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Go Ballistic

The next moment, the lizard began to launch a frenzied attack on Zhou Mingrui as though it had lost its mind and did not care about the damage it would receive.

Furthermore, during the battle, Zhou Mingrui also realized that the lizards strength seemed to have activated a skill similar to bloodlust rage.

It was constantly being strengthened.

The small advantage he had gained from Samsara Territory had now been gone, and he was now at a disadvantage.

And this time, it was different.

Every attack of the big lizard was empowered by unknown energy.

Looking at the wound he had just been cut, a light brown pus had begun to appear on it, and it even emitted a faint stench.

It was obvious that the lizards attack had some special attribute.

At this moment, Zhou Mingrui wanted to escape, but there was nothing he could do.

He was still activating Samsara Territory, and he couldnt imagine what the consequence would be once the skill didnt work anymore.

After replying to Yan Wuyue, Zhou Mingrui started to think.

If he didnt solve the problem now, he might not be able to escape after the time was up.

The situation immediately fell into a stalemate, which left Zhou Mingrui extremely vexed.

Furthermore, Zhou Mingrui could vaguely sense that the giant lizard had entered a state of desperation, which meant he would definitely be at a disadvantage if he were to fight against a creature that did not care about its life.

Three minutes later, Zhou Mingrui made a decision.

The spatial vision of Samsara Territory around him disappeared immediately and returned to its state before.

When Samsara Territory disappeared, Zhou Mingrui immediately burst out with his fastest speed and left the battlefield.

Within a second, Zhou Mingrui immediately ran off.

This scene stunned the purple-skinned lizard before it came back to its senses.

After that, it roared and burrowed into the ground to chase after Zhou Mingrui.

In its mind, the treasure that it had guarded for thirteen years had been stolen by these thieves.

How could it let them go like this

It couldnt find the bastard who stole it, but it definitely couldnt forgive the guy in front of it.

The only thing the purple-skinned giant lizard had in its mind was to kill this guy.

[ Where are you Ive seized the opportunity to get rid of this guy, but its still chasing us.

We must find a chance to get rid of this monster completely.


Upon hearing Zhou Mingruis urgent words, Yan Wuyue immediately replied, [Based on my previous observations, we can completely shake it off with its normal speed.

However, if we let it go underground, its speed will completely exceed its running speed on the ground.


[ There are only a few specific ways to avoid it.

Either we kill it, or we keep a distance from it after it doesnt burrow into the ground.


Upon hearing Yan Wuyues words, Zhou Mingrui raised a question, [Why do I feel like its tracking us It went crazy after you took the life crystal.

I think theres some sort of connection between them.


Hearing this, Yan Wuyue suddenly remembered that in his previous life, the person who had obtained the life crystal had said that the guarding monster was also chasing them relentlessly.

If those people hadnt bitten the bullet and used schemes and ambushes to completely kill that monster, there would probably have been no end to it.

In fact, there was another way, and that was to leave this spatial secret realm.

In that case, the lizard would definitely not be able to chase them out.

However, it hadnt been easy for them to enter the spatial secret realm, so they couldnt just run away for a life crystal.

Besides, it would be extremely difficult to enter the spatial secret realm of another space once they left it unless they had a summoned spirit or treasure with the ability to locate the space.

Moreover, his life wasnt in danger, so they didnt have to leave.

[ Tell me what to do now.

Im not familiar with this spatial secret realm, so you are my only hope to get out of here!] Zhou Mingruis urging voice came to her.

At this time, he could clearly sense that the big lizard behind him was still in hot pursuit, which gave him a huge headache.

Even though he could maintain this state for a longer period of time now that Samsara Territory had been deactivated, he still couldnt keep running.

[Im thinking.

Give me a little more time.] By now, Yan Wuyue was trying her best to come up with a solution.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in her mind.

[Ive got it.

Zhou Mingrui, hang in there.

Ive come up with a plan, but I need time to make sure its practical!] Yan Wuyue said immediately.

[How much time do you need] Zhou Mingrui did not say anything else.

Instead, he asked directly.

[ Five to ten minutes,] Yan Wuyue answered.

[Okay, please, I believe in you.] Zhou Mingrui didnt say too much, for he only had trust in her.

Without wasting any time, Yan Wuyue immediately rushed to where the man-devouring bees corpse was.

After a quick search of the body, Yan Wuyue found what she was looking for.

It was a pale yellow crystal that emitted a faint sweet fragrance.

After finding the location where the man-devouring bee had appeared in her memory, Yan Wuyue rushed out after making sure of the direction.

After running for a distance, she kept looking around and scanning the surrounding environment.

[ The man-devouring bees usually dont go too far away from their community to hunt, which should be within a five-kilometer radius.


Yan Wuyue recalled her past memories and began to search carefully to make sure.

After running for about two kilometers, Yan Wuyue began to pant.

She hadnt fully recovered yet, and running at full speed consumed more than half of her energy.

At this moment, Yan Wuyues eyes suddenly locked in a direction where there was a rather dense forest.

Without hesitation, Yan Wuyue turned around and rushed into the forest.

She quickly found what she was looking for.

It was the territory of the man-devouring bees, which had a large number of beehives.

After observing it for a while, Yan Wuyue took out the small piece of yellow crystal from her pocket, crushed it into powder in her palm, and threw it out.

Three seconds later, all the man-devouring bees around the nest suddenly went berserk and rushed in Yan Wuyues direction.

At this time, Yan Wuyue had already rushed out in advance.

Even if she didnt turn around, she could still hear the constant buzzing behind her.

She didnt dare to stop, for she would have no chance of surviving if they caught her.

Her plan this time was to use the man-devouring bees behind her to deal with the purple-skinned lizard.

As for how to change the target of the man-devouring bees, the yellow crystal that she had taken out from the corpse of the man-devouring bee should be her answer.

This yellow crystal had a lot of uses.

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