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I Know of a Secret Technique

Seeing that it had sent the Goblin King flying, the giant purple lizard quickly seized the opportunity to turn around and dig into the ground, then went underground.

Zhou Mingrui did not order the Goblin King to give chase.

Putting aside the possibility of even defeating this lizard, the Goblin King had no idea to dig a hole.

[Wuyue, I cant stall any longer.

Are you done already Even if you arent, leave immediately.

This thing just went berserk!]

Zhou Mingrui immediately contacted Yan Wuyue.

[Alright, I got it.

Just give me a little more time and Ill get it right away.] Yan Wuyue responded.

[Its still not settled] Zhou Mingrui was shocked.

He quickly estimated the timing of the lizards arrival, including the possibility that it would be even faster after going berserk.

He hastily said, [If you cant do it within 40 seconds, youll be in danger.]

At the same time, he kept the Goblin King into the summoned creature space, where it could rest and slowly recover from its injuries.

Then, he chased after Yan Wuyue at his fastest speed.

Yan Wuyue was also very anxious.

She didnt expect the stone in front of her to be so difficult to deal with.

It was completely different from the information she had received.

The red agate emitted a captivating glow that could affect peoples minds, but it was useless against Yan Wuyue, who had an extremely firm will.

The reason why it was difficult to deal with was that this stone seemed to have developed some kind of intelligence.

It resisted Yan Wuyue with its own special talent.

If it were in her previous life, Yan Wuyue could have easily dealt with this stone with her strength.

Yan Wuyue had broken the stone in half, and the life crystal inside was even visible to the naked eye.

But Yan Wuyue had already sensed that crisis was getting nearer and nearer.

“I miscalculated!”

Yan Wuyue was extremely unwilling, but as a rational person, she chose to give up the treasure that she was so close to getting.

She quickly left and hid.

A few seconds after Yan Wuyue left, the ground rumbled and the purple lizard broke out of it.

As soon as it appeared, it circled the stone to make sure the crystals were still there.

Its glowing red shells also dimmed down, and then lay down beside the stone with a sense of fatigue.

However, its eyes were still scanning the surroundings vigilantly.

Zhou Mingrui had caught up and came to Yan Wuyues side.

She had told him when she decided to stop taking the risk and go into hiding.

[Its a pity that we didnt succeed this time.] Yan Wuyue was annoyed.

[What happened Didnt you say that it should be fine] Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

[That was my mistake.

I thought this stone would be the same as the one I met in my previous life, so I underestimated its toughness.] Yan Wuyue let out a long breath.

[Forget it.

Everyone makes mistakes.

It would have been better if I had held the lizard back for a while longer.] Zhou Mingrui sighed.

[Thats different.

Youve already tried your best, and you even lasted much longer than I originally expected.

Otherwise, I would have given up long ago.] Yan Wuyue immediately comforted him.

[So youre saying that we wont be able to get this thing] Zhou Mingrui was a little indignant.

[No, there might still be a chance, but Im not sure if itll work.] Yan Wuyue replied thoughtfully.

[What do you mean ] Zhou Mingrui immediately turned his head and asked.

[You inflicted those injuries on the giant lizard, right] Yan Wuyue asked.

[Yup, it was caused by my undead servant, but at the same time it was also seriously injured by the lizard.

It will take at least half a day to recover.] Zhou Mingrui replied.

[Didnt I tell you before that I went to a few secret realms in my previous life I once obtained a secret technique in an intermediate secret realm.] Yan Wuyue said.

[Secret technique Whats that] Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

Yan Wuyue explained, [Its to seal a skill in a special container.

Then, others can use the skill within a certain period of time.

However, there will be a difference in the effect and power of the skill compared to the original.


[As for the secret technique its also very simple.

It allows the summoners consciousness to temporarily enter the summoners spirit, and then for a short period of time, he can rely on his strong consciousness and mental power to burst out a power that surpasses the summoner spirits own powers.

[What are the side effects] Zhou Mingrui knew that such a powerful secret technique would definitely have very strong side effects.

[Because its a temporary descent from a physical body, the consumption of your consciousness and spirit will be terrifying.]

[if you dont do it properly, you may even consume and damage the source of your own consciousness.

In a light case, your own mental consciousness may be damaged or scattered.

In a serious case, you may become a vegetable or an idiot.] Yan Wuyue answered with a serious face.

[Theres no need to do this.

Its not worth it.] Zhou Mingrui thought for a moment and shook his head.

[No, this crystal is worth it.

] Yan Wuyue said with a frown.

[Why] Zhou Mingrui asked, [According to what youve said, the life crystal is nothing more than a treasure that can be used to replenish all sorts of energy.

If you accidentally exhaust your consciousness source for this thing, wont it be a waste of effort even if you use it to replenish your consciousness damage]

[This was my previous speculation.

When I saw what was inside, I had to redefine all of my speculations.] Yan Wuyue said solemnly.

[What do you mean The life crystal was more valuable than expected] Zhou Mingrui pressed.


If I can get my hands on it, I will be able to bring forward some of my plans.] Yan Wuyues eyes moved slightly.

[So youre saying that youre going to use a secret technique to possess me] Zhou Mingrui didnt pursue the matter regarding the life crystal.

[No, I wont be using this secret technique.

Youll be the one using it.] Yan Wuyue suddenly said something that stunned Zhou Mingrui.

[What You want me to use this secret technique] Zhou Mingrui frowned.

But the next moment, he immediately understood and said, [You want me to use this secret technique and then possess my summoned spirit]

Yan Wuyue nodded and said, [Thats right.

First of all, youre different from me.

You have an energy body.

As a human, our consciousness and spiritual bodies are very fragile when they leave the physical body, but you dont have to worry about this.]

[And with the life crystal, well have something to back us up.

We wont have to worry about recovery for our consciousness source.]

[The most important thing is that the combat enhancement I get after possessing you and the combat enhancement you get after possessing your undead servants are two different things.]

By now, Zhou Mingrui had already understood Yan Wuyues intention.

He also knew that this was the best choice at the moment.

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