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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 36.1

Shi An was furious.

He originally thought that he just lost his body, and all his other treasures were still safely stored in the cave.

As long as he found his body and regained his strength, he could go back to the abyss and see his treasures again.

However, the sight before him shattered his dream.

After a good night's sleep, his house was robbed!

Those who stole his treasures… They would pay for their greed and ignorance!

Crack, crack.

The sound of rock breaking sounded, amplified by the empty cave, and echoed between the rock walls.

Shi An barely recovered from his anger.

He turned his head and looked in the direction from where the sound came.

On the icy rock wall, fine cracks spread like a spider web, and a deep palm mark was branded on it.

The surrounding rocks melted due to the high temperature, like magma shimmering faintly red.

Shi An was stunned for a moment, then looked down at his hand.

Under the weak light reflected from the snow, the back of his hand shone with a layer of cold metal light, and a pattern of dragon scales was lightly etched on it.

The film that originally only covered the palm and fingertips had doubled in area, and it seemed like it spread deep over his wrist.

It was a symbol of his restoration of strength.


What was the use

Shi An threw down his hands and stared at the empty grotto in front of him with a sad face, feeling as if a hole had been dug in his heart.

Gone, all gone.

At this moment, Shi An felt a sudden tremor under his feet.

The entire mountain was rumbling, and the sound of breaking rocks could be heard from far away.

It seemed that the stone wall not far behind was violently damaged and was collapsing at the moment.

Such a big movement finally pulled Shi An back from the state of restlessness.

He turned his head to look in the direction of the sound behind him.

Across the thick stone wall, he could vaguely hear the sound of the mountain gate opening and the cold wind whistling.

Shi An sighed listlessly.

If a human dared to destroy his cave like this, he would definitely be furious.

But now that there was no treasure, there was only an empty shell left in this cave.

Break in, break in, destroy, destroy, what was there to lose

After all, the most important thing was gone! !

The demon insect stuck its head out of Shi An's sleeve and hurriedly urged, "Sir! What are you waiting for! Let's get out of here now, or when Mu Heng arrives, we can't explain why we are here!"

It pulled at Shi An's sleeves with its six thin legs.

Although Shi An didn't want to admit it, what the insect said was right.

He nodded dejectedly and glanced at the empty stone cave in front of him with nostalgia, then turned and walked towards the direction from where he came.

Halfway through, Shi An suddenly stopped.

For some reason, he suddenly had a...

very strange feeling.

Something seemed to be urging him.

Some invisible magnetism came from the darkness.

Shi An stood there in a daze, not moving no matter how much the insect urged him to.

He slowly turned his head, looked in the direction of the magnetic force, and walked over there step by step.

He was already in the depths of the cave, and the farthest was the end.

Thick stones sealed the road tightly, leaving no space to pass through.

The young man raised his pale and slender palm and pressed it lightly on the stone wall.

A scorching flame that seemed to devour everything rose from the darkness.

When the rock wall was exposed to the high temperature, it slowly turned into fiery red magma, which fell to the ground, flowing along the ground.

The demon insect was startled and instinctively crawled towards the depths of Shi An's sleeves.

This, this was the Dragon Flame.

Expelled without any restraint.

Even without fuel, the terrifying flame was still burning, emitting a terrifying aura.

After a few seconds, the thick stone wall in front of him completely melted away.

Shi An stepped inside.

The demon insect wanted to follow, but there was some invisible barrier blocking it, dragging it out of Shi An's sleeve abruptly, and it fell to the ground in embarrassment.

The sound of human footsteps could already be heard behind him, and they were rapidly approaching here at this moment.

Shi An's back slowly disappeared into the darkness.

The demon insect fell to the ground with his back to the sky, his mind empty and a look of despair.


why was he so cursed.

Shi An walked into the cave.

It was pitch black on all sides.

Only the top was open to the sky, and heavy snow fell inside.

In the center of the spacious cave stood a huge dark rock, covered with snow and completely covered in a vast patch of white.

Shi An raised his hand and placed it on the bulge of the rock.

In the next second, perfectly controlled flames soared, and the thick layer of snow melted instantly, turning into warm water and flowing down.

Washed clean by the water, the huge rock in front of him revealed its true face.

It was a huge pitch-black dragon.

His body was curled up in a quiet sleep position, with the tip of his slender tail resting under his head.

The wings that could cover the sky after unfolding were tucked behind him, covering most of his body.

The indestructible dragon scales glimmered with a metallic icy sheen in the morning light.

There was a kind of shocking majesty about him, which makes people instinctively afraid for fear of disturbing the sleep of the dragon.

Shi An’s feet were rooted to the ground.

He stared at his former self for a long time.



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