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Energy Synchronization Rate

Ignoring the deeply conflicted Xiao Shengyun, Zhou Mingrui asked, “When are we going to settle your business”

Zhao Anqi furrowed her brows and thought for a moment before saying, “It should be three days later.

It just so happens that the school has given us a five day break after the freshmen competition.

We can settle it in this period of time.”

Yan Wuyue said, “Lets make this clear.

If what you predicted doesnt happen in five days, well come back directly.

You dont have any objections, do you”

“After all, we cant be late at the start of school.

I hope you can understand how the school will view us if we did that.”

Although she didnt want to, Zhao Anqi knew that Yan Wuyue was right.

Waiting for five days was already very kind of them.

“Okay, I got it.

If those b*stards dont come in five days, they probably wont come anyway.

We can all come back together if that happens,” Zhao Anqi agreed.

Then, she raised her glass and shouted, “Come, lets have a smooth and happy cooperation, cheers!”


Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue also raised their glasses.

Then, a total of four glasses collided in the air.

“What are you doing”

Zhao Anqi suddenly turned to Xiao Shengyun and asked.

“I, Im celebrating with you.” Xiao Shengyun said weakly.

“What are you celebrating Are you celebrating the fact that those b*stards came to my house to cause trouble, or are you celebrating the fact that I have to find someone to help me solve this problem, or are you celebrating the fact that I really want to splash wine on your face right now” Zhao Anqi said unhappily.

“I… I just wanted to add to the atmosphere.

I dont have any other intentions,” Xiao Shengyun replied timidly.

“Im not in a good mood right now.

If you continue to spout nonsense, I wont be nice.” Zhao Anqi furrowed her brows and snorted.

“Alright, alright.” Xiao Shengyun didnt dare to argue.

[What a sad, pitiful bootlicker.] Zhou Mingrui remarked with voice transmission.

[This is his own choice.

We have no right to interfere.] Yan Wuyue said lightly.

[Why does he have to do this Sometimes, I just dont understand.

She has already made it so obvious.

He cant possibly want to butter up to someone whos being so cold to him.] Zhou Mingrui ridiculed.

[Alright, stop being a busybody.] Yan Wuyue scolded.

Very quickly, the dinner party came to an end.

Zhao Anqi said, “Ill let you know as soon as I need help.

Please be ready to come over at any time.”

“No worries.” Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue both nodded.

The latter assured her, “Since weve promised you, well keep our word.”

Soon, the group dispersed.

After returning to the dormitory, Zhou Mingrui went straight to take a shower and prepared to head upstairs to sleep.

“Arent you curious about the prize for the first place” Yan Wuyue suddenly said.

“Ill find out sooner or later anyway.

Theres no rush,” Zhou Mingrui said indifferently.

“Alright, come down.

Im going to open it now.” Sometimes, Yan Wuyue felt helpless about Zhou Mingruis casual personality.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mingrui walked over and sat on the sofa beside Yan Wuyue.

“I made this a target object for us to obtain because it will be really helpful to the path we are going to take.

As Yan Wuyue spoke, she took out the box and put her hand on it.

The originally dim lines immediately lit up with a blue light.

“This is the Academys special rune lock.

It can only be unlocked with the owners energy.

If you open it by force, the entire box will detonate,” Yan Wuyue explained.

“So its a something like a biological lock.”

Three seconds later, the box trembled slightly, and a crack appeared around it.

A cold eerie light immediately leaked out from the crack.

Zhou Mingruis expression changed slightly.

It was because the item in the box had attracted his attention.

It was a strange feeling that he didnt know how to explain.

When the box was completely opened, there was a branch lying quietly inside.

The branch was less than 10 centimeters long, but it was crystal clear as if it was made of jade, and it was constantly emitting a faint light.

“What kind of plant is this branch from” Zhou Mingrui asked, puzzled.

“Its not exactly a plant, because its true form is a piece of metal.

However, the appearance it is born with has characteristics of a plant,” Yan Wuyue explained.

“So, what can this be used for” Zhou Mingrui asked, puzzled.

“It can improve the spiritual power of the summoner and their summoned spirit.” Yan Wuyue carefully took the branch out of the box.

“Spiritual power.

I remember encountering other items with this effect before.

But if thats all, you dont have to regard it at such a high position, do you” Zhou Mingrui said as he looked at the branch.

“Of course, while it increases your mental strength, it will also strengthen the connection between the summoner and the spirit.

At the same time, there is a probability of strengthening a certain skill,” Yan Wuyue continued to explain.

“Thats pretty decent.” Zhou Mingrui nodded approvingly.

“One look and I can tell that you dont understand this things value.

As the first place prize for the freshmen, do you think this item will be so simple” Seeing Zhou Mingruis nonchalant look, Yan Wuyue lectured.

“Whats not so simple about it then” Zhou Mingrui indeed did not care that much.

[In my previous life, the student who received this reward immediately evolved their summoned spirit after using it.

The synchronization rate between the two of them went from less than 13% to 28%.] Yan Wuyue sent a voice transmission.

[40%…] Zhou Mingruis expression turned serious.

Even for him and Yan Wuyue, their energy synchronization rate was less than 16%, but they were still the top among the new students.

The energy synchronization rate represents the coordination of energy between the summoner and the summoned spirit during battles.

The higher the synchronization rate, the more complementary the attributes between the summoner and the summoned spirit, and even the increase in skills would continue to be enhanced.

The higher the level of the summoned spirit, the more difficult it was for the summoner to increase their energy synchronization rate.

Therefore, for summoners of the same level, the way to determine victory, apart from their own skills and the strength of their summoned spirit, was basically the difference in energy synchronization rate.

If the gap was too big, the summoner could even challenge other summoners of higher levels.

Therefore, although energy synchronization rate was not something that had to be cultivated to increase ones rank, if one did not cultivate it, it would be like having strength but no skill to efficiently exert it.

[Ive noticed this problem before.

Its too difficult to increase our energy synchronization rate in this life.

Its not just a few times more difficult than it was in my previous life, but tens of times more difficult.]

[As our level and strength increase, it will be more difficult for us to improve compared to others.

We might even have to put in ten to a hundred times more effort than others to maintain a balance.] Yan Wuyue explained slowly.

[Therefore, one of our priorities is to obtain all treasures that can help us improve our energy synchronization rate.]

[Otherwise, its very likely that well reach a bottleneck after our strength reaches a certain level.]

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