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The Function of the Mysterious Treasure

“I was wondering why you valued this item so much, so thats why.”

Zhou Mingrui finally understood why Yan Wuyue had placed so much importance on the first places prize from the very beginning.

“How do I use this” Zhou Mingrui carefully observed the branch in front of him.

“I actually dont know either, but when I received it, the Academy told me that I just need to place it in my hand and close my eyes to sense it, and my body will automatically absorb it.” Yan Wuyue said.

“Then you should try that,” Zhou Mingrui reminded.

“No, you use it first.” Yan Wuyue placed the branch in front of Zhou Mingrui.

“What do you mean” Zhou Mingrui asked with a frown.

Yan Wuyue picked up a branch and placed it in Zhou Mingruis hand.

“I have an theory in mind, but I cant fully confirm it before its proven.”

“And you dont have to worry.

Its effect to enhance spiritual power is only secondary.

Its real important effect will be the same no matter which of us absorbs it.”

“Dont hesitate, use it quickly.”

Hearing this, Zhou Mingrui pondered for a few seconds before he grabbed the branch.

“Since youve said so, Ill listen to you.”

Closing his eyes, Zhou Mingrui felt the chilly sensation from the tree branch in his palm.

He first used the phantom energy in his body to wrap around the branch.

But no matter how he used it, the branch seemed to have resistance and didnt change at all.

Zhou Mingrui did not dare to be too violent, afraid that he would accidentally destroy the branch in his hand.

“Dont use your energy.

Try using your spiritual power.” Yan Wuyue reminded him.

Zhou Mingrui immediately switched to spiritual power from his mind.

It had been a long time since he last used it, so he was a little jerky at first, but his manipulation quickly became smooth.

When his spiritual power touched the branch, a strange feeling immediately spread through his mind.

It was like drinking a glass of cold drink on a hot day, and he felt refreshed from top to bottom.

In Yan Wuyues eyes, countless blue stars began to appear in Zhou Mingruis palm.

They kept floating in the air, but soon, they were attracted by an invisible force and directly converged into his body.

Soon, Zhou Mingruis palm opened up.

The branch inside had long disappeared.

his body had also begun to enter a semi-energy state.

The blue stars were visible to the naked eye as they swam in his body and quickly integrated within.

A few minutes later, Yan Wuyue, who had been observing Zhou Mingrui, felt the connection between them grow stronger.

Furthermore, both her energy and physical fitness were constantly improving.

“As expected, my deduction was right.” Yan Wuyue nodded in satisfaction.

About ten minutes later, Zhou Mingruis body stopped glowing and returned to its original state.

“My body does feel different.” Zhou Mingrui opened his eyes.

He looked relaxed.

“Come, lets test out our energy synchronization rate.” Yan Wuyue didnt waste any time.

She got up, raised her hand, and began to circulate her energy.

Zhou Mingrui didnt hesitate either.

He began channeling his energy as well.

After both parties tried it out, they realized that their energy synchronization rate had increased to 22%.

“It didnt increase by much, not even 10%.

It doesnt seem to be as amazing as you said.” Zhou Mingrui retracted his energy and said with a hint of pity.

“No, its effect isnt something that can be seen immediately.

Whats really amazing is that the difficulty of increasing our energy synchronization rate will be greatly reduced in the future.”

“You cant feel it now, but youll know why I value it so much in the future.”

Yan Wuyue also sat down and took a sip of warm water.

“By the way, I havent had the time to ask you.

Did you awaken this energy only after your previous life” Zhou Mingrui suddenly asked.

Generally speaking, he had never seen anyone go through such a thorough change in energy type.

Moreover, according to what he had seen since he came to this world, he had never seen anyone who could completely change their energy attribute and skill nature in the early stages.

“Thats right.

Thats thanks to one of the special items Ive collected from a long time ago.

Its a one-time special item that can transform energy attributes and skills,” Yan Wuyue told him directly.

“Theres such a thing” Zhou Mingrui was immediately curious.

“Yes, apart from the Star-Moon stone, Ive also collected the True Yang stele, the shoot of the Earth, and so on.”

“Those things are treasures formed under special conditions,” Yan Wuyue explained slowly, “They are infused with special energy and imbued with special rules.”

“After the Great Fission, those treasures also appeared in the environment after being stimulated by the changes in the surroundings.”

“Of course, these items have their shortcomings and limitations too.

In the early stages, they can greatly enhance ones strength, and the speed of formation is fast.

Before one reaches a certain level, their combat power is top notch.”

“However, when the person reaches a higher level, these items will become a restriction.

The difficulty of breaking through to a higher level will increase dramatically.

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows.

“Based on my understanding of you, you wouldnt do something so recklessly if you didnt have a plan to deal with it.”

Yan Wuyue laughed.

“Now you know me.

But youre right, I do have a way to deal with it.

When the time comes, Ill have a way to replace my stars and moon energy with the least cost.”

Zhou Mingrui thought for a few seconds before saying, “But why do I feel that these treasures shouldnt have the effects you mentioned Maybe they have other special effects”

After a moment of silence, Yan Wuyue said, “Hmm… You reminded me.

I didnt actually collect a lot of these items before because I didnt find most of them useful.

Since youve said so, we should try collecting them this time.”

“Even if they end up being useless, I can give them to those who are not talented but loyal to me.”

Zhou Mingrui shook his head and said, “You… Youre really tirelessly thinking about those things all the time.

You really need to relax right now.

Otherwise, you might not have any time to rest when things get more stressful in the future.”

Zhou Mingrui was prepared for Yan Wuyue to give him a serious lecture after hearing his opinions about relaxing.

However, her reaction was unexpectedly mild.

“Dont worry, I understand what you mean.

Ill try my best to rest during this time and maintain my best condition to face the difficult future,” Yan Wuyue said gently.

“Oh, youve changed.

This isnt like you.” Zhou Mingrui stroked his chin and looked closely at Yan Wuyue.

“People change, of course I wont stay the same.

Im always open to taking good advice.”

Yan Wuyue smiled.

“After all, I was too nervous and anxious in the beginning.

Thats why you have that mistaken impression of me.

I think its normal.”

Zhou Mingrui had a perplexed expression for a while before he laughed out loud.

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