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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 39.1

After a while, Shi An realized what the other party was talking about.

He raised his head dully, looked around at the furniture that seemed several times larger, then lowered his head and looked at himself.

Shi An raised a paw, blinked, and blinked again.


He finally reacted.

"Why, how could this be...!" Shi An was so frightened that he jumped back and stammered.

During this period of time, he already became familiar with the way humans walk.

Suddenly changing back into his dragon body… well…when he jumped back, he accidentally stepped on the tip of his tail and fell over.

The insect squatted on the quilt, silently watching the legendary abyss dragon trapped in the soft pillow, two small claws fluttering in the air in a panic.

His bat-sized wings fluttered with difficulty, and it took him a long time to finally break free.


The demon insect felt like it needed a rest too, after watching that struggle.

Shi An took a breath and finally regained his balance.

He spread his wings and turned in a circle in disbelief, still unable to accept the fact that although he did recover his dragon body...it was so small! ! !

However, at least his previous speculation about the fourth molting period was proved.

His originally pitch-black scales turned into bright silver, shining in the moonlight.

Although Shi An still missed his dark scales and his majestic and terrifying appearance, silver was not bad either.

After all, it fits his aesthetic perfectly.

"...So, this is your body"

The wisp of black fog came out of the small box it was hiding in.

As if it were holding back a smile, it said, "I thought it would be more majestic."

Shi An: "..."

The miniature dragon slowly narrowed a pair of red-gold vertical pupils, then opened his mouth and spewed out a flare of flames without warning.

The black fog was startled and floated higher, but the flames were like a living creature and chased him down.

Fuck! There’s even this kind of thing

And… it didn’t know if it were right or not, but the black fog thought that the dragon flame was even stronger than before.

The black fog realized it was in a dire situation and wanted to escape, but the flames chased it relentlessly, burning it and circling around it until it wept tears of misery and pain.

The demon insect watched the black fog with schadenfreude and felt relaxed.

All of the dragon’s sadistic tendencies were focused on the black fog and not itself.

Something that dared to be sarcastic to Shi An was something that had a death wish.

It simpered to Shi An, “My liege, don’t listen to it.

Even in this stature, you are very majestic, and also very cute!...

Shi An: “...What did you say Cute”

A cold feeling went down its spine.

The demon insect was paralyzed, staring at the mini dragon in front of it in cross-eyed fear.

It was over for it.

It would suffer.

A minute later, the black fog and the demon insect both ran pell mell around the room, chased by a ring of glowing flames.

The flames followed them, unhurriedly sticking to them just enough to occasionally singe their rear ends.

The two followers panted, crying out, “My liege, my liege, please forgive us.

We won’t dare to do this in the future!”

Shi An finally felt a lot better.

He habitually poised himself with his tail curled on his claws under his stomach and tried to reverse engineer the shifting process.

Five minutes later, Shi An opened his eyes.

The ceiling was still the same degree of distance, and the furniture was still the same size.

The black fog and the demon insect were still suffering the same misery.

He slumped his head, resting it dejectedly on his front claws.

Hm, it was still the same mini.

Shi An trembled in fear.

He couldn’t change back!

At this time, footsteps sounded outside the door.

Right afterwards, someone knocked, and a familiar voice asked, “Has older brother awaken yet”

Ever since he was sent back to the Shi Manor, Shi An had been unconscious.

Shi Rui was directed to watch over him carefully.

He seemed to have heard some noises in the room— had Shi An woken up

Shi Rui knocked to find out.

But, when he appeared, the sounds stopped.

It was unbelievably quiet.

Shi Rui reached out his hand to open the door.

The room was spotlessly neat just like the last time he entered.

There had been no disturbance.

Shi Rui walked up to the bed and looked down at Shi An.

The pale faced youth was lying quietly on the bed, deeply immersed in this sleep or coma.

What was going on

Did Shi Rui hear wrong Probably not.

Shi Rui raised his head doubtfully, but he couldn’t see anything amiss.

Of course, if Shi An never woke up, that would be the best, but…

Shi Rui heard that if Shi An didn’t wake up before school started, someone from the Bureau would come pick him up and experiment on him

Looking at the sleeping youth, something sinister flashed in Shi Rui’s eyes.

Even so, it would be good to clean up thoroughly.


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