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Zhao Qishiba

Zhou Mingrui looked at the person in front of him.

An extremely dangerous aura emanated from him.

This was the first time someone could give him such a feeling.

It meant that the mysterious person in front of him had the ability to threaten Zhou Mingruis safety.

However, Zhou Mingrui would not back down, nor could he back down.

Instead, he was getting increasingly excited.

From the moment he was summoned to this world, Zhou Mingrui had never felt any threat.

His journey had been way too smooth.

This made him feel extremely bored.

He felt like he had no passion for life at all.

However, this time, he finally felt a strong emotion.

“A friendly reminder, once this subordinate of mine makes a move, the opponent will either die or be injured, and there will be terrible consequences.”

Zhao Guian squinted and smiled, “You have to think it through.

I really dont want to destroy such a talented spirit.

Your summoner, Yan Wuyue, will be very sad.”

“Following Zhao Guians words, the mysterious figure began to emit a black mist that continuously moved around him.

“Oh, is that so”

Zhou Mingrui, who had been silent throughout, suddenly said, “Are you really so sure that youve got me”

“Dont tell me you think you can beat this level 63 summoner in front of you” Zhao Guian crossed his arms and said confidently.

“Who knows if weve never tried” Zhou Mingrui did not show any signs of fear.

“Zhao Qishiba, teach this arrogant br*t a lesson.” After saying that, Zhao Guian lay back on the sofa.

“Understood, fifth master.” Zhao Qishibas eyes curved, and a gloomy voice came from under his mask.

Then, he looked at Zhou Mingrui.

“Tell me.

How do you want to be taught a lesson Ill allow you to choose.”

Zhou Mingrui laughed and shook his head.

“If all the members of the Zhao family are like you, then you guys are really hopeless.”


With a flash of a black shadow, a dagger slashed towards Zhou Mingruis neck.

The dagger hit the bone armor on his neck with a metallic clang.

“Just this” Zhou Mingrui abruptly grabbed Zhao Qishibas wrist, which was holding onto the dagger.

The next moment, Zhao Qishiba suddenly transformed into an afterimage and disappeared from Zhou Mingruis sight.

“I didnt expect you to be this impressive.

Youre quite strong.”

Zhao Qishibas illusory voice circled around Zhou Mingrui.

However, Zhou Mingrui did not even glance at his surroundings.

He stood there quietly and even shut his eyes after a while.

“It seems like youve given up.

Sigh, the winner of the freshmen tournament is nothing more than this.

I thought you would be much more powerful since you were able to defeat that stupid bear.”

“How about this, as long as you beg me for mercy, I can let you go and let you admit defeat quickly.”

“Whats wrong, why are you not saying anything”

“Are you too scared to speak”

“Should I call your mommy for you”

“Right, I forgot that youre a summoned spirit, and a dead soul type at that.

I guess you dont even know who your mother is, hahahaha!”

In a split second, the space twisted, and the surroundings were completely enveloped by a distorted domain.

“What, youre finally serious” Zhao Qishibas voice rang out again.

Zhou Mingrui suddenly opened his eyes as phantom flames burned in his eyes.

In the Phantom Prison, his eyes shone as bright as the stars in the night sky.

“Has no one ever told you that your mouth is very cheap”

Zhou Mingrui suddenly spoke.

His tone was calm, but it reverberated in the surrounding space.

“So what What can you do to me Do you really think that the technique you used on that stupid bear will work on me” Zhao Qishiba said indifferently, “Im afraid you wont even be able to touch my shadow.


“Youre noisy.”

The phantom flames in Zhou Mingruis eyes burned brighter.

Immediately, countless phantom-like shadows appeared in the surrounding space.

“Haha, do you think you can locate me just like this Im superior to you in both skills and attributes.”

“Just these moves of yours cant affect me at all.”

Zhao Qishibas confident and arrogant voice resounded through the space, but he was nowhere to be found.

“Ive found you!”

All of a sudden, Zhou Mingrui turned around and locked his eyes on a particular direction.

“So what if you found me Can you even touch me” Zhao Qishiba continued to laugh madly.

Without wasting any time, Zhou Mingrui raised his arm and spread his palm out, aiming it in Zhao Qishis direction.

[Samsara Territory]

Zhao Qishiba, who had originally been hiding in a spatial rift, suddenly found himself in another dimension.

“How is this possible”

He looked around in disbelief.

With his strength, unless the difference in power was too great, not many people could pull him out of his spatial rift.

“Nothing is impossible.”

[Samsara Territory (active): Connects with the core power of the phantom world to create a special domain that can drag a marked single enemy in.

Once in the domain, the targets attributes will be transferred to the user by percentage.]

Zhou Mingrui emerged from the darkness.

His entire body was burning with translucent phantom flames that glowed with a faint blue light.

The overbearing pressure he exuded pressed down on Zhao Qishiba.

“Spatial type triple buff skill ”

Zhao Qishibas voice was no longer arrogant.

Instead, it became serious.

“I finally understand how that stupid bear lost to you.”

However, Zhou Mingrui shook his head.

“Im sorry.

Youre wrong this time.

I didnt need to use this power to deal with that fellow.”

Zhao Qishibas eyes, which were the only part of himself that was exposed, turned serious.

As someone who specialized in spatial skills, he could sense that the space around him had been sealed.

If he wanted to get out, he had to either defeat the person who used this skill, or use brute force to break through the space.

He did not have the strength to shatter space, so he could only choose to defeat Zhou Mingrui.

Raising his hand, the Nether Flame Bone Blade was quickly drawn out from a ball of dark phantom flames.

Simultaneously, Zhou Mingruis entire body was covered in bone armor.

“Looks like Ill have to use my full strength.”

Black flames swirled around Zhao Qishibas body as a black shadow began to slither across his body.

The next moment, both of them collided.

Zhou Mingruis blade had already slashed out viciously, but Zhao Qishi had managed to block the attack with his dagger.

However, the immense force made Zhao Qishiba fall to one knee, and even created a hole in the ground.

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