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The Fifth Master of the Zhao Family

The two men in suits looked at each other and then nodded slightly, as if they had reached some kind of understanding.

The next second, a light flashed beside them and two summoned spirits appeared.

One was a strong beast that looked like a tiger, while the other was a humanoid spirit with four horns and a goats head.

The moment their summoned spirits appeared, the two of them immediately released their powerful auras.

They attacked at the same time.

“I knew it wouldnt be that simple.”

The moment Zhou Mingrui felt his opponents energy, a set of exquisite bone armor appeared on his body.

At the same time, two solid and heavy bone shields appeared in his hands.

With a bang, the opponents attack landed on the shield.

The two men in suits were slightly shocked.

The next moment, they felt a huge force coming from the shield, sending them and their spirits flying.

Zhou Mingrui did not continue with the battle.

Instead, he casually put away his two bone shields and kicked open the gate in front of him.

He had no interest in dealing with these two guys now, and if he were to really beat them up, the dispute would be troublesome to settle later.

Zhou Mingrui had yet to fully understand the law and regulations of this world.

Under such circumstances, he would refrain from directly killing or heavily injuring people.

After entering the manor, a group of people in black suits quickly surrounded them with their respective summoned spirits.

“They came so quickly.

I can tell that they are well-trained.

It seems that the Zhao familys matter here is not that simple.

This time, we mightve gotten ourselves into a pretty serious trouble.”

Zhou Mingrui scoffed when he saw the group of men in black suits charging at him.

Bone gauntlets and knuckles immediately appeared on his fists, and phantom energy in his body surged as he prepared to attack.

In this situation, he would be dead meat if he didnt fight back.

At most, hell just take extra care to make sure that he didnt cripple or kill anyone during the fight.


Just as the two parties were about to clash, a figure appeared in front of Zhou Mingrui in the nick of time.

“Hes my guest.

You cant do this to him.

Stop!” Zhao Anqi yelled at the group of people.

“Miss Anqi, he just attacked our people.” The leader of the group raised his hand to stop his men behind him.

Although his words were respectful, his tone was very cold.

“Your people started it.

I was just defending myself.” Zhou Mingrui had an unpleasant expression as he spoke coldly.

“No matter what, youre the one who injured our men, so youd better surrender right now.

Well wait for the people from the security department to come and hand you over to them.” The leader in the suit took a few steps forward and said.

Zhou Mingrui snorted coldly.

He was no fool.

If he really surrendered, he would definitely be beaten up by these people.

Moreover, according to what Yan Wuyue had said before, the people from the security department must have some connections with the Zhao family.

If he was sent there, he would probably be thrashed mercilessly.

“I told you, hes a guest I invited.

If you continue to do this, Ill have to tell the old Master.” Zhao Anqi gritted her teeth.

The man in the suit was silent for a moment.

Just as he raised his hand and was about to do something, another man ran over and whispered a few words in his ear.

His expression changed a few times, and then he finally raised his hand and commanded, “Return to your posts.

Miss Anqi and this guest, our boss would like to see you.”

The men quickly dispersed, leaving only two of them there.

“Lets go.

Ill be counting on you this time.” After Zhao Anqi finished speaking, she walked in front of him.

Zhou Mingrui did not say anything and followed behind her.

“Why are you alone Wheres Yan Wuyue” Zhao Anqi asked Zhou Mingrui.

“She said shes going to arrange something first and will be here soon.

Has the situation gotten that bad” Zhou Mingrui replied.

“That bunch of bastards.

When they just arrived, they were very gentle and harmless.

However, after my fathers stern rejection, they immediately turned hostile and began to assert control over our family.” Zhao Anqi said through gritted teeth.

“Hows Xiao Shengyun Is he okay” Zhou Mingrui continued asking.

“Ive already sent them to the hospital.

They knew their limits and didnt kill him, but they did beat him up quite badly.” Zhao Anqi explained.

“This group of people is really lawless.” Zhou Mingrui sighed.

He felt like had just witnessed a scene that could only be seen in novels or television dramas.

“We have no choice.

The power behind the Zhao family is too great.

Even the local security department has to give way.

Even if we have some money and connections, we cant compete with them.” Zhao Anqi said helplessly.

“Dont worry, Im here.” Zhou Mingrui patted Zhao Anqis back to reassure her.

“Be careful, theyve brought summoners who are at least silver grade and above.

There are also quite a few gold grade summoners.

I even suspect that there are even high-level gold rank summoners among them.” Zhao Anqi said in a low voice.

“Dont worry about that.

No matter what, you have to ensure your own safety.

Do you understand” Zhou Mingrui warned.

“Yes, I know.

If anything happens, Ill leave the battlefield as soon as possible.

But please make sure my dad is safe.” Zhao Anqi wasnt a fool.

She knew that she shouldnt drag Zhou Mingrui down if anything happened.

After passing through the main gate and corridor, the two of them were brought to the entrance of a hall.

The door was wide open, and in the middle of the hall, an old man with half-white and half-black hair sat on the sofa, quietly looking at them.

“This guest, may I know why you have come to the Zhao family” The old mans voice was thick and low, completely unlike an old mans.

“This is Zhao Guian, the fifth master of the Zhao family.” Zhao Anqi reminded.

“This Zhao family isnt that Zhao family, right” Zhou Mingrui immediately replied.

“Sharp-tongued, this is the Zhao family by ancestry.” Zhao Guian smiled.

“If thats the case, whats the difference between your actions and those of a bandit” Zhou Mingrui laughed out loud, his tone filled with mockery.

“Do you know who youre facing Show some respect!” A man in a suit immediately shouted.

“Why should I show respect to a bandit” Zhou Mingrui ignored the man and continued.

“If I remember correctly, youre just the summoned spirit of that Yan Wuyue.

By right, you have no obligation or right to interfere with the internal affairs of the Zhao family, do you” Zhao Guian didnt get angry, but asked with an affable smile.

“I know people from the Yan family.

How about this, after you leave, the Zhao family will send you a gift in a couple of days.

How does this sound” Zhao Guian stated his conditions.

The man in the suit beside him was surprised.

He had never seen the fifth master being polite to someone who was obviously not of the same status.

“What if I insist on interfering” Zhou Mingrui said slowly with his arms crossed.

“Then youre asking for it.” Zhao Guians face turned cold.

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