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Zhao Anqis Predicament

“What are you laughing at”

“Are you laughing at what Ive said or what Ive done” Yan Wuyue asked as she put down her cup.

Zhou Mingrui hurriedly raised his hand to pinch his lips to stop laughing.

Then, he coughed to clear his throat and said, “I didnt mean to laugh at you.

I just thought this was too interesting, so I couldnt help it.

Please dont mind me.”

Yan Wuyue snorted.

She stood up and walked behind Zhou Mingrui, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Alright, alright, I apologize.

I shouldnt have laughed at you, okay” Zhou Mingrui suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

All he could do was beg for mercy.

“Oh, really” Yan Wuyue lowered her body and whispered into Zhou Mingruis ear.

“Y-yes, really.” Zhou Mingrui, who had never been nervous even in the arena, was now tensed up.

The next second, Zhou Mingrui felt his entire world tremble from an intense pain in his ear.

“I noticed that youve been very arrogant recently, Zhou Mingrui.

Your words and actions dont go through your brain.

You just do whatever you want, dont you” Yan Wuyue walked back to the sofa and said with her legs crossed.

“This, um, haha, Ive been a little too careless recently.

Sorry.” This time, Zhou Mingrui cowered.

All he could do was to take the insults.

Yan Wuyue narrowed her eyes.

“Hmph, you have to know that we are under an equal contract.

You have the obligation to discuss with me about everything you do.

We have the same responsibility for our actions.”

“No matter what you do, as long as something happens, Ill have to take half the responsibility.

So, can you please discuss with me before you make any decisions in the future”

Zhou Mingrui immediately nodded his head vigorously and said, “I understand, I know, I understand, I understand.

Ill be more careful in the future.”

Yan Wuyue then got up and left the living room, walking back upstairs.

After wiping the imaginary cold sweat from his forehead, Zhou Mingrui gulped and muttered, “This womans aura is getting stronger and stronger.

Id better be careful not to let her get a hold of me in the future.”

“Sigh,” he sighed, “I shouldnt have agreed to Zhao Anqis request.

If this goes on, its going to turn into another bloodbath.”

Zhou Mingrui rubbed between his brows.

He didnt dare to continue imagining the kind of hellish scenes he would have to face.

“Forget it, Ill deal with it when it comes.

Theres no point in worrying now.

I need to remember that I am a dignified man.

Ill definitely be more assertive when the time comes!”

After making up his mind, Zhou Mingrui closed his eyes and began to think.

It had been almost a year since he came to this world.

He had met Yan Wuyue, Zhao Anqi, and many others, and had experienced many things.

However, this world still gave Zhou Mingrui a sense of unfamiliarity and distance.

Furthermore, for some unknown reason, Zhou Mingrui had a nagging feeling that there was a pair of eyes peeking at him from the dark.

It was even possible that there were more than one pair of eyes spying on him.

This feeling wasnt so clear before, but ever since he used the branch, his spiritual power had grown, and this feeling became more obvious.

Zhou Mingrui narrowed his eyes as the phantom flames in his eyes flickered.

[Im not mistaken.

I knew that there were some strange things hiding in the dark since I arrived at this world.]

[Dont let me catch you sneaky cowards in the dark!]

After that, he got up and left the living room silently.

Two days passed by quickly.

During this time, Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue worked hard to improve their energy synchronization rate.

At the same time, they made arrangements to prepare for Zhao Anqis situation.

The next night, Yan Wuyues cell phone suddenly rang.

“Hello” Yan Wuyue picked up the phone.

After listening for a few seconds, her face suddenly changed.

“Take care of her,” she said with a frown.

“Zhou Mingrui and I will rush over now.”

“What happened” Zhou Mingrui could roughly guess what had happened.

“Zhao Anqis father was placed under house arrest by the Zhao family.

Zhao Anqi and Xiao Shengyun wanted to see him, but they were pushed out by those people.

Then, a conflict broke out between the two sides.

Xiao Shengyun was injured while trying to protect Zhao Anqi,” Yan Wuyue quickly explained.

“B*stards, why didnt the local security department deal with them” Zhou Mingrui exclaimed angrily.

“Its all because of the Zhao family.

The security department claims that this is the Zhao familys own family matters.

They said Xiao Shengyuns injury was caused by poor management of his own emotions, so it cannot be considered assault.” Yan Wuyue let out a long breath, but the anger on her face grew.

“Holy sh*t, they said that” Zhou Mingrui had a look of disbelief on his face.

“This is clearly a distortion of the truth.

Is the Zhao family that powerful They can actually interfere security affairs to this extent.”

“Its not convenient to talk about this in detail now.

How about this, you take my familys car to the place first, and Ill go to you immediately after Ive arranged some things.” Yan Wuyue immediately instructed.

“Alright, Ill head over first,” Zhou Mingrui agreed.

“Remember, dont clash with anyone before I arrive.

Those guys from the Zhao family arent easy to deal with.” Yan Wuyue reminded as she put on his coat.

“Okay, I understand what you mean, but youd better come as soon as possible.

I cant control my temper sometimes.” Zhou Mingrui responded and left quickly.

After leaving the school, Zhou Mingrui got into Yan Wuyues familys car and headed to Zhao Anqis house.

In less than fifteen minutes, the large metal gates of an independent manor soon appeared in Zhou Mingruis line of sight.

After alighting from the car, Zhou Mingrui was just about to step forward when two strong figures appeared before him.

“This is private property.

If youre not here for anything, please turn around and leave!”

Looking the hand blocking his way, Zhou Mingrui refrained from picking a fight with them.

Instead, he said, “Im a guest invited by the daughter of this manors owner.

Please let me pass.”

However, the two men in suits still said coldly, “I repeat, this is private property.

Please leave immediately before we take forceful measures.”

Zhou Mingrui glanced at the two men and said with a smile, “You two, this is indeed Zhao Deshengs private territory, but to be precise, he didnt hire you two, right”

“In that case, you have no jurisdiction or acting jurisdiction over the private territory, so…”

Zhou Mingruis expression turned cold as he continued, “I advise the two of you to get out of my way and dont even think about using force on me.

I can tell you very clearly right now.”

“If you do, that will give me the right to protect myself, and I wont hold back when I do.”

As he said that, Zhou Mingruis body began to exude an intense energy aura.

It indicated that he was not spouting nonsense and was really ready to strike at any moment.

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