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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 33.3

Screams rang out in the snowy night, and the sound of four hooves thudding heavily on the ground reverberated throughout the camp like the sound of a war drum.

It seemed to be heading straight in this direction!

"Quick! Prepare to fight!" The leader drew his weapon and turned around—

However, before he could do anything, the tent in front of him was suddenly crushed from top to bottom.

The bone-white hoof was the size of a bowl, and it smashed straight down.

Its body was huge and terrifying, and the dark eye sockets were flashing with blue light, but for some reason, the tendons that had still been embedded in its body earlier had disappeared, replaced by charred burn marks.

The skeleton horse snorted.

It stomped down fiercely, and the mercenary leader didn't even have time to react.

His head was completely smashed, and his milky white brains spattered out, steaming in the cold temperature.

His body twitched and lost all signs of life.

"Run! Run!" Seeing that the situation was not good, the other mercenaries fled.

Behind the skeleton horse was an empty and boundless dark night.

The storm it summoned had completely destroyed the entire camp, leaving the ground and the sky indistinguishable.

Wang Li clenched his teeth, fighting the chills that swam all over his body under the terrifying aura of the skeleton horse.

The mercenaries were either dead or fleeing, leaving only the four of them to confront the terrifying undead monster.

The instinct to run screamed in his head.

"Get ready..." His voice cracked.

The skeleton horse stomped on the ground twice with its front hooves and snorted.

The dark eye sockets eyed the humans for a few seconds, but then the horse turned around, running in the direction from which it came and disappearing into the depths of the dark night.

The four teammates just looked at each other.

...Just now...

what had happened


On a snowy slope not far from the camp.

A small fire was burning, radiating warm heat.

Shi An was very afraid of the cold and curled up in front of the fire.

He shrank into a small ball and draped three coats on top of him.

Opposite him, the four mercenaries hugged themselves tightly and shivered in front of the fire.

The four of them were shabbily covered with a single coat.

The shrill screams and the neighing of the monster echoed in the valley in the distance, and this ambience became a chilling background sound.

They trembled, unwilling to think about what was happening in that mercenary camp.

They huddled together in horror, daring neither to be angry nor to speak, just wishing that the other party would save their lives for the sake of their cooperation.

Clack, clack, clack.

The rhythmic skeletal impact sound gradually amplified.

The terrifying skeleton horse appeared within view.

It hesitantly stopped, staring at the fire and the human who dismembered it, violently took away its leg bones, and then put it back together again.

Shi An beckoned to it, "Come here."

The skeleton horse stepped forward cautiously and lowered its pale head.

Shi An patted its head, "Good job."

The other four mercenaries trembled even more.

This young man was so strong that he was completely out of the category of human beings and more like a monster!

Half an hour ago.

After they spilled out all the information about the mercenary camp, the young man pondered for a few seconds and said, "Come with me."

Immediately afterwards, Shi An took them to a snow-covered field and instructed,

"Dig here."


May I ask what we are going to dig" The mercenary whose arm was broken had completely lost his arrogance and asked tremblingly.

Shi An shook the rattling leg bones in his hand, "This."

The four mercenaries: "………………"

Only then did they realize that the torch that the other party had been holding in his hand was actually a huge leg bone!

And… It looked kind of like a horse's leg.

They swallowed hard, and suddenly there was an ominous feeling in their hearts.

The mercenaries did not dare to make a sound, but began to dig in the snow, more and more bones appeared, and the shapes became more and more familiar——

Fuck! Isn't this the skeleton horse that kept their entire team in place for nearly a day! !

The skeleton horse, which lacked a hind leg, struggled on the spot, neighing sharply, and a dark fire burned in its dark eye sockets, staring at the four humans in front of it.

The four mercenaries couldn't help but take a step back.

The memory of being crushed and beaten by this undead species was revived, making them tremble even now.

"Oh right!" Shi An, who had been waiting not far away, seemed to have thought of something.

He slapped his forehead and walked over.

The ferocious skeleton horse became quiet the moment it saw Shi An, and the blue flames in its eyes were a little weaker, and it seemed...

as if it were afraid.

Shi An shook the leg bone in his hand, and the flame at the top of the leg bone went out immediately.

Immediately afterwards, he squatted down and reattached the leg bone in his hand onto the skeleton horse, "That's it!"

Four mercenaries: "…………"

They stared blankly at the unreasonable scene in front of them and could hardly believe their eyes.


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