Wang Li, "So, if I want half of the spoils, I have to fight them"

All three of them looked shocked.

Half the loot ! !

They looked at Wang Li in disbelief.

"Captain, are you serious"

A wry smile appeared on Wang Li's face.

He originally wanted to introduce Shi An first, then let him show his strength, and finally bring up the matter of profit sharing, but he didn't expect Shi An to be so straightforward and go straight to the topic.

Wang Li bit the bullet, "No, it's not exactly like this..."

Shi An breathed a sigh of relief, "That's great, I don't want to fight them."

Wang Li was stunned.


Shi An jumped off the high platform, put on that cute and beautiful face, and said in a soft voice, "If I can't control it, it won't be good to hurt them."


This time, everyone's faces turned dark, and they stared viciously at the boy who was bragging wildly.

The atmosphere immediately dropped to freezing point.

Chen Meng sneered, "Is that so Let's try it, don't worry, don't go easy on us."

She said the last words through gritted teeth.

Looking at the tense scene in front of him, Wang Li felt his head hurt even more.

I just wanted them to meet, how could things develop like this

In order to prevent things from getting further out of control, Wang Li quickly stood up, "Our primary purpose is not to compete, have you forgotten It is the last week before the mountain is closed.

If you want to enter the abyss ruins, this is our last chance, time is running out, we must prepare for the completion of the next task..."

At this moment, Wu Huancheng, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke up, "Captain, I don't think it's right."

He looked at Shi An who was standing not far away, and narrowed his eyes slightly,

"The time is indeed pressing now, and we all understand the importance of the fire wiedler of this mission.

50% of the share is not completely unacceptable, but our new teammate must prove that he has the corresponding strength, right "

Although the other two did not speak, the expressions on their faces showed their attitudes very clearly.

Chen Meng said vehemently, "I’ll do it, I want to see—"

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Wang Li, "No, I don't agree with you."

Chen Meng looked at Wang Li in shock and said, "Captain!"

Wang Li shook his head firmly.

It was only a few days before the mountain was closed.

If anyone were accidentally injured at this juncture, it would be a great loss to their entire team.

More importantly, as the captain, Wang Li must ensure the harmony of the atmosphere in the team - only in this way could he firmly entrust his back to the others after entering an extreme environment, and now no matter what the result is, the seeds of discord would be planted.

However, looking at the current situation, it was impossible not to prove his strength.

Wang Li thought for a while, then raised his eyes, glanced at the training ground in front of him, and said, "Well, I have a solution."

He came to the control room and tapped the screen a few times.

Immediately afterwards, two metal bins that could only accommodate one person each rose from below.

This was a virtual device that allowed two people to have a direct magical confrontation.

Although it could not fully simulate a real battle, it could intuitively make the participants feel the difference in strength between the two of them.

"Who will come" Wang Li asked.

Chen Meng was about to speak, but was interrupted by Zhao She, "I'll come."

After all, true combat required strategy and adaptability, but the decisive factor for a duel in this way was the power of magic.

Although Chen Meng did not lose to anyone in true combat, in head-to-head confrontation, Zhao She from the Power Department was slightly better.

She gritted her teeth and reluctantly agreed.

Shi An didn't care about who he faced.

He nodded, "Okay."

The two walked into different magic warehouses, and the metal doors slowly closed to form a closed space.

The demon insect took the opportunity to climb out of Shi An's sleeve and said, "Sir, you have to be careful, don't show too much strength, otherwise..."

Shi An nodded perfunctorily and said, "I know, I know."

He pressed the insect’s head back and pouted, "It's not the first time I've pretended to be a human, I don't need you to remind me again and again!"

It had been so long, how could he not know the importance of restraining his strength

Shi An raised his hand and stretched towards the metal ball in front of him.

But before he could touch its surface, Shi An's expression suddenly changed, and his pupils shrank slightly.

Wait… Wait! This feeling!

What was happening…

Shi An couldn’t stabilize his body, stumbled a bit, and fell on his stomach.

The next second, outside the metal warehouse.

"Winner and loser...

it's decided."


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