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When he left the Yan family mansion, Zhou Mingrui saw Yan Wuyue standing under a tree.

Walking forward, Zhou Mingrui saw Yan Wuyues slightly trembling shoulders.

He didnt say anything but stood aside.

After a few minutes, Yan Wuyue suddenly turned around and said, “Alright, lets go, or well be late.”

In the car, Zhou Mingrui looked at Yan Wuyue and said, “Are you alright”

Yan Wuyue laughed.

“What can happen I just thought of the past when I saw them.

But its okay.

It wont affect me.”

Zhou Mingrui sighed.

“To be honest, sometimes I wonder if youre a human who reincarnated as a summoned spirit.

Ive seen highly intelligent summoned spirits, but Ive never seen one like you with a clear personality and complete human emotions.”

“If you want to possess such feelings, you must be born in a community of equal life forms.

Dont tell me that there are life forms similar to humans in your world that communicate with you.” Yan Wuyue said with assurance.

“Is that important” Zhou Mingrui said indifferently.

“Its indeed not important now, but I always keep it in my heart.

Its making me feel uncomfortable.” Yan Wuyue said slyly.

Shaking his head, Zhou Mingrui said, “Since you want to know so much, Ill tell you.

I was indeed a human life form from another world.

After I died, I was reborn as a summoned spirit.

Then, I was summoned by you.

Are you satisfied now”

Yan Wuyue nodded with satisfaction.

“I knew it.

There are so many summoned beasts, but none of them are like you.”

Zhou Mingrui placed his hands behind his back and closed his eyes.

He couldnt be bothered with the fellow.

“By the way, can you tell me about your world” Yan Wuyue suddenly grabbed Zhou Mingruis arm and asked.

“Were reaching the station soon.

Lets talk about it when we have time.” Zhou Mingrui waved his hand.

Hmph! Yan Wuyue snorted and turned her head away.

“You have to know that Im not like you, who was reborn.

I cant go back to how I was.” Zhou Mingrui suddenly said.

“S-Sorry.” Only then did Yan Wuyue realize that she had touched upon something special in Zhou Mingruis heart.

“Im fine.” Zhou Mingrui said indifferently.

Very quickly, the car stopped.

They walked into the station and quickly arrived at the place where the troops were gathered according to divisions.

“Im very happy that everyone has chosen to join the army and contribute to the country.

Ill be your main person in charge from now on.

You can call me Captain Zheng.”

“Now, I dont care who you were or what background you have.

As long as you choose to enter the military, you are a soldier!”

The three hundred people were arranged in a square formation and were receiving a lecture from a middle-aged officer in front of the formation.

“A soldier must obey orders, and to sacrifice to protect is an honor.

Please always remember this.”

The officers sharp eyes swept over everyone present, but he was stunned when he saw Yan Wuyue in the front row.


Everyone get on the train and find your seats now.”

After the lecture was over, everyone returned to the cabin, found their seats, and sat down.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he was standing beside the seat with a dark expression because there was no seat for him.

[Um, do you want to stay in the summoning space for a while]

Yan Wuyue sent a voice transmission to Zhou Mingrui, but the latter said unwillingly, [Forget it.

Id rather stand outside than wait in that boring place and go crazy.]

[Alright, you chose that yourself.] Seeing Zhou Mingruis insistence, Yan Wuyue did not say anything more.

However, Zhou Mingrui noticed that the people sitting around him were looking at him with inquisitive gazes.

[As you can see, there are almost no summoned spirits that dont like to stay in the summoning space.

Thats why I asked you just now.]

Yan Wuyues voice rang out again, but Zhou Mingrui frowned slightly.

Then, under the curious gazes of the crowd, he walked toward Captain Zheng.

“Captain Zheng!” Zhou Mingrui said.

“What is it” Captain Zheng asked doubtfully.

“I need a seat.” Zhou Mingrui said directly.

“Are you kidding me If every summoned spirit needs a seat, how can there be enough seats”

“The seats have already been arranged.

If you dont want to stand, you can just return to your summoners summoning space,” Captain Zheng said calmly.

Zhou Mingrui did not get angry.

Instead, he said very calmly, “Captain, although Im not a soldier, Im her summoned spirit.

Ill also go to the battlefield to fight against humans for the country.

Am I not even worthy of a seat”

“If thats the case, then what are we, the summoned spirits, in your eyes Are we tools or objects”

The surrounding soldiers immediately turned their attention to them.

Captain Zheng looked at Zhou Mingrui for a long while before patting the empty seat beside him.

“Sit down.”

“Thank you,” he said.

Zhou Mingrui immediately sat on it after saying that.

“Youve got guts.

Youre not even there yet, and you dare to provoke your direct superior.

Arent you looking for trouble” The moment he sat down, Zhou Mingrui heard Captain Zheng chuckling and whispering to him.

“Captain Zheng, if you want to find trouble with me, no problem.

You can send me to the most dangerous place or the place with the most monsters to carry out a mission.

My summoner and I will never say no.” Zhou Mingrui said directly.

“Oh.” Hearing this, Captain Zhengs eyes changed.

“Youre not afraid of death”

“Captain Zheng, as I said earlier since my summoner has chosen to join the army, she wont disobey military orders out of fear.

You can rest assured about this.” Zhou Mingrui said calmly.

“Alright, Ill remember that.” Captain Zheng said no more.

[Arent you looking for trouble for yourself] At this moment, Yan Wuyue spoke to him via telepathy.

[We should fight for what we should get.

So what if we offend them] Zhou Mingrui said nonchalantly.

[Thats true.

When the time comes, Ill be the one being made fun of, not you.

Youll definitely be fine.] Yan Wuyue ridiculed.

[Please, if were going to kill the monsters, well have to do it too.] Zhou Mingrui pursed his lips.

[Its up to you, as long as youre happy.] Yan Wuyue quieted down after saying that.

Along the way, everyone in the carriage closed their eyes to rest.

After all, they were going to the front line, and there might not even be time to rest.

Soon, after two hours of travel, the train stopped, and everyone got off.

As soon as they got out of the vehicle, they heard a lot of noise.

The soldiers were stunned when they saw soldiers and officers running back and forth, shouting something loudly.

They looked nervous as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Arent we still three lines away from the first line of defense Why does it look like were about to engage in a battle” One of the soldiers asked in confusion.

“Im sorry to tell you that the first line of defense was broken when we set off, and the second line of defense is in danger.” Captain Zheng looked at the soldier and said indifferently.

The soldiers were shocked.

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