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Zhao Anqi acted as if she had just heard a fairy tale and asked in disbelief, “Are you sure youre not telling me a story”

“You guys only managed to escape from that fellows pursuit because of this little guy”

After saying that, she even took a special look at the little fellow in Zhou Mingruis arms.

Only its glowing silver tiny head was sticking out, and the rest of its body was still inside the metal egg.

However, Zhou Mingrui said unhappily, “Do you think well use this to make fun of you There were a few times when we nearly lost our lives.

Besides, that fellow might come to this world at any time.”

“The mysterious figure of light you mentioned, if it dares to come here, isnt it afraid that it wont be able to return” Zhao Anqi asked.

Only then did Zhou Mingrui recall that Zhao Anqi did not seem to know about the Stone King Dragons level or the mysterious figure of lights strength.

Hence, Zhou Mingrui briefly explained what happened to the Stone King Dragon and the mysterious figure of light in the alternate spaces secret realm.

This time, Zhao Anqi knew that something was wrong.

Just the Stone King Dragons size alone was enough to cause huge waves in the Heavenly Saint world, not to mention the mysterious figure of light that could easily kill it.

“Then, then what if they come Even the strongest existence in our city is probably not their match.” Zhao Anqi said worriedly.

After all, according to Zhou Mingruis description, the strength of the Stone King Dragon and the mysterious figure of light had exceeded her understanding.

“Dont worry, its just a possibility.

After all, every world has a world barrier, and its not something that life forms can break through easily, or else monsters would already be running around.

We dont have to worry too much.” Yan Wuyue felt that Zhao Anqi was not in a good mood, so she tried to comfort her.

“I knew it.

I was worried for nothing.” Zhao Anqi said as she placed her hand on her chest.

Zhou Mingrui shot a glance at Yan Wuyue and continued, “But we still have to be careful.

Who knows if the world barrier will disappear or break one day for some reason Well have to face a lot of terrifying life forms then.”

“Then I hope that day will never come.” Zhao Anqi sighed.

Seeing this, Zhou Mingrui did not say anything else.

After all, he had already given Zhao Anqi a psychological warning.

If something really happened, she would be mentally prepared.

Very quickly, everyone returned to the academy.

[Lets go back to the dormitory first and count our gains this time.] After Yan Wuyue sent a voice transmission, the two of them bid farewell to Zhao Anqi and left.

Before he left, Zhou Mingrui even noticed Zhao Anqi winking at him.

She was even fiddling with the Jade portrait coin that he had given her previously.

This made the former shiver.

Back at the dormitory.

Zhou Mingrui took out all the items he had obtained from the auction house and the secret realm of the alternate space.

Yan Wuyue also took out some of the treasures she had found.

The first one was the little fellow who was dozing off in Zhou Mingruis arms.

“Its very useful, and its the most precious of all the treasures.

Its already not easy to hatch it, so we have to protect it now.”

Next was the skull of a level 7 monster.

Yan Wuyue thought for a while and said, “This level 7 skull should wait for a while.

My suggestion is for you to wait until youre level 50 before using it.

Its too much of a waste to use it now.”

Zhou Mingrui nodded.

“Youre right.

Lets leave it there for now,” he said.

Then, the two of them looked at the level 7 monster core.

Zhou Mingrui had forgotten to give it to Zhao Anqi.

Before Yan Wuyue could say anything, the little guy in Zhou Mingruis arms seemed to sense it.

After a short-distance spatial trip, it swallowed the core in one gulp.

“!” Zhou Mingrui was taken aback and became shocked.

“Wait.” But at this moment, Yan Wuyue raised her hand to stop Zhou Mingruis next move.

“What Arent you afraid that itll burst” Zhou Mingrui was speechless.

Watching the little guy shrink his head into the eggshell and the whole metal egg began to glow, Yan Wuyue smiled and said, “Dont worry, this level 7 core has lost a portion of its energy over time.

Its no longer the same as it was at its peak.”

“Moreover, since the little guy dared to swallow it, it must have a way to consume it.

Dont underestimate their intuition.

This is one of their important talents.”

“Also, Im actually having a headache over how to use this level 7 core.

This little guy has actually helped me solve this problem.”

Zhou Mingrui was taken aback.

Puzzled, he asked, “How do I put this Although some of the cores energy has indeed leaked out, its still a level 7 core.”

“I didnt say its not worth it,” Yan Wuyue said with a faint smile.

“Its just that it has a better effect for it than when we use it.

Zhou Mingrui could only shrug his shoulders and say, “Alright, since youve said so, then this little guy will benefit.

Lets see the other stuff.”

Then, Zhou Mingrui picked up the gem-like item.

After examining it, he looked at Yan Wuyue and asked, “What about this I remember you saying that its the key to entering a secret realm in an alternate space, right”

Yan Wuyue nodded.

“Thats right.

But we cant use it now.

Were still too weak.

If we proceed rashly, we might be tracked by the mysterious figure of light.”

Zhou Mingrui scratched his head and said regretfully, “Then lets just leave it for now.

Well use it when we have the chance in the future.”

In the end, both of them looked at the ugly thing locked in the glass bottle.

“By the way, how did you think of bringing it back” Yan Wuyue looked at the Myriad Soul Flower and she ridiculed it.

“I know you cant do anything about it, but its useful to me.” Zhou Mingrui touched his chin.

Following that, Zhou Mingrui snapped his fingers and a tall figure immediately appeared beside him.

It was none other than his mount, the Spectral Hell Warhorse.

The moment the hell warhorse appeared, it snorted and then stared at the Myriad Soul Flower in the glass bottle.

The Myriad Soul Flower seemed to have sensed something.

The petals of the flower began to tremble rapidly, and there were even faint cries.

“I see.” Yan Wuyue immediately understood Zhou Mingruis plan when she saw this.

“So you plan to feed the Myriad Soul Flower to the hell warhorse” Yan Wuyue looked at the hell warhorse and asked curiously.

In fact, she did not know that the hell warhorse was actually able to devour the Myriad Soul Flower.

What would be the effect of this on it

Zhou Mingrui took the glass bottle and immediately opened it.

At that moment, a grayish-black beam of light suddenly condensed in the center of the Myriad Soul flowers petals.

It formed a beam of light that shot straight at Zhou Mingrui.

However, Zhou Mingrui had long been prepared.

He easily dodged the attack before summoning the phantom flame and placing it in front of the Myriad Soul Flower.

Sensing the fearsomeness of the phantom flame, the Myriad Soul Flower immediately became obedient.

“I knew you were up to no good.

Youre really up to something.”

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