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The humanoid monsters head was crushed, and red and yellow liquid sprayed everywhere.

The trees that were splattered immediately made a sizzling sound.

In less than a few seconds, the tall trees were instantly corroded into a lump of black liquid, and it kept emitting foul white smoke.

[These guys are a little ruthless.]

Zhou Mingrui could not help but sigh after watching the first scene.

[These guys might look huge, but theyre actually at the bottom of the food chain in the secret realm of the alternate space.

Theyre just food for more powerful beings.] Yan Wuyue said expressionlessly.

As expected, the dark purple monster started gnawing at the corpse.

[Besides, having a big body doesnt mean that theyre powerful.

Whats really scary is those with small bodies.

Youll know why I said that when you meet them in the future.] Yan Wuyue said seriously.

Zhou Mingruis heart turned heavy.

After all, Yan Wuyue had previously mentioned that she had only gone to a mid-level alternate space secret realm in her previous life, and she still had to be careful.

Then what kind of monsters and other life forms would exist in the higher-level secret realms

However, it was impossible to say that he was afraid.

He had enough confidence in his strength growth, and this would be more challenging, wasnt it

[Why Youre not afraid] Yan Wuyue saw the change in Zhou Mingruis expression and immediately laughed.

[Whats there to be afraid of As long as we survive and work hard to become stronger, we will be able to scorn these monsters sooner or later.] Zhou Mingrui said indifferently.


I hope you can always maintain this confidence.] Yan Wuyue said as she observed the front.

[What Are you looking down on me] Zhou Mingrui raised his brows.

[No, you have never experienced the fear of complete powerlessness.

You will not understand the self-denial that comes from the depths of your heart.]

Yan Wuyue suddenly stopped.

She looked at Zhou Mingrui with her beautiful eyes and said, [Even though Ive experienced countless difficulties and disasters after the great calamity, my body trembled, and I cant even summon the will to fight when I faced those lives.]

[Its as if youre at the bottom of an endless abyss.

You cant see any hope when you look up.

Do you understand]

Zhou Mingrui seemed to be able to see the despair that Yan Wuyue had once encountered.

Zhou Mingrui could now understand Yan Wuyues desire to become stronger, which was similar to OCD.

Zhou Mingrui could understand how such emotions came about and how difficult it was to overcome them.

Any human would have such an experience.

Unconsciously, Zhou Mingrui suddenly reached out and placed his hand on Yan Wuyues face.

Then, he said in a very serious tone, [Remember, you dont have to be afraid anymore because you have me by your side.]

[No matter what kind of danger we encounter, I will not give up on you.

Even if I have to use the last flame of my life, I will help you dispel the endless darkness.]

After hearing this, the darkness and fear in Yan Wuyues eyes suddenly began to disappear, and then they returned to their original clarity.

[Thank you.]

She didnt waste any more time.

The two words had already represented everything she wanted to say.

Then, the two of them continued to explore, but the atmosphere between them had changed.

After more than ten minutes, Yan Wuyue suddenly stopped.

[Whats wrong] Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

[I found something good.] Yan Wuyues eyes were fixed in one direction.

Zhou Mingrui walked to her side and looked in the direction of her gaze.

He saw an irregular-shaped gray rock about thirty meters ahead.

On the rocks uneven body, there were red agate-like objects, which seemed to be constantly flickering with a faint red light.

[Whats that] Zhou Mingrui was taken aback.

He couldnt tell that the item was anything good.

[Dont think that it looks like a rock, but the real good stuff is in it.]

Yan Wuyue seemed to know that Zhou Mingrui would not believe her, so she took the initiative to explain, [Those red crystals that look like agate are the external sensors of these non-flesh and blood creatures.

These creatures can produce something called life crystals in their bodies.]

[Life crystals are great treasures after the great calamity.

They have many uses, whether its for healing, improving the bodys constitution, or repairing the mind.

Theyre all great treasures.]

[Its because the energy inside is extremely pure.

On the energy level, it can adapt to the consumption of any living being.

Its a rare treasure, and it cannot be found in the outside world.]

After listening to Yan Wuyues explanation, Zhou Mingrui suddenly said, [So this is the result of a stone mutating under the influence of an abundance of energy, and then gathering all the energy essence into its body to form the core substance called the life crystal]

Yan Wuyue was also stunned.

After thinking for two seconds, she nodded and said, [Its exactly as you said.]

Zhou Mingrui smiled confidently and said, [Then, this thing must have a guardian, right Otherwise, I dont believe it would be exposed in the wilderness.]

Yan Wuyue raised her chin and said, [Well, the guardian is back now.]

Zhou Mingrui shifted his gaze and realized that a massive figure was rapidly approaching them from a distance.

The ground was also beginning to tremble slightly.

When it got closer, he realized that it was the lizard monster with dark purple hard armor.

[Are you confident] Zhou Mingrui asked.

Yan Wuyues previous words meant that she was definitely going to take this stone, and she didnt choose to give up even though the dark purple lizard monster returned, which proved that she must be confident.

[If everything goes well, theres a 60% chance well get the life crystal, and then well be able to escape.] Yan Wuyue said calmly.

[60%] Zhou Mingrui hesitated for a moment before he said, [I should be able to increase your chances to 70% or even 80%.]

[Oh] Yan Wuyue turned to look at him in confusion.

[I have a skill that can summon the monsters full appearance when it was alive by using its bones.] Zhou Mingrui explained.

[The monster you mentioned was no match for it when it was alive, let alone your incomplete undead summoning.] Yan Wuyue ridiculed.

[No, its not that monster.] Zhou Mingrui shook his head.

At this moment, Yan Wuyues expression changed slightly.

[Are you talking about the skull of the level 7 monster at the auction]

Zhou Mingrui nodded and said, [Its that skull.

Im already carrying it with me.

Theres a remnant consciousness form in the skull.

It can greatly reduce consumption when I summon it.]

But Yan Wuyue said immediately, [But no matter how much you reduce it, you cant possibly summon the original level 7 monster, can you]

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