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Youre truly no match for me

“I knew it.

I knew you must have had some hidden cards up your sleeve.

In that case, lets not waste any more time,” Zhao Qishiba laughed.

“I know.

Youve been stalling for time from the beginning.

Youre waiting for your summoner, the woman named Yan Wuyue, to bring reinforcements, right”

Zhou Mingruis face was covered by the bone mask, so it was impossible to see his expression.

“Why arent you saying anything Because Im right and you have no reason to refute me, right” Zhao Qishiba had already disappeared into the darkness and started moving again.

“No, I dont think I have anything to say to a loser,” Zhou Mingrui suddenly said.

With that said, Zhou Mingrui did not waste any time as he charged forward with his warhorse.

[Flame Charge]!

The violent phantom flames on the warhorses body surged, and even started to resonate with the surrounding space.

The black clouds in the sky that were originally frozen still started to burn.

The entire domain instantly turned into a space of black flames.

Zhao Qishiba came out of his spatial rift and tried to put out the fire on his body.

Seizing the opportunity, Zhou Mingrui and the warhorse began their attacks.

The surrounding flames began to gather on Zhou Mingrui and the warhorse.

From Zhao Qishibas perspective, it looked like a tornado of flames was sweeping towards him.

‘Damn it, this is a lock-on skill, theres no way to avoid it!

Zhao Qishiba wanted to escape initially, but he soon realized that the Zhou Mingruis attack had already locked onto him.

The space around him was already covered in black flames, and he could not use any skills.

Since he couldnt dodge, he could only use skills to avoid the attack.

He knew he couldnt take it head-on since he wasnt the kind of summoner who specialized in defense.

Even if his summoned spirit could block it, it would suffer serious injuries.

But just as Zhao Qishiba had this thought, Zhou Mingruis warhorse suddenly raised its front hooves.

Immediately after, an invisible wave emanated from its body.

This wasnt a sound that ordinary people could hear.

It was a sound wave that directly affected the mind and soul.

[Hell Howl]

Zhao Qishiba was about to command his summoned spirit to retaliate, but he was interrupted by this sudden skill.

The powerful spiritual attack from the Hell Howl made him unable to control the energy in his body for a while.

And by the time he recovered a little and was prepared to act up again, he realized that Zhou Mingrui and his warhorse had already charged in front of him.

The warhorses hooves stomped on the ground, and a visible shockwave sent Zhao Qishiba flying.

[War Stomp]

Zhao Qishibas head spun as he landed on the ground.

The next moment, he felt a huge impact on his chest, causing his internal organs to almost shift positions.

“You forced me to do this!”

Zhao Qishiba spat out a mouthful of blood.

Then, a black mist suddenly erupted from his body, expanding more than ten times from its original size.

This forced the surrounding phantom flames to retreat, directly opening up a large empty space around him.

[Overload Cracking]

Zhao Qishibas eyes had already turned completely black.

A total of four black shadows appeared around him, surrounding Zhou Mingrui in the blink of an eye.

“Ill let you have a good look at the gap between us.”

With that said, the four black figures transformed into black beams of light at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, they appeared around Zhou Mingrui, attacking from different angles.

Be it in terms of speed or strength, there was a huge difference from before.

It struck the warhorse that Zhou Mingrui was riding.

The tremendous force instantly caused the warhorse to be pushed back by half a meter.

The other three black shadows attacked Zhou Mingrui at the same time.

In that instant, Zhou Mingrui and his warhorse suddenly transformed into afterimages, causing Zhao Qishis attack to miss.

[Ghost Phantom]

With the help of the surrounding phantom flames, the warhorse and Zhou Mingrui immediately turned into countless afterimages as they appeared in all directions.

Zhao Qishiba couldnt tell which one was real and which one was fake.

Suddenly, he heard a muffled sound.

By the time he could react, a black blade had already landed on his chest.


In the outside world, Zhao Guian had already been waiting quietly for about 10 minutes.

He looked at the space in front of him that was isolated by the Samsara Territory.

He didnt say a word.

It was almost like he knew what was happening inside.

His expression was grave, as if he was thinking about something.

Soon, after another three minutes, his eyes finally moved.

That was because the black space in front of him had begun to fluctuate slowly, then gradually faded and finally dissipated.

However, contrary to Zhao Guians expectations, the person left standing was not Zhao Qishiba.

It was Zhou Mingrui, just like before.

“I didnt expect you to be so good at hiding your strength.

Even Zhao Qishiba was no match for you.”

Zhao Guians face was calm, without any change in expression.

“Alright, lets forget about this.

Please let Zhao Anqi and her father go and dont come back ever again,” Zhou Mingrui said as he walked towards Zhao Guian.

“Do you think that you can make me compromise just because you defeated Zhao Qishiba” Zhao Guian said calmly as he watched the approaching Zhou Mingrui.

“The Zhao familys strength and foundation is not something you can imagine.

Kid, its not too late to leave now and ignore this matter,” Zhao Guian said slowly.

“What if I really want to meddle Is there any point in saying such things now Use whatever means you have left.” Zhou Mingrui would not bother with him.

“Alright, since you dont know whats good for you, then dont blame me for not warning you.”

Zhao Guian said as he stood up, and a strange aura began to leak out.

Zhou Mingrui was a little perplexed.

What was this fifth master planning to do However, he soon understood.

Zhao Guians thin and loose clothes started to move on their own without any wind, and then a strange energy wave started to appear.

Immediately after, his originally loose, aged skin began to tighten, and at the same time, his shriveled, bamboo-like body began to expand like a balloon.

His body soon began to resemble a normal mans, but it wasnt over yet.

With the gradual recovery of his body, his skin and muscles had all recovered, and his figure had also begun to change.

His originally hunched back gradually straightened up, and then chiseled muscle lines began to appear.

The most eye-catching thing was that his long white hair had started to turn black.

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