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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 29.3

The others were stunned and looked at Wang Li in unison.

Chen Meng was stunned, "No, how is it possible to decide the winner in such a short time Is your device broken"

Wang Li stared blankly at the screen in front of him and did not speak for a long time.

"So, who won" Chen Meng asked anxiously.

Wang Li was silent for a long time and said, "Shi An."

"Bah!" Chen Meng sneered, "I don't believe it, it's only been three seconds, how is it possible..."

In the next second, there was a loud bang, and the entire training room trembled.

The two metal silos in front of them vibrated, and a cracked pattern spread from the connection below.

Sparks burst from the partition, and it seemed that something was broken.

The three people outside the metal warehouse were all taken aback.

Chen Meng ran in the direction of the metal warehouse in panic and said as she ran:

"Why is this happening Is there something wrong with your device"

"Now is not the time to talk about this!" Wang Li pursed his lips tightly and shook his head, "Quick, save them first!"

He didn't know what was wrong with the device.

First, Shi An's victory was announced in just three seconds, and then it short-circuited, with a small-scale overload and explosion occurring inside the line.

It was fine before, why did it suddenly fail

The three of them hurried over and worked together to forcibly open the door of the metal warehouse from the outside.

With a loud "clang" sound, the two thick metal doors turned into twisted iron blocks and were thrown out with force.

In the metal warehouse on the left, Zhao She stood upright, with his hands on the metal plate in front of him.

His head drooped, and his expression was unclear.

In the metal warehouse on the right, Shi An was lying on the ground, trembling like a leaf in the wind.

Seeing that both of them were fine, Chen Meng breathed a sigh of relief.

As she walked in the direction of Zhao She, she frowned and said, "Look, there is definitely something wrong with your device, how could it be that Zhao She lost——"

At this moment, Wu Huancheng's hand fell on Zhao She's shoulder.

With just a light touch, the other party's whole body fell softly.

At this time, everyone could clearly see Zhao She's pale face and the corners of his bloody lips.

Zhao She coughed and panted hard, his fingers trembling involuntarily.

He smiled bitterly and said in a hoarse voice,


I lost."

In the metal warehouse just now, Zhao She could feel an overwhelming difference in power for the first time.

Under the pressure of such overwhelming magical power, even just facing it for a few seconds made him feel as if his whole body was crushed in pain, and his soul trembled under the terrible threat, screaming away in horror.

It was almost like...human beings against nature itself.

In the face of natural disasters like landslides, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes, he lost the will to escape and could only tremble and wait for death to come.

Although it was only three seconds, it seemed like three long centuries had passed.

What kind of monster was this...

Zhao She was even very surprised that he was still alive.

He coughed twice with difficulty and closed his eyes tiredly.

He was convincingly defeated.

Zhao Meng was stunned.

She couldn’t figure it out what happened…

On the other side.

Wang Li hurried forward and carefully helped the curled up boy to a sitting position.

He held the other person's slender shoulders and was slightly startled.

Shi An's body was so cold that there was hardly any heat in it.

His fragile shoulder bones trembled slightly under his palm, as if it they be broken in the next second.

Shi An was still shivering.

There was cold sweat on his pale forehead, his beautiful eyes drooped slightly, a little tear was slipping from the bottom of his eyes, and his long eyelashes trembled, as if he was suffering indescribable pain.

"What's wrong" Wang Li's heart leapt in his throat.

He looked at the young man in front of him with great concern and asked in a low voice.

Shi An took a breath and slowly raised his head.

He clutched his abdomen tightly with one hand and said with difficulty, word by word:

"My- my stomach hurts."

Wang Li: "..."


In the effects of the overload of this device, there should be no option of stomach pain.

There might be a splitting headache, dizziness, or even a surge of qi and blood from a ruptured blood vessel.

Why would his stomach hurt

Suddenly, a strange idea appeared in Wang Li's mind.

He took a deep breath and asked slowly,

"By the way, well, those chocolate parfaits were super large, how many cups did you eat"

Shi An blinked weakly and whispered,

"Eight, eight cups."

He ate six cups at the coffee shop and brought out two more.

Wang Li: "……………………"

Damn you, how dare you eat too much ice cream and catch a cold! ! ! !



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