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With a sneer, Zhou Mingrui placed the Myriad Soul Flower in front of the hell warhorse.

The latter immediately became impatient.

[I want to eat!]

The hell warhorse said.

“Eat it,” Zhou Mingrui immediately ordered.

The hell warhorse immediately charged forward and bit down.

The Myriad Soul Flower also began to use the same move as before, and at the same time, it let out an extremely shrill screech.

However, the hell warhorse directly blocked it, completely ignoring the light beam and gnawing at it.

The beam of light directly entered the hell warhorses forehead, but it only caused the flames in its eyes to flicker slightly before returning to normal.

As for the Myriad Soul Flower, it was directly swallowed by the hell warhorse.

After swallowing it, the hell warhorse suddenly let out a sound that sounded like countless people wailing at the same time.

However, the hell warhorses body immediately burst into flames.

In just two seconds, the wailing sounds from the hell warhorse immediately disappeared, and its body suddenly grew.

The white bones on its body began to turn bronze.

At the same time, they reflected a metallic light under the sun.

At the same time, Zhou Mingrui also noticed that the hell warhorses appearance had changed.

First, all the joints in its body began to become thicker, and a spiral-shaped thorn grew out of its head.

Its back became wider, and at the same time, thick bone pads grew out of its shoulders.

The flames on its neck condensed into a mane like a living horse, but this mane was condensed from ghost fire.

If the hell warhorse was an ordinary horse made of bones, it had now evolved into a real warhorse.

[Name: Spectral Hell Warhorse]

[Level: 47]

[Grade: Gold]

[Skills: Soul Flame Charge, Earth Stomp, Hell Howl, Ghost Mirage, Eye of Myriad Souls]

[Talents: Extreme Speed, Soul Absorption]

Zhou Mingrui nodded when he saw the attribute panel.

After devouring the Myriad Soul Flower, not only did the hell warhorses level increase, but its grade had also risen from quasi-gold to Gold grade.

Moreover, the effects of the skill had also been greatly enhanced.

The nurturing of this Myriad Soul Flower had not been in vain.

After confirming that the fellow had successfully evolved, Zhou Mingrui recalled the hell warhorse back into his interspace.

Zhou Mingrui glanced at the metal egg beside him that was glowing intermittently.

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “You know the little guy.

Hes probably digesting the core now, so I wont say much.”

“Alright, Im done counting my gains this time.

What about yours”

Yan Wuyue suddenly raised her eyebrows and asked, “Are you sure its all gone Why did that guy chase after you”

Zhou Mingrui smacked his head and laughed.

“I almost forgot.

Its the corpse of the Stone King Dragon.

But if I take it out now, your dormitory will be crushed.”

Yan Wuyue rolled her eyes.

“I didnt ask you to take it out.

Its useless for me even if you take it out now.

I just wanted to ask you how youre going to deal with it.”

After some thought, Zhou Mingrui said, “We can only preserve the Stone King Dragons corpse for now.

After all, itll only be a waste if I use it now.

However, Im looking forward to seeing how powerful the Stone King Dragon I summon will be.”

“Dont be too confident.

Even the Stone King Dragon, who was alive at its peak, was no match for the figure of light,” Yan Wuyue said, pouring cold water on him.

“Youd better work hard to improve yourself first.”

With that, Yan Wuyue directly pushed out her spoils of war and said, “I just took these in passing.

Compared to the ones you obtained from the auction house, these should be enough to level me up to level 40.

However, before that, I plan to raise my grade.”

“You didnt do it before” Zhou Mingrui was taken aback.

He thought Yan Wuyue had leveled up a long time ago.

However, on second thought, he realized that it had been a long time since he paid attention to Yan Wuyues level and grade.

Yan Wuyue could roughly guess what Zhou Mingrui was thinking from his expression, so she took the initiative to say, “Ive just reached level 40, and I can advance to Gold grade.”

“Then hurry up and take the test.

This time, the secret realm of the alternate space was too dangerous.

Were still not strong enough.” Zhou Mingrui said helplessly.

“Now that youve finally realized it, it seems that this trip to the secret realm wasnt for nothing.” Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

“Enough, dont keep mentioning the pursuit, its giving me a headache.” Zhou Mingrui ridiculed.


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