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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 33.4

At the beginning, they could still deceive themselves.

Maybe they were wrong How could that undead monster express fear of a human being But when they saw that the skeleton horse was heading in the direction of the camp to attack it according to Shi An's instruction, everyone lost the ability to speak.

...Was…  was this what it felt like to have a paradigm shift

Shi An stood up and stretched.

Seeing this, the skeleton horse took two steps back in fear.

Shi An said kindly, "Don't worry, I won't burn you this time."

He patted the horse's head, "You go."

The skeleton horse lowered its head, rubbed its head against Shi An's shoulder, then snorted, turned, and disappeared into the blizzard.

The four weak and pitiful mercenaries looked numb.


when people are exposed to shock after shock...

they become acclimated.

Shi An turned to look at them, "As for you—"

The four mercenaries were shocked and looked up in horror at the young man in front of them as if they had been beaten up.

"You can go too."

Shi An said mercifully.

The reason why he asked the skeleton horse to save his teammates instead of going himself was to prevent other people from discovering his true strength.

Now that the goal had been achieved, it would be troublesome to keep these mercenaries, so he wanted them out of his sight.

"You know what to say and what not to say"

A harmless smile appeared on the boy’s face.

The four people in front of them were startled and hurriedly kowtowed—even if they told people about it, nobody would believe it!

A high-level undead species capable of summoning a blizzard could actually be tamed by an ordinary human teenager...

This level of nonsense would get them imprisoned in a mental hospital if they revealed it.

The four of them were still sharing a coat.

They stood up awkwardly and stared at the three coats on Shi An's body, "That...

may I ask you..."

Shi An blinked, with a harmless look on his face, "What Or do you want me to change my mind"

"No no no no no!!" The mercenaries in front of him frantically shook their heads.

They maintained a funny posture of hugging each other and ran in the opposite direction of Shi An, as if they were running away.

Soon, only Shi An was left in front of the fire.

He stretched out his hand, baked it in front of the fire, and then leaned forward again.

Ah, it was so warm, he really didn’t want to leave...

He sniffed and sighed sadly.

Alas, for the treasures of the legendary elves, he still had to endure the cold and move on.

Shi An made sufficient psychological preparations, then slowly donned the clothes layer by layer, extinguished the fire in front of him, and then walked towards the camp.

He had to hurry up and join the others.

At this moment, Shi An noticed something moving.

He was slightly startled, and turned his head to look in the direction of the movement- it seemed to humans, and those people didn't seem to be very weak.

Was it the support group of those mercenaries

At this moment, Shi An heard a voice not far behind.

"Report, Chief, the magic wave came from the front."

This voice...

seemed a little familiar.

Shi An blinked, and a long-sleep memory was suddenly awakened.

Wasn’t this the young woman who took him out of the dinner party and gave him hot milk to drink!

Wait, now that she was there, then...

Shi An panicked.

Oh no! If Shiny found him here, his plans to find the treasure would be in vain! ! !

According to what he knew about that human being, the other party would definitely drag him back to the academy! !

Gotta run now!

Shi An hurriedly accelerated his pace, walking forward with one foot deep and one shallow.

He could see the mercenary camp just ahead, but the four large padded jackets on his body slowed down his progress.

In a foggy blizzard, he was like a round ball, trudging through the snow with difficulty.

Behind him, a familiar aura gradually approached.

Shi An was anxious, and he tripped over the thick snow under his feet.

Shi An: "!!!"

Shi An was about to roll down the snowy slope, but suddenly, a slender hand stretched out from behind and gently grabbed Shi An's back collar.


Shi An felt that his feet were hanging and his whole body was carried into the air.

He struggled for a while, but the four padded jackets held him tightly like shackles, making him look like a tortoise turned upside down, kicking its legs helplessly.

He struggled desperately to the end, but he could only flutter in the air, unable to shake off the force behind him.

Shi An: "..."

He slowly turned his head and looked at the man behind him who was holding back the treasure of his destiny.

Mu Heng’s eyes were lowered, the silver-white eyelashes covered with ice and snow of the same color, and a pair of glacial blue eyes fixedly looked over.

His fathomless deep eyes fell on Shi An's body cuttingly.

Thin lips pursed tightly into an inhumanly straight line.

Shi An greeted dryly,


what a coincidence, hahaha."

Mu Heng's voice was low, and the ending was slightly raised, but there was not much joy in his voice with a hint of coldness that seemed to cut to the quick,




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