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The Magical Trio

“Youre saying that you can sense the Undead Holy Power”

In the illusionary spirit world, in a space filled with a faint white mist, a deep voice rang out.

It was impossible to estimate the height of the figure.

It seemed as if the figure had filled up the entire world and can be seen everywhere.

It was also hard to tell if the voice was male or female.

There was no Tone, nor any high or low notes.

Instead, the voice just sounded extremely balanced.

“Your Majesty, I only vaguely felt a trace of fluctuation similar to the Undead Holy Power.

Because it was so brief, I cant be sure.”

“But I remember that we were ordered to immediately report anything related to this.”

A figure knelt on the ground and replied in the most respectful tone.

He didnt feel any pressure or discomfort.

On the contrary, before the Lord, he felt a sense of balance and comfort that he had never felt before.

“Alright, then go and investigate.

Investigate it clearly.

Dont miss a single thing.

Even if theres a slight suspicion, investigate it carefully.”

The Lord of Destinys words were emotionless.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

After his subordinate left, the huge, blurry figure hidden in the dense white mist moved slightly.

“Lord of the Spirits, the loophole in your fate has finally appeared.

Dont worry, I will do everything I can to stop your plan.”

As the voice fell, the dense white fog became thicker, and the huge figure became completely covered.

With the passing of the tournament, the new students had all entered the first grade and began their life in the Academy.

What the Academy taught was nothing more than basic knowledge.

Yan Wuyue didnt have to bother with it, but Zhou Mingrui was required to attend every class.

From these lessons, Zhou Mingrui learnt about the history of this world, this continent, and this country.

Then, there was the basic knowledge between a summoner and a Summoned spirit, which also helped Zhou Mingrui fill in the knowledge gaps he had before this.

This made Zhou Mingrui feel as though he had returned to the time before he came to this world.

The only difference was that the content of his studies was different.

“How was it Did you learn anything from this weeks lessons”

Sitting on a bench in the Academys garden, Yan Wuyue asked Zhou Mingrui.

“To be honest, the content is simple and theres nothing difficult about it.” Zhou Mingrui placed his hands behind his head and said indifferently.

“Then Ill leave the studying to you.

I can take this time to arrange other things.

Anyway, exams are easy to pass,” Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

“Hey, Yan Wuyue, thats enough! Im the one going to classes, and now you expect me to take the exams too.

What do you mean by that” Zhou Mingrui was displeased.

Why should he He attended the classes, he took the quizzes, and now hes expected to also take the exams.

The teachers in their classes were all looking at him strangely.

“Whats wrong Other peoples summoned spirits are usually kept in a different space and basically wont be released unless needed.

Look at you, hopping around like a living person every day.

What else do you want” Yan Wuyue immediately retorted.

“Yo, now youre unhappy Then put me back.

I cant wait to sleep in every day.” Zhou Mingrui shot back.

Just as the two of them were arguing, three figures suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Youre Yan Wuyue”

A baritone female voice sounded.

Zhou Mingrui looked forward and realized that it was three female students of different heights.

“Yes, I am.

Whats the matter” Although Yan Wuyue was curious, she still answered politely.

“I couldnt tell, youre the first place of this years freshmen competition” the tallest female student among the three said, her expression full of arrogance.

“Sister Yao, why does she look so weak” the shortest of the three, a girl with a baby face and two braids said.

“Why dont we do it now” the last tallest girl asked.

She had an extremely strong physique, with her arms were thicker than the thighs of the two people beside her.

Yan Wuyue was astounded.

From the straightforward conversation of these three people, she had already guessed that they were here to cause her trouble.

“Who sent you, and why are you looking for me” Yan Wuyue asked directly.

“No one sent us, I just dont like you.” the tall girl called sister Yao, who was obviously the leader of the three, said.

“Thats right.

We just dont like how you look,” the little loli echoed.

“Do we need someone to instruct us Are you kidding me At most, well just accept commission money from…” Before the strong woman could finish, her mouth was covered by the other two.

Yan Wuyue looked slightly confused.

She was not trying to figure out who had sent these three people, but rather, she was remarking to herself how peculiar this trio was.

Zhou Mingrui, who was by the side, was curious too.

These three women were too funny.

They acting like three jokers.

“Alright, the three of us just dont like the look of you.

You pick a place yourself, and well leave you some dignity,” Chang Yao said in a domineering tone.

“What if I dont want to” Yan Wuyue asked playfully.

“If you dont want to, then Illinvite you!” the muscular girl among the three said.

She rolled up her sleeves and showed off her arm with the obvious bicep lines.

Yan Wuyue resisted the urge to laugh and looked at Zhou Mingrui.

“Im bored, so lets play with them,” Zhou Mingrui chuckled.

“Since youve said so, lets go.” Yan Wuyue stood up, and Zhou Mingrui followed suit.

Seeing the two of them stand upobediently, Chang Yao snorted and turned around in satisfaction.

“Jiajia and Lili, you two follow behind.

Help me keep an eye on them so they dont get away.”

After gesturing to the two girls, she walked to the front, and the two behind knowingly followed behind Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue.

Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui both turned around.

The two girls were obviously very young, but they were trying really hard to look fierce.

[I thought that the Zhao family had sent them to test us at first.

But now, I feel that my idea is not mature enough.] Yan Wuyue sent a message.

[I thought so too at first, but I regret it now.

If the Zhao family really chose to hire someone like them, I wouldnt have any words to say.] Zhou Mingrui also ridiculed.

[Whos going to make a move later] Yan Wuyue asked.

[Ill do it later.

Im afraid youll be too nice about it.] Zhou Mingrui volunteered.

[I should be the one saying that, right] Yan Wuyue raised her eyebrows.

[Hahaha, they wont.

Ill show them how cruel and realistic this world is.] Zhou Mingrui revealed an evil smile.

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