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Even though Zhou Mingrui had already entered the seven-meter-tall Goblin Kings body, he was still as tiny as an ant in front of the gigantic Stone King Dragon.

But even so, Zhou Mingrui still charged at the Stone King Dragon without hesitation.

As the Stone King Dragons body swayed violently, countless pieces of gravel flew in all directions like bullets and cannonballs.

After Zhou Mingrui smashed through many boulders, he jumped onto a section of the opponents body.

However, just as Zhou Mingrui, who had just climbed onto the Stone King Dragons body, was still worried, black-furred monsters suddenly appeared in his field of vision.

The moment they saw him, they immediately charged at him without a second thought.

Zhou Mingrui roared angrily as he swung his fists at the black-furred monsters.

After sending three or four black-furred monsters flying with a single punch, there were even more black-furred monsters surrounding him.

Even when their companions were sent flying, they did not show any signs of stopping.

They continued to bare their fangs and charge at Zhou Mingrui.

[Wuyue, what are these black-furred monsters on the Stone King Dragon] Zhou Mingrui asked as he attacked.

[Thats the Stone King Dragons symbiotic beast.

It usually lives between the cracks of the Stone King Dragons body and helps it clean up the debris between the cracks.

It doesnt have strong combat power and doesnt have any special skills.] Yan Wuyues voice echoed.

Zhou Mingrui immediately felt relieved, but Yan Wuyues voice came again, [The only problem is that theyre huge in number, and they have a set of teeth that can gnaw through the Stone King Dragons outer defense.

Also known as a divine weapon.]


Zhou Mingrui was shocked when he heard that.

The teeth of these monsters could actually tear through the Stone King Dragons outer defense

He had a rough idea of the Stone King Dragons defense when he came up.

It was hard beyond words, and its surface was as smooth as a polished diamond.

It could be known how terrifying its defense was.

Yet, these black-furred symbiotic beasts were actually able to bite through this kind of defense.

Just how sharp and terrifying were their teeth

Just as he was in shock, a symbiotic beast jumped onto his arm, opened its mouth, and bit down hard.

Like a knife cutting through tofu, Zhou Mingruis (Goblin King) tough physical defense was completely useless.

His skin was directly bitten through, and the teeth sank deep into his muscles.

Buzz! Zhou Mingrui cursed under his breath as he grabbed the symbiotic beast with his other hand to pry it apart.

However, he realized that the other partys teeth had been embedded into his arm.

Seeing the growing number of symbiotic beasts, Zhou Mingrui gritted his teeth helplessly.

He grabbed the head of the symbiotic beast with his large hand.

He couldnt pull it out now.

This things teeth were like nails.

If he really pulled it out, his hand would probably be crippled.

With a thought in his mind, Zhou Mingrui immediately changed his grip to a pinch.

He was prepared to crush the bodies of these fellows.

After exerting his strength, he discovered that the heads of these symbiotic beasts were harder than steel.

However, Zhou Mingrui was currently possessing the Goblin King.

Under the effects of his skills amplification and his full strength, he still managed to crush their heads with a pinch.

However, Zhou Mingrui felt his hair stand on end when he saw the black sea of symbiotic beasts that covered the surface of the Stone King Dragons body.

However, the current situation did not allow him to retreat.

Hence, after letting out a roar and activating all sorts of skills to aid himself, Zhou Mingrui charged straight into the sea of symbiotic beasts.

With a wave of his arms and fists, the symbiotic beasts were sent flying or crushed like black grapes.

However, more symbiotic beasts took the opportunity to climb onto Zhou Mingruis body and began tearing at him.

All Zhou Mingrui could do was glare as he gritted his teeth and endured the inhuman pain.

The increased attributes brought about by the pain frenzy allowed him to head toward his destination faster.

Looking at the Stone King Dragons massive head, Zhou Mingrui knew that if he wanted his plan to succeed, he had to head to that place.

Along the way, he was constantly charging straight on like a tank without any intention of stopping.

If he did, he would be completely submerged by the sea of symbiotic beasts.

At this moment, the number of these creatures was no longer just a few hundred or a few thousand.

Looking up, there were at least tens of thousands of them, and more symbiotic beasts were approaching from all directions.

Without a moments delay, Zhou Mingrui sprinted at full speed for four minutes before he finally reached the Stone King Dragons waist.

He was still a quarter of the way to his target.

But at that moment, Zhou Mingruis body was covered in deep wounds.

The blood that flowed out had dyed his entire body red.

During the activation of the bloodthirsty frenzy skill, the sense of pain greatly increased.

The pain, which was even more intense than the last time, stimulated his brain.


Blue veins popped out on Zhou Mingruis forehead.

The intense pain made him roar in anger.

At the same time, his constantly increasing strength made his speed increase instead of decrease.

The burning ghost fire on his body also erupted at this moment.

The flames that could burn the body and mind instantly caused a large number of symbiotic beasts to loosen their jaws and fall due to pain.

Zhou Mingrui took the opportunity to increase his speed once again.

At that moment, the energy consumption in his body had already begun to intensify as he unleashed his skills.

It also caused the depletion of his consciousness and spiritual power to increase rapidly.

This made Zhou Mingrui no longer dare and no longer care about the fly-like symbiotic beasts on his body.

All he could do was endure their biting and run at full speed.

As he continued running, Zhou Mingrui finally arrived at the Stone King Dragons head.

At this moment, his entire body was covered in symbiotic beasts.

However, under the cover of the ghost fire, these symbiotic beasts kept falling, but new symbiotic beasts would pounce on him.

Now, the Stone King Dragon had already discovered Zhou Mingruis existence.

However, it did not care at all.

First of all, with its own defense, no matter how ferocious Zhou Mingruis attacks were, they were nothing more than scratches.

And it believed that the symbiotic beasts on its body would help it get rid of this guy.

However, the Stone King Dragon had miscalculated this time.

Zhou Mingrui did not care about the symbiotic beasts on him.

Instead, he immediately canceled his possession and returned to his spiritual form.

The Goblin King, on the other hand, was directly sent to the summoned beasts space after a flash of light.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he charged straight into the Stone King Dragons head.

He ignored the defense on the surface and activated his Soul Attachment in preparation to fuse with the Stone King Dragons mind.

Thats right, this was his plan.

He would use the characteristics of Soul Attachment to turn himself into a weapon for mental attacks.

Although it wasnt a pure mental attack, it was the only way he could think of now.

And what if he succeeded

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