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At that moment, Yan Wuyue suddenly heard Zhou Mingruis voice.

[Dont resist.]

As soon as she heard the voice, she felt a big hand grab her shoulder, and then everything in front of her blurred and disappeared.

The next second, a beam of light descended.

The terrifying energy directly penetrated the ground where Yan Wuyue had been standing, and a huge pit appeared silently.

Soon after, the mysterious figure of light descended from the sky.

After a slight ripple spread out from his head, he seemed to have found his direction and entered space once again.

In the grotesque and variegated space channel, Yan Wuyues face was full of doubt, but soon, it looked like she was pondering.

[This is a space tunnel, right If Im not wrong, you probably hatched the metal egg.]

At this moment, Zhou Mingrui had to admire Yan Wuyues observation and thinking speed.

[Seeing how anxious you are, it must be that glowing person who is chasing us.

The reason he is chasing you must be because you have offended him.

For example, you were the one who stole the Stone King Dragons body] Yan Wuyue continued to ask.

[Thats right.

Youre correct.] Zhou Mingrui also saved the effort of explaining.

[Lets put aside the extra stuff first.

Let me ask you first, are you sure you can get rid of that guy] Yan Wuyue asked again.

[I dont know.

Itll depend on the little guys ability.] Zhou Mingrui answered.

He wasnt wrong.

Even he himself didnt know if he could really escape the mysterious figure of lights pursuit.

[Wait, dont tell me you dont even know where its taking us] Yan Wuyue immediately sensed something was wrong and asked.

[What if I say yes] Zhou Mingrui answered.

After a moment of silence, Yan Wuyue said, [Pass the coordinates to it.

Creatures familiar with space have an innate sense of location.]

Immediately after, Yan Wuyue used a special method to tell Zhou Mingrui the spatial coordinates.

The latter then transferred it to the little guy.

[I know.] The little fellows reaction was quick.

Then, its body suddenly lit up with a silver light, and the strange space around it changed.

[What is the location of your coordinates Is it the Heavenly Saint continent] Only then did Zhou Mingrui ask.

[Of course.

The only way we can escape from the pursuit of that mysterious figure of light is to return to that place.] Yan Wuyue said calmly.

In the next second, the little guy suddenly shifted, and a beam of light suddenly swept past them.

[Damn it, speak of the devil, that guy really wont leave!] Zhou Mingrui cursed.

[Youve snatched food from the tigers mouth.

If you were that guy, youd probably be even more exasperated.] Yan Wuyue mocked him directly without any restraint.

[How can I return empty-handed after entering a treasure mountain This doesnt suit my personality!] Zhou Mingrui answered with conviction.

While the two of them were fighting, beams of light kept streaking past them, forcing the little guy to constantly adjust their positions to avoid these attacks.

[Were here!]

The little guy suddenly let out a cry, and the distorted space barrier in front of them suddenly became translucent.

Then, a circular passage appeared.

The ball of light that enveloped the three of them passed through the opening and disappeared into the space tunnel.

The space tunnel behind them immediately closed.

In less than a second, the mysterious figure of light immediately chased after them, but he could not find the entrance to the passage.

The mysterious figure of light raised his hands, and threads quickly formed on the surface of his body.

After extending forward continuously, they began to pierce into the surrounding space.

The entire mysterious figure of light instantly turned into a cocoon of light.

Countless, densely packed threads stretched out continuously, penetrating deep into the surrounding space like a spider web.


After leaving the spatial tunnel, a familiar scene entered his eyes.

It was the node that he had entered the secret realm of the alternate space.

“Im back!” Zhou Mingrui heaved a sigh of relief.

“Lets go back to the city first.

Its not safe out in the wild.

That guy might appear!” Yan Wuyue didnt let her guard down but said immediately.

“It cant be.

Didnt you say that every world has a spatial barrier How could that guy come in” Zhou Mingrui asked in confusion.

“Its hard to say.

Some special life forms have the ability to cross the world barrier.

We dont know much about that guy, so we cant let our guard down.” Yan Wuyue said worriedly.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.

Lets go back first.

I wonder how much time has passed in our world.” Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

The items on him that kept track of time were definitely useless because they followed his time.

“Didnt you tell Zhao Anqi to wait for you here before you came in You can just ask her.” Yan Wuyue said lightly.

“Oh, right!” Zhou Mingrui took out his phone and made a call.

After two beeps, the call was connected.

“Zhou Mingrui, why are you calling me all of a sudden Did something happen” Zhao Anqis voice was heard from the phone.

Yan Wuyue raised her eyebrows as if she had understood.

“How long has it been since I left you and I called you” Zhou Mingrui quickly asked when he sensed that something was amiss.

“Let me see.

Its been less than seven minutes.

Whats wrong” Zhao Anqi looked at the time and replied.

“This…” Zhou Mingrui scratched his head.

“Its nothing.

Weve already resolved it.

Lets go back to our original location and drive back.”

“So fast You were in such a hurry just now.

Are you sure theres no problem” Zhao Anqi asked, confused.

“Im right here.

Well talk about the details when we get back.

Send a car to pick us up first.” Yan Wuyue said.

“I understand.”

Upon hearing Yan Wuyues voice, Zhao Anqi was sure that the matter had been resolved, so she immediately contacted her driver and headed to the designated place.

Soon, everyone got into the car at the designated location.

“Why do I feel like theres something different about you two”

In the car, Zhao Anqi looked at the two of them and felt that something was off.

However, after observing them for a while, she couldnt seem to say anything.

“Nonsense, do you think we can stay the same in a situation where we have a 90% chance of survival” Zhou Mingrui said in an unpleasant tone.

“A 90% chance of survival Minus the five minutes to get out of the car and meet up with Yan Wuyue, and youre telling me that youve experienced a life-and-death situation in five minutes and then called me” Zhao Anqi asked in disbelief.

Yan Wuyue rolled her eyes.

“Weve been sucked into a secret realm in an alternate space.

The flow of time there is different from the outside.

Seven minutes here is more than eight hours on our side.

“I-Is it like this” Zhao Anqi was shocked.

“And then this guy beside you provoked an incalculable powerful being inside, and now hes chasing us.” Yan Wuyue continued.


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