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The secret skill: Soul Attachment

[Okay, well do as you say.

I hope the life crystal is as good as you say.

Otherwise, well suffer a huge loss.


Zhou Mingrui agreed with Yan Wuyues plan.

After all, it was not his style to give up on these treasures.

Yan Wuyue immediately told Zhou Mingrui everything about the secret skill which made him stunned.

He had thought that this secret skill would be very complicated, but he did not expect the principle to be so simple.

It was really beyond his expectations.

However, Zhou Mingrui quickly learned the secret skill.

The secret skills name was very simple, Soul Attachment.

At the end of the day, this secret skill was to forcibly separate ones consciousness and then put it into the summoned spirit.

In conclusion, it was about the two core technologies of separation and compatibility.

Without any hesitation, he chose to use this secret skill because he trusted Yan Wuyue.

First, they kept a long distance between themselves and the purple-skinned lizard.

The next moment, Zhou Mingrui suddenly had a strange feeling.

His entire body immediately began to turn light as if he had turned into a feather.

However, he found that his body was not in a detached state, as Yan Wuyue had described.

[What the… ]

Yan Wuyue was also stunned by this scene.

After all, she had let others use this secret skill before, but this situation had never happened to anyone.

No matter who used this secret skill, the first thing they did was to pull out their spiritual consciousness before entering the summoned spirits body.

However, after Zhou Mingrui used it, his body began to transform completely into energy.

Following that, his aura turned into nothingness.

Zhou Mingrui did not know about this.

He still followed Yan Wuyues instructions and began to summon the goblin king after he felt as light as a feather.

After the king of Goblin appeared, his injuries had mostly recovered.

Zhou Mingrui tried to enter his body with his feather-light body.

In the beginning, Zhou Mingrui could sense that the goblin kings body was resisting.

However, when he ordered him to give up, he entered his body.

This scene also shocked Yan Wuyue, for none of the people who had used it could enter the summoned spirit so easily.

Could it be that they had used it incorrectly

The moment he entered the goblin kings body, Zhou Mingrui could sense its consciousness but nothing uncomfortable.

The goblin kings consciousness obediently stayed in the corner, quietly and without any resistance.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui immediately followed Yan Wuyues instructions and took over control of this body.

The explosive force and abundant energy of this powerful body immediately gave him a strong sense of confidence.

However, he still felt a lot of strange feelings.

It wasnt that his body was rejecting it, but it was something rather unique.

It was a very strange feeling, just like in the VR games in his previous life.

He was controlling everything, but he felt like he was watching the scene from a third-person perspective.

He even felt like he was driving a Gundam!

However, Zhou Mingrui didnt think too much about it.

Instead, he noticed something abnormal in front of him.

A sense of danger and anger rose in his heart.

He knew that it was the goblin kings emotions, but it did not affect Zhou Mingruis judgment.

[ Since my soul is in this body, can I still use the phantom energy ]

With that thought in mind, Zhou Mingrui immediately began his attempt.

Just as Zhou Mingrui activated his mind, a translucent and white flame suddenly appeared in his consciousness.

In the blink of an eye, his massive body began to burn with translucent phantom flames.

[ I can actually use the phantom energy! ]

The familiar energy calmed Zhou Mingrui instantly.

As he raised his hand and a light flickered, the enlarged Nether Flame Bone Blade appeared out of thin air and came to his hand.

Yan Wuyue was surprised again.

After the transformation with the secret skill, one couldnt use their original energy and skills.

They could only use the skills of the summoned spirit.

However, looking at Zhou Mingruis current state, she noticed that he wasnt limited by this rule.

Moreover, there didnt seem to be any obstruction at all.

It was as if he could control the skills as he pleased in his own body, which made her puzzled.


This time, the purple-skinned lizard had learned its lesson.

It did not choose to sneak attack like before but directly launched an attack.

After the previous battle, it was already tired of the long fight and was ready to try its best to get rid of this annoying green-skinned thing.

Zhou Mingruis grip on the tranquil flame saber tightened.

After he raised his hand and slashed out with all his might, the whistling sound in the air was extremely ear-piercing.

The purple-skinned giant lizard didnt hesitate.

It swung its tail, which was covered with spikes, and used its bodys powerful strength to collide with Nether Flame Bone Blade.

Although it didnt know where this guy got the weapon, it was very confident in the strength and hardness of its tail.

“Thud!” A deafening collision that sounded like a thunderstorm rang out in the arena.

Under the huge collision, the terrifying recoil acted on both sides at the same time, and the purple-skinned lizard was forced back a few steps.

Meanwhile, its tail was trembling slightly.

Zhou Mingrui was also forced to retreat, and every step left a deep mark on the ground.

Relying on this bodys powerful talent and the support of his energy, he was able to weaken the force to avoid any damage to his body.

The moment both parties were knocked back, they launched an attack almost at the same time.

Zhou Mingruis goal this time was to keep fighting to buy himself more time, so he did not use any overly powerful moves.

Instead, he chose to exhaust his opponents stamina as much as possible.

Although Yan Wuyue had previously mentioned that the secret skill would rapidly consume the users spiritual energy, Zhou Mingrui did not think it was that demanding.

With the current rate of consumption, he would not be affected for 30 minutes.

After two rounds of fighting, the purple-skinned giant lizard suddenly trembled, and a red light burst out from its body again.

Zhou Mingrui perked up and knew that Yan Wuyue had begun to make her move.

A deafening howl louder than before came to their ears, and it was obvious that the big lizard had gone ballistic.

Zhou Mingrui had seen such a scene before, so he was ready to fight.

However, when his blade collided with the big lizards tail, the terrifying force from his wrist made his expression change.

His entire body immediately slid backward, and his feet plowed two long ravines on the ground.

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