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A New Secret Skill

When the skill was activated, the massive phantom energy that Zhou Mingrui had just gathered in his body dissipated immediately.

However, at the same time, the space around the two monsters suddenly produced bolts of lightning.

Then, the space seemed to be clear water with ink.

The surrounding space suddenly became dark and chaotic, and illusionary figures were faintly visible.

“F*uck off!” Zhou Mingrui roared as the hands he used to grab the lizards horn burst forth.

The next second, he lifted the lizards entire body into the air.

The purple-skinned lizard began to roar as it prepared to kick Zhou Mingrui with its forelimbs.

However, Zhou Mingrui was even faster, stomping on the big lizards chest in its lower body.

There was only a layer of soft armor, not the extremely hard shell on the back.

The kick in the chest sent the giant lizards entire body into the air.

Immediately following that, Zhou Mingruis other leg kicked out as well.

Just like that, the two powerful knee strikes caused the big lizard to lean back and fall to the ground.

The big lizard was still in a daze, for it didnt know why it was getting more and more difficult to fight when it had holden the whip hand.

Its battle experience told it that the most difficult part of a fight was the beginning but should be easier and easier after.

However, it was the opposite today.

The surrounding environment had also changed completely.

It was no longer the familiar terrain, and the aura was somewhat intimidating.

Zhou Mingrui did not dare to hesitate.

After casting Samsara Territory, he realized the expenditure of his consciousness and mental energy had increased by many folds.

Based on the speed of the consumption, Zhou Mingrui had to get rid of the huge lizard within ten minutes.

Otherwise, his spiritual essence would be damaged.

Zhou Mingrui did not wish to waste any time, so he was prepared to unleash his full strength to severely injure the purple-skinned lizard.

He knew that with his current strength, there was no way he could kill the monster completely.

All he could do was stall for time as much as possible.

Even though he had ten minutes, he needed some time to leave this body.

In short, there were only seven minutes left for me.

[ I can only delay him for seven minutes at most.

Hurry up! ] Zhou Mingrui informed Yan Wuyue.

[ Thats enough.

Protect yourself.

] Yan Wuyue also responded immediately.

Upon hearing this answer, Zhou Mingruis heart calmed down as he charged straight for the giant lizard.

Nether Flame Bone Blade immediately appeared in his hand, and he slashed at the big lizard.

This time, the blade was burning with translucent phantom flames.

This is where Yan Wuyue was.

Ten seconds after the purple lizard left, Yan Wuyue rushed to the rock and began to dismantle it as fast as she could.

She knew that Zhou Mingrui was definitely having a difficult battle with the huge lizard.

She did not dare to waste a single second, so she gave it her all this time.

The speed of dismantling kept increasing, and the accuracy soon reached about 90%.

At this moment, Zhou Mingrui sent a message to Yan Wuyue, which cheered her up.

Seven minutes was more than enough for her to deal with the rock.

Three minutes were left, and the life crystal was almost fully exposed.

It glowed with mesmerizing red light.

[ Itll be done soon.

] Yan Wuyue kept thinking, hoping to solve the rock immediately.

However, at this moment, a feeling of extreme danger appeared in her heart.

Without hesitation, Yan Wuyue moved and dodged to the side.

The moment she left, a silver ray of light shot directly at the spot where she had been standing before.

Then, the ground in that area immediately glowed with a black light.

After Yan Wuyue found her balance again, she saw from the corner of her eye that the black light was a kind of sticky liquid, which melted into a small pit as soon as it touched the ground.

Squinting her eyes, she discovered that a huge insect had appeared in front of her.

It was flapping its wings and constantly buzzing.

[ Why a man-devouring bee is here ]

Yan Wuyue was speechless.

Something would always happen at a critical moment, which gave her a headache.

What made her even more helpless was that this kind of insect monster was very difficult to deal with.

Not only were they extremely fast, but they were also very poisonous.

Feeling desperate, she narrowed her eyes and immediately made a decision.

[ Lets hope everything will be fine.

] Yan Wuyue thought.

A spear suddenly appeared in her hand, and then her forehead began to flush.

The man-devouring bee had its eyes on the crystal, but it suddenly sensed Yan Wuyues aura.

[Secret Skill- In a Flash ]

In the next moment, Yan Wuyues body suddenly became blurry.

The man-devouring bee suddenly flapped its wings at an extremely fast speed, and it rose up two meters in half a second.

However, in half a second, a silver light flashed.

With a ripping sound, a large hole opened up in the abdomen of the man-devouring bee, and a pink liquid gushed out.

In just an instant, the man-devouring bees entire upper and lower body was only connected by a layer of skin.

Yan Wuyue, on the other hand, was standing on the ground with her spear, gasping for breath.

The attack just now had consumed most of her physical strength and energy.

[ Thank God! I barely met the usage requirements, or I would be in trouble.


After calming down, Yan Wuyue returned to the life crystal and continued to harvest.

Fortunately, Yan Wuyue was right to kill the man-devouring bee, or the life crystal wouldve been in vain.

Soon, the life crystal was fully extracted.

Yan Wuyue let out a sigh of relief.

Quickly putting it into her bag, Yan Wuyue immediately hid to the side and sent a voice transmission to Zhou Mingrui, [ Its done.

Come back now! ]

A few seconds later, Yan Wuyue didnt get any reply, so she frowned and said, [ Zhou Mingrui, whats going on over there ]

Two seconds later, Zhou Mingruis voice finally came from the other end.

[ This guy went crazy after you succeeded and launched a desperate attack on me.

I cant get away for the time being.

Find a place to hide and wait for me.


Yan Wuyue quickly asked, [Do you need help ]

[ Its good.

I wont be able to run away if you come.

] Zhou Mingruis nervous voice could be heard.

[ I have to focus now, but Ill come to you once Im done! ]

[ Be careful! ] Yan Wuyue warned.

No more sound came from the other side, and Yan Wuyues physical strength had not recovered yet, so she would only be a burden if she went to the battlefield.

In the end, she could only find a hidden place to hide.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he was rather pathetic.

The moment Yan Wuyue received the life crystal, the purple-skinned lizard, which had been attacked by Zhou Mingrui, suddenly raised its head and roared at the sky.

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