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Currently, Zhou Mingrui could only bet on this move.

After all, the rest of the moves could not possibly cause any damage to the Stone King Dragon.

Yan Wuyue, who was not far away, naturally saw this scene as well.

At this moment, she also understood Zhou Mingruis thoughts.

She had to admit that this method was indeed the best choice at the moment.

And when Zhou Mingruis consciousness form came into contact with the Stone King dragons head, it immediately fused into it.

The hard shell was completely unable to stop it.

[Theres a chance!]

Zhou Mingrui was overjoyed when he sensed this.

Even if he could not severely injure the Stone King Dragon, as long as he could make it fear him, they would have a chance of escaping.

However, the next moment, he was unable to take another step forward.

He was blocked by special energy.

[Whats going on]

Zhou Mingrui attempted to move forward, but an invisible wall seemed to have appeared in front of him, preventing him from moving forward.

When the Stone King Dragon noticed this, it stopped in its tracks, and the entire ground trembled.

With that, Zhou Mingrui felt pressure acting on his body.

The surrounding air seemed to have frozen.

At this moment, the Stone King Dragon “looked” at Zhou Mingrui.

The immense pressure immediately caused the latter to stop all his movements.

Sure enough, Yan Wuyue was right.

Even if the Stone King Dragons mental defense was weak, that was only in terms of the overall level of the Stone King Dragon.

However, Zhou Mingrui had no other choice.

At present, he could only choose this path.

There was no other way.

After a moment of thought, Zhou Mingrui decisively gathered all his spiritual power and continued charging at the Stone King Dragon mentally.

Meanwhile, the Stone King Dragons mental defense was like a wall made of rubber.

It was extremely flexible and resilient, preventing Zhou Mingrui from breaking through it.

“This wont do.

This will only be enough to waste my spiritual power.

I have to think of another way!” Zhou Mingrui began to think quickly.

Seeing this, Yan Wuyues eyes flickered, and she immediately sent a message, [Mingrui, you wont be able to invade its mind like this.

You must condense all your spirit into a single point, the smaller the better.]

[Only when it reaches the level of breaking through the surface with a single point can it truly threaten the Stone King Dragon!]

Breaking the surface with a single point!

Zhou Mingrui naturally understood what she was saying, but the key question was, how was he to gather his spiritual power to a point

However, Yan Wuyue seemed to know what Zhou Mingrui was thinking.

She sent a voice transmission, [Youre still subconsciously confined to your current form.

You need to empty your mind or even completely forget your human nature.

Only then can you start to condense.]

[If you want to condense your spiritual power, you have to use your own willpower and imagine yourself as a ball of mud.

Then, you have to constantly rub it into an extremely sharp thorn to really break it.]

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui didnt hesitate.

He immediately emptied his mind and began imagining himself as a pile of mud.

Zhou Mingrui, who was in a mental state, began to emit faint ripples that could be seen with the naked eye.

Following that, he began to change his physical form.

Following that, Zhou Mingruis human form transformed into a cylinder.

Then, from the cylinder, he quickly transformed into a ball.

This was a brand new feeling for Zhou Mingrui because he had never tried to exist in another form.

After all, regardless of whether it was as a human or after transmigrating to the illusionary spirit world, he had never changed his form.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui felt like he was a blob of water.

He could change his form as he wished.

In the next moment, he began to imagine himself as a needle.

Gradually, Zhou Mingruis form in the outside world began to change once again.

The sphere began to shrink before it constantly transformed into a shuttle shape.

However, at this point, Zhou Mingrui realized that he was stuck in his transformation.

It was as if he was thinking about something, and suddenly his thoughts became difficult and obscure, making it difficult to progress.

After all, Zhou Mingrui came from an era of information explosion.

He knew that this situation was definitely caused by a lack of brainpower.

However, he did not have much practical experience, so he did not know where to start.

The Stone King Dragon began to slow down as it could feel Zhou Mingruis aggression.

However, there was nothing it could do.

Although his consciousness and spiritual power were not weak, he did not have any effective control methods.

He was like a child holding a big hammer but did not know how to use it.

[Youre thinking too much right now.

First, you have to completely empty your mind and completely block out all external influences.

Dont think about anything, and then directly form it in one go!]

Yan Wuyues voice was heard again.

Zhou Mingrui immediately realized what he had done wrong.

He immediately followed Yan Wuyues instructions.

First, he quickly shielded himself from all external influences and then completely emptied his mind.

Just as he felt that everything had become ethereal, Zhou Mingrui suddenly began to rapidly gather his mind.

In just an instant, Zhou Mingrui transformed into a sharp spike.

“Ive succeeded!”

Zhou Mingrui never expected that he would succeed so easily.

It was truly beyond his expectations.

Then, without hesitation, he stabbed at the Stong King Dragons mental defense.

However, Zhou Mingrui, who originally thought that everything was going smoothly, once again suffered a loss.

The Stone King Dragons mental defense was like a piece of tough leather.

No matter how hard Zhou Mingrui stabbed at it, he realized that he could not break through the Stone King Dragons mental defense.

[As expected, it still doesnt work!] In the distance, Yan Wuyue could not see clearly, but she could roughly guess what was going on.

[After all, this Stone King Dragon is too powerful.

Even its weak point, the spiritual level, is not something we can easily break through.]

At the thought of this, Yan Wuyue gritted her teeth and turned to leave.

In this hopeless situation, she could only choose to leave alone.

As for the Stone King Dragon, it did not increase its speed in pursuit.

For some unknown reason, ever since Zhou Mingrui launched his mental attack, its speed had begun to slow down.

However, Zhou Mingrui refused to give up.

Once again, he tried his best to condense his current mental state.

He was indignant that he had found a method but was unable to use it.

Nevertheless, he was still unable to break through the Stone King Dragons mental defenses.

This left Zhou Mingrui in despair so he stopped his actions.

After returning to his human form, Zhou Mingrui sized up the direction Yan Wuyue had left in.

Only after confirming that she had already escaped did he let go of his worries.

In any case, at least the time had been delayed, creating a chance for Yan Wuyue to leave.

As for what would happen next, Zhou Mingrui was in no mood to care.

But at that moment, he suddenly looked up into the sky.

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