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Following Zhou Mingruis line of sight, a sudden tremor could be seen in space.

It was as though a stone had been thrown into a calm lake.

The Stone King Dragon stopped moving and looked at that spot.

At the next moment, Zhou Mingrui felt a soul-shaking feeling descend upon him.

It was not fear or shuddering.

It was like the feeling of the inland humans stepping into the ocean for the first time, walking into the starry sky, and being shocked by the vast universe.

Zhou Mingruis different vision allowed him to see that a world was about to descend behind the ripples.

Thats right, it was a world.

Zhou Mingrui was unable to describe this feeling.

Two seconds later, the spatial ripples became more and more intense.

A ray of light emerged from the ripples, and then a ball of light condensed.

As soon as the ball of light appeared, translucent rings of light that were visible to the naked eye were emitted continuously.

The surrounding space began to become viscous as if a solidifying agent had been added to it.

Even Zhou Mingrui, who was in a semi-spiritual state, could sense that the surrounding space had become like the bottom of the water.

In fact, he was still diving deeper and deeper as the water pressure continued to increase.

The Stone King Dragon roared at the ball of light.

However, Zhou Mingrui could hear the fear and uneasiness in its voice.

The round ball of light suddenly paused.

In the next moment, it began to wriggle and quickly transformed into a human figure.

As soon as the human figure appeared, the Stone King Dragon seemed to have been provoked.

After letting out a crazy roar, it opened its huge mouth, and light kept gathering.

Immediately after, huge energy fluctuations started to spread wildly after a gray energy ball with a large number of light spots formed in its mouth.

In the next second, a gray beam of light shot out of the Stone King Dragons mouth.

The terrifying energy even distorted the space wall of the alternate spaces secret realm.

The target of the beam of light was the figure of light floating in the air.

The terrifying beam of light with a diameter of more than half a meter arrived in front of the figure of light in the blink of an eye.

However, the figure of light had no intention of dodging.

He only raised his arm, and the Stone King Dragons beam of light seemed to have hit an invisible wall.

It was immediately blocked.

A strong light shone in all directions.

The light was like a wave that kept folding and spreading.

The surrounding space seemed to have become the bottom of the sea.

At the place where the two energies collided, a slight crack had already appeared in the space, and it was even growing larger under the distortion of the energy.

Zhou Mingrui was certain that if he were in that position, he would probably be torn to pieces by the spatial rifts that kept appearing.

However, the figure of light did not seem to want to delay any further.

He clenched his palm, and the space in front of him seemed to be pinched by an invisible giant hand.

Spatial folds immediately appeared.

The energy beam shot out by the Stone King Dragon was distorted in Zhou Mingruis eyes.

Following that, it was annihilated by the spatial folds that were constantly produced.

Zhou Mingrui was shocked.

Although he had seen countless scenes in movies, comics, and novels in his previous life, they were nothing compared to the scene before him.

It wasnt that the scene wasnt as grand as this one, but in terms of shock and soul-stirring, it simply couldnt compare to the scene before him.

In the next second, the spatial fold disappeared, and the figure of light appeared in front of the Stone King Dragon without it knowing.

The Stone King Dragon was shocked and immediately swung its body.

Its huge mountain-like body crashed toward the figure of light fiercely.

However, just like before, the Stone King Dragons body seemed to have hit a transparent spatial barrier.

It was completely blocked after a series of spatial ripples appeared.

“Who the hell is this guy The Stone King Dragons full-power attack couldnt even break his skin.”

When Zhou Mingrui saw this shocking scene, what he found most incomprehensible was that the massive shockwaves caused by the battle between the two of them did not affect him at all.

In fact, from the very beginning, Zhou Mingrui felt that he was in deep trouble when he saw the battle formation of both sides.

It wasnt that he didnt want to run, but the space around him had almost frozen into a deep sea.

He couldnt run even if he wanted to.

Therefore, he could only watch the birth of this war with his own eyes and personally experience this terrifying war.

As the Stone King Dragons attack was completely blocked, the figure of light once again raised one of his hands and aimed it at the Stone King Dragon.

Right now, not only the Stone King Dragon, even Zhou Mingrui felt a terrifying feeling for the first time.

It was as if he had fallen into a deep cave.

At this moment, white runes appeared on the Stone King Dragons body, and a terrifying energy surged out of its body.

Zhou Mingrui sensed it.

At that moment, the surrounding space, which had been half-frozen, suddenly loosened.

However, it was only for an instant before the space returned to normal.

The figure of light was unmoved by this.

He clenched his fist, and a fold appeared in space once again.

This time, even Zhou Mingrui was included.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui was unable to describe this feeling.

The originally vast space had turned into a cage.

An intense sense of oppression was exerted on his perception.


At that moment, the sound of something shattering rang in Zhou Mingruis ears.

Then, in his vision, the entire world began to shatter like glass.

Spatial cracks began to appear on the Stone King Dragons body.

Its indestructible defense was also destroyed by the terrifying spatial cracks.

The Stone King Dragon began to roar madly, but cracks began to appear all over its body.

The first line of defense, the symbiotic beasts, were instantly devoured by the spatial cracks.

The terrifying spatial cracks caused more and more wounds to appear on the Stone King Dragons body, and fresh blood continued to seep out of the wounds.

The Stone King Dragon wanted to resist, but an even bigger spatial crack cut its body in half as soon as it moved.

The intense pain immediately dispelled the Stone King Dragons attack, and it wasnt over yet.

More and more powerful spatial cracks began to appear, completely rendering the Stone King Dragon unable to fight.

With a boom, the Stone King Dragons huge body fell to the ground.

The surrounding hills were immediately crushed, and a huge pit was formed in the ground by the Stone King Dragons huge weight.

Zhou Mingrui could sense that the surrounding space was constantly collapsing.

The space he could see was shrinking.

This was unparalleled pressure.

Even though he no longer needed to breathe, he still felt a strong sense of suffocation.

Soon, the spatial collapse was closing in on Zhou Mingrui.

However, he was unable to put up any resistance.

All he could do was watch helplessly.

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